Hey, remember Girl’s Day? Debuted in nightmare inducing smiley-face costumes and still no one noticed?  Then they lost two members and gained a couple of new ones and still no one noticed? Well… third time’s the charm right?

Join Girl’s Day with new members Hyeri and Yura , as we follow them in their mandatory “mature” second concept as they party in a coke-fueled spree throughout Seoul.

Seriously though,  ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ is not bad; the fact that it’s an improvement from the group’s debut needs no explanation.

Not my kind of song (though it gives me vibes of 2NE1’s ‘Go Away’) but at least the vocals are nice and not auto-tuned to hell and back.

So, all in all, not a bad job….good luck promoting against ‘Hoot’ guys.

Fourth time’s a charm?