Yoo Ah-in, SungKyunKwan Scandal‘s resident smexy, brooding, justice fighting hottie Moon Jae-shin aka Guh-ro, just turned 24 (25 Korean 10/6/86).  During filming for the show in the early morning hours on the 6th, Song Joong-ki presented Ah-in with a birthday cake that the cast and crew had prepared along with a song and mini party.  Ah-in was very grateful for the thoughtful gesture, he wasn’t expecting anything due to the grueling schedule they have all been keeping up with for the drama.  The atmosphere on the set is said to have a very fun and friendly atmosphere and that the members of the Joseon 4 are all close friends.  Aww, it just makes me love the drama all the more.

cr:  MyDaily, KoreaTimes, Reuters