Do you spend hours keeping up with K-pop? Do you sometimes feel that K-pop is slowly damaging your brain cells?

Did you try to move on from K-pop, only to see yourself checking out your go-to news sites? Do you feel that you have original thought that you want to share with the rest of the K-pop loving community?

If so, you should apply to join the Seoulbeats family!

We are looking for writers who are interested in sharing their opinions on Korean entertainment: music, drama, film, and socio-cultural aspects of Hallyu.

If you are interested in joining our globally diverse team, please send us an email at info[at] with the subject line “I want to join the team – SB homepage – [your name]“.

In addition, please send a writing sample that you can envision on our site. As you are all aware, Seoulbeats is an editorial site where we focus on providing thought leadership on various K-pop issues and trends. Below are some pointers for your writing sample.

K-pop writer – we are looking for writers who can provide reviews of new track and MV releases as well as someone who can write original commentary on new trends within K-pop, such as what you think about SHINee’s Sherlock concept, what’s unique about EXO’s debut strategy, Big Bang’s comeback, etc.

Drama writer – we are looking for writers who can report on current trends in drama, such as the proliferation of fusion saeguk dramas and what it means for the world of K-drama, as well as provide reviews on currently airing dramas.

Film writer – we are looking for someone who can provide an honest review of current as well as past movies.

Just some logistics — we are looking for writers who can contribute to the team at least once a week. In addition, while you may apply primarily for one position, our writers are generally welcome to branch out across multiple genres once they become an established part of the team.

Deadline for submissions is 3/31. Looking forward to hearing from you!

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Thank you for your interest!