On one of the latest episodes of ‘Come to Play’, Big Bang were guests and the PDs thought: “Hmm, how can we emotionally manipulate our guests further so that no one else can touch our ratings for a year?” That’s easy. Ask them about their parents.

After the letter was read, the hosts asked T.O.P what is the reason behind his tears. He first said his apologies about the fact that he became too emotional on the program and further explained that he was a rebel when he was still going to school, he also added that he was aware and feels sorry that he had resorted many troubles and casualties to his parents.

Later on he was requested by the hosts, Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee, to send a video message to his mom in which he said “I know you’re always watching me and worried about me and I want you to see that I am now improving myself to think maturely and be a strong man. I love you.”

Other than the fact the seeing TOP cry literally hurt my heart (I’m a softie, I’m a softie!) It stirred something else emotionally in me as wall.  Maybe it’s because I am truly living away from home from the first time (though my parents insist I call every night). Many idols get asked these questions about their parents,” are they proud of you?”, and many of them become quite emotional. Then you think back to how many of these products in the idol factory were sent away so young, barely in their teens to train day in and day out to hopefully make it big – someday. Not that I’m questioning the parents’ motives; child/teen stardom is a shaky thing (especially when you go out West).

People go into show business for a cavalcade of reasons. And the genuine emotion reserved for the parents, or more specifically the mothers, is touching. An idol hits it big and the first thing you hear is about them buying a house for the parent’s, grandparents their brother-from-another-mother down the street. But whenever I read these articles, with these segments, there’s this feeling of underlying anguish underneath. What does it mean to be the mother of an idol in Korea? Carryover fame for one, along with the occasional house and restaurant. But to my eyes, modesty reigns the day.

If you are one of the lucky few to become the nation’s sisters/daughters/sons/insert-national treasure-here, well those descriptions are certainly apt because you might as well belong to the country at this point. No one has scientific statistics of course, but it is not hard to surmise that kpop idols have insanely busy schedules, adult-length work schedules and some are barely in middle school.So you have Yosoeb(Beast) tearing up at the mention of his parents, Sooyoung (SNSD) apologizing for causing her mother and father hardship over her wanting a career.Strictly my observations, but I can’t think of many instances where young stars in the U.S. have become very emotional over their parents and/or family, unless they are deceased or had an unhappy child hood. It could partly be cultural. But we all want to be loved, and many of us know no one will love us more than our parents.

Below is a rough translation of letters written to Big Bang by their mothers on ‘Come to Play.’
Dear son jiyong ah. Because recently we are all busy, we haven’t met that much. Are you eating well? Even though mom wants to make you good food but son, do you have a little bit time? Mom doesn’t have nothing to worry about. Just don’t let too much pressure get to you, just enjoy doing your music. No matter what, I will believe in you, support you, my handsome son, I love you.
– By mom who misses you.
Our kind-hearted maknae *(he is the youngest in his family) yongbae ah! One day i had a dream, when I looked at you I felt insecure and very sad. You never had enjoyable school days like other kids. You were always in your practice rooms. My heart hurts . Even though I can’t always stand by you, every time I see you on stage with your awesome performances, I always feel thankful. I’m very thankful that you are mom’s son. Don’t be sick. watch out your health. I love you!

I feel excited when I look at our son who has a very warm heart. Just like yesterday, you always give such a “jjang” and handsome performance. Mom is very thankful. Take care of yourself, of your health. Whenever you are sick, mom will feel more sick than you. My son, i love you i love you i love you. And my Big Bang sons, I love you guys too. Fighting!

My treasure seung hyun ah! When I look at you, I feel my heart is full but on the other hand I get worried too. Inside my heart, I feel like I get pinched by a needle that hurts me. No matter where you are, what you look like, mom will be your light tower. To mom, your existence is already my biggest present. I love you my son!

Source: Credits/Translations of letters from song @ allbigbang, bigbangupdates