For a second time, after last year’s Infinity Challenge hit with Park Myung-soo.

This time, she becomes the voice of SPC, a Korean food company. The project sees her collaborating with Swedish musicians, Hird and Cloud, who are also brothers. Cloud has been said to be a fan of Girls’ Generation, and an especially big supporter of “Honey Skin Beauty” Jessica, hence the pair’s enthusiasm in obtaining this partnership.

I checked out their work on the interwebs and it’s all basically Club/Jazz/Electro. So that’s the direction they’ve taken in coming up with the tune. Fellow K-popper Wheesung was also the lyricist on this one. I’m sure the Swedes are finding the outcome to be nothing short of a “Sweet Delight”, even Mr Real Slow tweeted early this morning that he was full of admiration for Jessica’s vocals.

I’m gonna remain nonchalant except for one comment. There’s a definite Scandinavian riff to the song. 90s Aqua anyone?

cr: newsen, TV Daily