Happy Friday everyone! Phewf, tons of comebacks this week. Here’s your weekly MuBank recap to kick off the weekend.

Comebacks/Debuts: SHINee (“Hello”); Co-Ed (“Too Late”), Beast (“Mastermind”/”Breath”), Kim Bum Soo (“Will Pass By”), San-E and Miss A‘s Min (“Everybody Ready”)

Highlight Performance: A tie between Secret’s “Madonna”: … even though it’s an obnoxiously sped-up remix and a bajillion backup dancers just appear out of thin air … it’s still their farewell stage, and not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss seeing them every week. :(

…and SHINee‘s “Hello.” Finally, a promotional single where they’re allowed to smile during performances! Not the best song in the world, but it can lift a mood like no other. Oho, see what I did thar?

SHINee: “Hello” – A smile makes all the difference. :)

Co-Ed: “Too Late” – Girls have the same annoying vibrato.

Sistar: “Shady Girl” – Guess the yellow outfits got old.

Secret: “Madonna” – Remix = hit the fast forward button? =_=

2NE1: “Go Away” – OMG CL SAID THE “S” WORD

Beast: “Mastermind” – “So Beat” = “Seoulbeats.” Mmhmm. That’s right.

Beast: “Soom” – Junhyung, what is on your head?

BoA: “Copy and Paste” – Once more, with feeling this time.

Kim Bum Soo: “Will Pass By” – They hired a full string orchestra. O_O

FT Island: “Love Love Love” – Again with the Orwellian jumpsuit tops.

San-E & Miss A: “Everybody Ready” – What happens when JYPE does rap.

Dalmation: “Round 1” – When’ll the “dog meme” get old?

Moon Ji Eun: “Hibiye Hibiyo” – The concept is…silver and spandex.

Oh Jong Hyuk: “Heart Is Beating” – He has spring-activated fingers, really.

V.O.S.: “Full Story” – Still underwhelming. But look, it’s autumn!

Sun-min: “Rainbow Bridge” – Oh, look, now it’s winter!

Sori feat. Naco: “You Are Not My Style” – Aaaand…the football pads are back.

2NE1 wins triple crown this week: