Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the February issue of Cosmopolitan in Korea features a couples shoot with SM Entertainment stars Yunho and Lee Yeon Hee.  The DBSK singer and actress were paired up to model various pieces of jewelry for luxury label Cartier.  The pair were placed in closed proximity, but they generally looked more awkward than romantic.  However, even though the couple is somewhat stiff, they are two beautiful people in equally beautiful designer duds and high-end accessories; in other words, perfect eye-candy for the impending holiday!

In the above shot, Lee Yeon Hee and Yunho have been caught in a compromising position, and as he appears to go in for a lip-lock, she uses the opportunity to highlight her sparkling rings and bangle bracelets, as well as a silver snake-skin clutch from Cartier.  They both sport stylish trench coats from Burberry.  Below, the actress has two solo shots styled in Louis Vuitton’s Spring collection.  The white dress with flower appliques in a diamond pattern is definitely not a flattering look for her, as the leather material has no shape.  the leather jacket in the piano shot is from the same line.


For Yunho’s lone solo shot, he appears ready to serenade his love; with guitar in hand, he shows of some heavy-duty hardware from Cartier.  Between the three rings, two bracelets and watch, he’s wearing over a whopping $60,000 in bling.  In the next shot, the duo embrace once again, this time with him in a classic suit and her in another dud.  The tweed jacket and extra large ruffles on the blouse are stuffy and age the starlet.


The final photo is the best of the spread.  Not only are the ensembles great on both of them, it is also not showing off the jewelry so blatantly, which gives the couple a less wooden look.  Perched on the edge of a bed, Yunho and Lee Yeon Hee are gorgeously styled in clothing from Dior Homme and Dior respectively.

What did you think of this love-themed shoot for Cartier?  Do Yunho and Lee Yeon Hee make a believable couple?