Another eventful week has gone by, filled with award show winnings, music videos, performances, and, of course fashion in the world of K-pop.  Let’s take some time to review this week’s fashion hits and misses.


Although some of us feel that sel-cas are tacky, I can’ help but love the picture Super Junior’s Donghae and Yesung released earlier this week. The boys look gorgeous in those black tailored suits.

f(x)’s Victoria’s cameo appearance in TRAX’s music video for “Blind” was also a hit in my book.   She wore a simple A-line brown dress and black-and-leopard platform pumps.  This simple yet feminine outfit immediately caught my eye.


G.NA sported a black mini dress to a press conference/photo shoot. She reminds me of celebrities that always feel the need to show off their bodies. G.NA, we get it: you’re gorgeous and your body is kick-ass. That being said, this is not a good look for you. That dress barely covers your backside – how do you move in it? And the stiletto heels and low-cut neckline only emphasize the tackiness of the look.

Miss A’s Suzy pulled a total opposite look with an overly prim dress when she was leaving for Australia with her crew.  If it weren’t for those sleeves, I would love her outfit but those overly puffy, Victorian-esque sleeves make her look frumpy.

What do you think of these looks?  Were they hits or misses in your book as well and do you have any other looks that you want to mention?