Where to start, where to start…

Let’s start with the bad, shall we?

  • With no end (well no broadcaster at least) in sight for the woeful Birdie Buddy starring After School’s UEE, Group 8, the production company behind the golf drama, decided to release an extended trailer of the show on Youtube. I think that it was a great idea from Group 8– keep people interested in the project and show that the drama isn’t totally dead yet. BUT. The “trailer” is 24 minutes looooooooooong.

I hope it gets picked up since so many people put so much time into it-including Miss Honey Thighs herself- it would be a terrible waste if it never makes it to broadcast. Ah well, there’s always straight-to-DVD, no? ()


  • Next in THE BAD is Lee Hong Ki‘s foray into J-doramaland with the project Muscle Girl. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve got nothing against the F.T. Island (love them!!) frontman (love him!!) or a dorama about professional female wrestling (actually I don’t care much for wrestling in general, but I digress), but what has gotten Hong Ki and his muscle lady on my *hit list is this:

The hair and the styling are killing me. Ugh. The 10-episode dorama will start airing in April. (omonatheydidnt)

Now for the good news in Kdramaland.

  • First up on the horizon is a duo of domestic help-based dramas: Manny and Maids. Both projects look like a lot of fun. Manny makes me think back to my own childhood and to such exemplary shows  as “Charles in Charge” and “Who’s The Boss”. And, as a woman, I can’t help but love a little role reversal in the Kdrama landscape. Then again, we have Maids, which only goes to show that the landscape is changing ever. So. Slowly. The former is about Korea’s best Manny, or if you haven’t caught on yet, the ever elusive “male nanny”, while the latter is about a woman who, through a series of unfortunate events, has to work at the family trade and become the world’s best housekeeper. Or something like that. Either way, I will most likely be tuning into both of these shows in April and May, respectively. (dramabeans)

That's MISTER Manny, to you.

Little Miss Maid, that's who I am!

  • Yoo In Na seems to be on some sort of winning streak as of late. Coming off the heels of Secret Garden she sure is getting lots of offers. The most recent being this bit of news: it seems that the effervescently bubbly actress has been cast as the second female lead in what is sure to be another Hong Sisters hit-The Discovery of Affection (which may or may not be now called Ideal Love). The drama’s leads are the amazingly awesome Gong Hyo Jin and my ahjussi crush of all time Cha Seung Won. The secondary male lead was also reported in this most recent update to be one of my favorite funnymen, Yoon Kye Sang. Looks like I’ll be tuning into this one too. (koalasplayground)

Yoo In Na here! And...everywhere.

And, lastly, for a round-up of the Kdrama-idol news!

  • The idol-packed sitcom All My Love has just announced that it will be getting an extension! Looks like 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, BEG‘s Ga-In, and BEAST‘s Doo Joon are having quite the successful run! The show is being extended from 120 episodes (and the reason I didn’t watch past the first 5) to a little over 200!! (nate)

The three stooges. Look- they even have the hair!

  • Two Spring idol dramas that have begun script-reading and other productions, are City Hunter and Goodbye Miss Ripley. City Hunter stars Lee Minho and Park Min Young– two idols in their own right- and also serves as the first Kdrama appearance for KARA idolette Goo Hara. Meanwhile, Park Min Young’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal co-star idol, Micky Yoochun, has also met up with his co-stars Lee Da Hae, (Tablo’s wifey!) Kang Hye Jung and Kim Seung Woo and their production team for the intriguing drama Goodbye Miss Ripley.

City Hunter gets to work.

Miss Ripley and co. get down to business.

Gah. Adding those to the list too. (When will I find the time for all of these!?)

FINALLY, in this drama wrap-up, I bring news from Taiwan.


  • Taiwan’s GTV has announced what many ELFs have been waiting for- the commencement of the filming of their drama take on Japanese manga/anime Skip Beat, Glamorous/Extravagant/Beautiful Challenge. (I’m not sure which is the best translation–I’ve seen a few circulating the internet.) Super Junior fans have been waiting with bated breath, I’m sure, for news of this project which will star a SUJU double-whammy with Donghae AND Siwon playing the male leads. The two were cast about 2 years ago, so it’s understandable that fans are excited about this (and any!) news. It was announced that filming will begin at the end of this month.

DongWon give this news the thumbs-up.

Hardcore fans of the manga/anime just hope no one screws this up.

Can I get a “Hall-yu”?! Haha just kidding. I don’t think I’ll be watching this one. (I prefer Kdramas to Taiwanese dramas which are a bit too melodramatic or slapstick for me.) (udn)


Phew! That’s all in drama news this week, folks. Happy viewing!