The VIP premiere of the new Korean movie Helpless certainly brought the stars out this week. The flick stars Lee Sun-gyun and Kim Min-hee as an engaged couple. Her character goes missing prior to the nuptials and he is determined to find his missing fiancée. What he does find are secrets he never knew in this new thriller. Movie premieres are always an exciting opportunity to see celebrities in another facet of their style personalities and Helpless was no different; some were still dressed to impress while others looked just like you or I would at the movies. Of course the film’s lead actress was a little more fancy than the rest in a short, royal blue dress with an open back. Lee Sun-gyun on the other hand was somewhere in between with nice slacks and a jacket paired with a plain tee and sneakers; pretty standard guy wear these days.

Some of the ladies who attended the event included popular actresses Han Chae Young, Shin Min Ah and Kim Hyo-jin. Korea’s Barbie Doll looked flawless as usual in a mostly white ensemble with a taupe top and sandals. Check out her blue pedicure! Shin Min Ah’s interesting jacket is cropped in the front and long in the back, like the mullet of outerwear. She totally could have pulled off the look if she had opted for a fitted, dark top instead of the frumpy white tee that blended in with the jacket and blurred what could have been a striking silhouette. Kim Hyo-jin looks like she was out grocery shopping and then remembered that she had this event she was supposed to attend. Her fancy black trench and pretty face were almost enough to distract from the holey sweater but then those bright pants brought the focus right back.


Kim Ok-bin’s casual look was well-put- together with sleek black skinnies and a loosely-tied Givenchy scarf, while Uhm Hyun-kyung was trendy in a striped sweater and rolled jeans. Actress Lee Yoon-ji had another one of the misses at this event. Her bright coral jacket and short shorts seem out of place among the other attendees who were dressed for the chilly winter weather. The highlight of her look, however, is her shoulder bag–snakeskin is in!


The fellas have stepped up their fashion game at this premiere, with many of them wearing looks completely different from each other for a change. Kim Nam-jin showed off his modeling roots in an ensemble that looks straight out of the pages of a catalog–including the “Blue Steel” look he’s throwing the cameras. High Kick 3‘s Yoon Kye-sang looks comfy, if not a little sloppy, in his extra large coat and scarf while little Mason Moon is the perfect gentleman in a plaid fedora and checked bow tie; I seriously doubt that kid is there for the movie though–he can’t possibly be old enough!


Finally, the other guys that came to the Helpless premiere included Lee Min-ki, Shin Ha-kyun and Jang Woo-hyuk. Perpetuating his punk-rock image, Lee Min-ki wore a torn jean jacket. The piece loses a little of the “Bad Boy” charm though when the rips and tears are store-bought. Shin Ha-kyun sports a hip side-zip jacket, but you can’t just wear a jacket that awesome with any old outfit. The actor should have paired it with some jeans and boots instead of what he chose. Last but not least was pop singer Jang Woo-hyuk, who wore a strange sweater that is the reverse of Shin Min Ah’s coat, going from low in the front to high in the back. This is most definitely a miss.


Who do you think looked the best at this premiere?

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