While many people, Peggy especially, are getting more and more excited for the upcoming K-Drama, Love Rain, I’ve just been appreciating the outfits. Not a K-Drama watcher myself (maybe I’ll make that one of my goals for 2012), I haven’t bothered to really care much about this drama, or that SNSD’s Yoona was cast in it, or that it’s directed by Yoon Suk-ho, who’s famous for the Endless Love series. However, I’ve gotten a glimpse of the outfits in the drama and thought that all of Yoona’s outfits were great.

I’m a vintage girl. I love 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s style fashion. I love fashion that’s sweet and quaint and a little demure in contrast to obnoxiously bright and revealing. So it’s only natural for me to love Yoona’s outfits in Love Rain.

In this drama, Yoona will be playing two characters: Kim Yoon-hee, a demure college student from the seventies, and Yuri, Yoon-hee’s outgoing daughter that lives in present day. So far, none of Yuri’s outfits have been revealed yet but there are plenty of photos of Yoon-hee’s outfits. Fitting to her shy character, Yoon-hee dresses very conservatively — knee-length skirts , sweaters, and high-collared shirts give the character a prim, straight-laced look. Yoon-hee has a variety of mary jane-style shoes, which she wears with ankle-length white socks. Some people may find Yoon-hee’s style very dowdy but I love it. I love the conservative and feminine flower-printed shirts with the soft knee-length skirts. I love how color is added to Yoon-hee’s look through sweaters. And I absolutely adore mary janes, especially when they’re worn with lace socks.

Yoon-hee’s hair is always straight and pinned back, her makeup is always natural, and she always has a Mulberry bag hanging from her shoulder. Yoona looks pretty but I’m a little worried about her. Although she’s always been a slender girl, she’s starting to look especially thin, almost emaciated. Maybe it’s only the looseness of her skirts that makes her calves look like twigs.

Yoona’s character isn’t the only one with great style – several of her castmates have adorable outfits as well. Well, the girls do. I don’t really care for men’s 70s style, particularly the hair. In the picture on the right, two girls stand next to Yoona. One girl wears all red as well as heeled shoes. One important thing to know about costumes is that they’re always supposed to reflect the character. Yoon-hee is a shy, demure girl and so her style represents that. Red is a vibrant and bold color, typically reserved for characters of the same nature. I wonder — is the girl in red meant to be the anti-heroine or a foil to Yoon-hee? Beside the girl in red is another girl dressed in more revealing clothing and a hat. Though she wears heel, and a scandalously short mini dress (for the 70s), I don’t want to automatically label her as the supposed promiscuous character. She looks too cute for that. The women on the left photo (are they the same women?) wear more boring outfits, the type I’d see at an office.

What do you think of Love Rain? Do you like the fashion?

(Soshified, Osen)