So, if any of you are like me, and thus of the extreme procrastination-variety, and have yet to put together a costume for Halloween, here are some last-minute ideas inspired by some of our favorite Kpop idols and Kdrama characters!

1) Channel your inner alien (depending on how much glittery eyeshadow you apply and how much you color in your eyebrows a la Nichkhun) by mimicking 2PM‘s bizarre “I’ll Be Back” look:

2) Rock out the “Brokenhearted Mistress” look from Ga-in‘s “Irreversible” music video-really all you need is the tear stained heavy eye-makeup to pull this one off, but extra points for designer handbags and jewelry that only “kept” women carry:

Ga-In/A Woman Scorned

Ga-In/A Woman Scorned by soysaucy featuring round toe pumps

3) Taking some fashion cues from SNSD‘s recent teaser photos for their upcoming “Hoot”, you can do the  go-go 70s cop look. But, like the Girls’ Generation girls, you have to show as much leg as possible AND be the sexiest cop or hippie that you can be:

SNSD/GoGo Girl

SNSD/GoGo Girl by soysaucy featuring frame sunglasses

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4) Let’s not leave out our drama inspiration! Coming from our favorite leading lady from the recent ratings disappointment, but still extremely cute Kdrama “Playful Kiss“– basically it’s your super cutesy school-girl look that is so inappropriate for people our age, but totally acceptable at Halloween:

Playful Kiss/School Girlie

Playful Kiss/School Girlie by soysaucy featuring a hello kitty bag

5) and lastly, we have one of my favorite trends in Korean pop culture: CROSS-DRESSING!

Whether it’s Super Junior in Lady Gaga drag (look at Shindong working that mini skirt and heels!!), or Park Shin Hye and Park Min Young as an idol boybander and Sungkyunkwan scholar, respectively, you can”t go wrong when you dress up as the opposite sex. But, remember, you have to go all out and really try to carry off the character; Kpop cross-dressing is never JUST looking like the opposite sex, but EMBODYING the opposite sex:

Crossdressing Kpopstars

Crossdressing Kpopstars by soysaucy featuring a cap hat

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Hope this helps all of you who have been as uninspired as I have been to dress up! Happy Halloween everyone!!