So does my radio show.

You guys MUST love Asian music. You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. And what better way to spend TONIGHT from 9PM-10PM listening to Asian music and the voice of one of your SB writers?!

If you love Asian music, Asian dramas, Asian pop culture, and heck, anything Asian, please tune into my radio station tonight from 9PM-10PM. We’ll be playing everything from Dong Bang Shin Ki to Jay Chou to Bump of Chicken. Requests & calls are taken.

For more information, read below:

WHO: SUBI & her darling, but significantly more mellow co-host Charley

WHAT: Asian music, ftw!

WHEN: Wednesday Nights from 9PM-10PM, EST


WHY: Because all things asian are boss!

Any questions, requests, or shout outs? Comment below!