Another week has come and today’s lucky band to be introduced is Hot Potato. Hot Potato was formed in 1997 with members Kim C, Koh Beom-jun, and a revolving number of members on drums and guitar until finally just Kim C and Koh Beom-jun remained standing with the band. As most of you might know, Hot Potato became popular only recently when Kim C started appearing on variety programs including KBS’s Happy Sunday: 1Night 2 Days in 2008. With the help from his popularity gained on the variety show, Hot Potato’s fourth and fifth albums became commercial successes.

Unlike other musicians, Kim C didn’t start out wanting to be a musician. As a kid who loved baseball, he became obsessed with the sport wanting to become a professional baseball player. Unfortunately, being unable to continue baseball through college, he dropped the bat and started to focus on music as suggested to him by his friend Yoon Do-hyun of the Yoon Do-hyuun Band (also known as YB).

Even though, he didn’t have a good start with both baseball and his music career, he never gave up on the things he loved. He continued to compose and produce songs while studying music. With his fourth album, he finally proved his potential as a musician with his career in music. In his spare time, he also didn’t give up on baseball by joining a celebrity baseball team.  Hot Potato recently released a new live album containing songs from their previous albums, but there is no word on when they will be releasing a new album.

Their 5th album released in March 2010, was the Seesaw IST. Yes IST, not OST because it was an Imaginary Sound Track. The concept of the album was that they were creating the soundtrack of a movie that they pretty much imagined. The title track off the IST is “Seesaw,” the MV for the song starring actress Bae Doona plays out like a scenes from the imaginary movie.

This song called, “Rain Tear” is my all time favorite and if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, check it out! You’ll fall in love with it right away.

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