If you have been keeping your attentions closer to actual emergencies at home, G-Dragon was indicted for smoking marijuana in Japan.  If this incident happened in the US, it would be a non-issue, but given that it happened in Korea (well,Japan to be exact), everyone is ready to pull the fire alarm because YGE is in a “state of emergency”.

The press is having a field day, the  fans are panicking, and YGE’s stock owners are worried that their investments may decline, while SM is cackling gleefully.  Perhaps this is because I’m used to Western celebrities’ penchant to enter “rehab” for everything from adultery to homosexuality, but the only notable thing about this “breaking news” is the K-pop community’s hyperbolic reaction to it.

The evidence that actually led to the indictment was a negative search-and-seizure and urine test that occurred all the way back in June. A hair drug test came out positive in July, which supports my theory that everyone-in-Korea-knows that G-Dragon is not Mr. Clean.  At the very least, most if not everyone in the Korean industry knew about his smoking, and well, he is who he is.  Although it is widely known that Japan is notoriously picky regarding background checks on incoming foreigners, I can’t help but to wonder if the charges stemmed from their eagerness to catch Korea’s golden boy in a scandal.

Putting all reactions aside, this incident boils down to one simple fact: no GD-TOP for the near future.  This is officially unacceptable.

G-Dragon, next time, please consider thinking before taking a puff from a stranger, or if you really want to fly high high, consider taking a trip Amsterdam.   I hear it’s legal there.