This week, we had way too much fun chatting about American crossovers — past and potential futures. We discussed…

  • Young-ji’s newfound love for Beast (2:43)
  • BoA & Se7en‘s American attempts (5:25)
  • Rain‘s transformation as a pop star (9:37)
  • DBSK…crossing over?! (13:28)
  • We speculate on 2NE1 crossing over (27:74)
  • Our hypothetical killer group, fit for American consumption (30:05)
  • The little, small (but important) things in becoming a real artist (38:38)
  • The hippie way vs. the hard, cold capitalist way, and the nature of capitalism breaking the K-pop system (41:50)
  • Fixing problems only in the short term (52:10)


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Good job to Terry who got all the songs in the last episode — didn’t think anyone would be able to get all of them! Give us your best guesses for the music used this week.

As always, be sure to check out our past episodes of Chat Box and let us know what you think of this one.

Until next time…!