Welcome to the second installment of SB Look Book. This time around, Nabeela and I decided to focus on one idol in particular instead of a whole group: Jessica Jung from SNSD.

Jessica is a well-known for being a fashionista and having a great sense of style, arguably the best in all of SNSD (although Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Yoona also possess great style). Unfortunately for us, she usually wears highly expensive clothing that few of us can afford. Luckily, her style is very easy to emulate. Jessica loves the following things: fur, skinny jeans, black, leopard print, flowy tops, curls, large sunglasses, chunky boots, spiky heels, and satchels. Modern, edgy, and stylish, Jessica doesn’t step out of the box when it comes to fashion, forever opting to be simplistic and chic by sticking to the latest trends and a minimal amount of accessories. She very rarely wears accessories, so my apologies to all you accessories-lovers out there.

For these looks, Nabeela and I went to Forever21, Urban Outfitters, NastyGal, H&M and Steve Madden.


Steve Madden “Tanngoo” Booties

Forever 21 Denim Skirt

Frenchi Silky Pocket Shirt

Street Level Triple 7 Faux Leather Tote





Moto Zip Crop Jacket

Double Duty Shirtdress

Frye Engineer Boots (exact find!)

Urban Expressions Quinn Satchel

Leo Zip Pants



Lace Pocket Blouse

Morrison Moto Pants

Ezra Buckled Boots




Silence & Noise Crinkle Denim Legging

Silence & Noise Silk Blouse

Ksubi Memphis 9 Toehold Boot

Members Only Kitty Faux Fur Vest





  Stretchy Bohemian Bangles

  Fair Isle Front Cardigan

  Mossimo Ballet Flat

  Lace Front Tank

  Stretch Skinny Jeans



H&M Shorts

H&M Blouse

Lucky Brand Booties

American Rag Hand Bag


What do you think of these looks? We hope you like them! Do you have any recommendations? What group or idol should would you like us to spotlight next? It would only be fair to focus on boys next, so who are your favorite male fashion icons? What boy groups standout with their style? Leave us your thoughts below and please stay tuned for our next installment!