After KBS’ week-long MuBank hiatus due to a baseball game (and my week-long MuBank recap hiatus due to…life), Music Bank is back this week with the latest and greatest in today’s K-pop.

Highlight performance: Younha (“One Shot”). Because it’s Younha. Duh.

2PM: “I’ll Be Back” – Last week’s outfits in different colors. :/

SHINee: “Hello” – Sitting = okay. Pink leopard print is not.

Gain: “Irreversible” – Just in time for Halloween, no?

Se7en: “I’m Going Crazy” – It’s like an MV…except…live

Beast: “Soom” – Still sounds like an ABBA song. o_O

U-kiss: “Shut Up” – 2PM isn’t the only angry boyband.

Co-Ed: “Too Late” – Guys in black, dancers in white. ?!?!?!

Rainbow: “Mach” – Outfits: 60% spandex, 40% tree tinsel.

Nine Muses: “Ladies” – It’s better than “No Playboy.” Kinda.

Younha: “One Shot” – Flawless beauty is flawless. Hair, however….

Psy: “In My Eyes” – Breaking the teen idol mold. Cool.

Supreme Team: “Then Then Then” – I like. They are good job.

SG Wannabe: “You Are My Everything” – They sound like they’re gonna cry.


NS Yoon Ji + Electroboyz Maboos: “Just Dance” – Temporarily blinded by background graphic, brb.

Outsider + LMNOP: “Hero” – Blows minds without fail every time.

Norazo: “Calling You” – Kinda repetitive, nothing impressive. Pretty girl.

Jiggy Dog: “Eyes Nose Mouth” – So much energy I could pee.

Chun G: “Stay” – What’s with this “phantom-orchestra” thing lately?

2PM wins K-chart for the week: