Coming back for another round.

Dear Pretty Boys,

You’ve all made quite a comeback since the F4 leader stopped curling his hair and the A.N.JELL’s stopped singing on high. It seems you’re back in full force and prettier than ever. So pretty in fact, that even the lovely Park Min Young made as a passable male. Which brings me to one of the prettiest pretty boys I’ve ever seen: Song Joong Ki. Dare I say you’re just as pretty as Lee Junki himself in his “clown” role? I’m absolutely amazed, but insanely jealous of your fair features because it should be blessed upon an actual girl, not a lanky fellow such as yourself. Either way, you intrigue me so as the mischievous Goo Yong Ha.

Can you tell the difference?...

...Ah In & Micky are having trouble too.

Anyway, PBs, I would just like to thank you for making KWorld so beautiful. And also thank you because you almost always come in pack of 4’s. Although sometimes the 4th is a girl, what the hey, who can really tell the difference?! All in all, good comeback guys!



P.S. Please, for all us girls out there, don’t dress up like us. It’s quite a kick in the gut when a boy looks better than you in a dress.

It's also a little icky.