Annyeong, everyone! Ok, I get that we have like a secret pact with the readers to cover all kpop music shows, recap them, and post the videos before Youtube takes them down, but sometimes real life gets in the way, yeah? So, I present my mea culpa – you get the current Music Core performances and their corresponding Music Bank ones for this recap. 2 for the price of 1! Huh, huh? And if you’ve already seen the performances already (very likely) well….you have my sparkling commentary as a bonus.

Have you left the page yet? *sigh* Good. So let’s get started.

Whelp, today we’ve got special MCs  Dara and Minzy of 2NE1. Which already places them ahead of Music Bank in MC territory against whosit and whatshername. Two points for Gryffindor (er…Music Core)!

Minzy looks beautiful  with the long hair, but it must be possum huntin’ season because that is the only way I can explain the thing hibernating on Dara’s head. I’m not even going to bother with the rest of the outfit.  It’s like YG mandates enrollment of all his artists in the Johnny Depp School of How to Make Pretty People Ugly.

Sistar! No Music Bank counterpart this week, but would it really have mattered? Their performances are exactly the same, note by note, step by step, every week (except for the one time Boram fell on her face which this group will not live down. Ever. Not while they’re promoting this song). Which I suppose is a testament to their professionalism. Though they’re a rookie group, they’re  as polished as a Bentley.

Meanwhile, in a nondescript building in the heart of Seoul….

“And you’re sure this is a fair trade?” Alexander narrowed his eyes. He knew he was being cheeky, but he didn’t care. This was a matter of the utmost importance. If they didn’t do something now he would have a mental breakdown  – or worse.

The tall bearded man crossed his legs. “I told you. If you promote this single and the concept of Japanese businessmen dropped into the Matrix, we’ll stop the anti-smoking ads.”

“Why the Matrix?” Kevin piped up. “Isn’t that kind of….outdated?”

The bearded man shrugged. “I model all my actions after Laurence Fishburne. Have you seen him in this film? He’s bad-ass. Shame about the daughter though.”

U-Kiss had their comeback this week with ‘Shut Up!’, where indeed they looked like Asian businessmen dropped into the Matrix – trained in Keanu Reeve’s brand of kung-fu apparently. Uh, I don’t know what this really has to do with anything. Well, I’ve got Music Core, and their comeback from Music Bank as well. Check it out.

Several Minutes later…

“Oh, G*d dammit!” Alexander yelled.

Never enter into shady deals with bearded men.

After all that, you can’t help but appreciate the ballads. “Rainbow Bridge” with Sun Min.

And Lim Jeong Hee with “It Can’t Be Real’, wearing a dress that’s so short it doesn’t qualify as a tunic. Tunics laugh at it.. Well, as long as she doesn’t sit down….

– Lim Jeong Hee – Would Never Be Real

– Sun Min – Rainbow Bridge

♬ Volume UP stage
– Co-ed -Too late


– F1RST -You Like Me, I Like You

youtube cr: crazycarrot260, jackhklee


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  • __10V3

    __10V3 said:

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  • syieda_diesya

    syieda_diesya said:

    난 에프티 아일래 노래가 들으면 기분이 아주 아주 좋아요……
    그래서 매일 난 에프티 아일랜드 노래가 들어해야해요……<3
    on: October 9, 2010 @ 09:37AM | Flag as inappropriate

  • syieda_diesya

    syieda_diesya said:

    i love hongki’s voice…….i love ft island…….
    i love all ft island’s songs……홍기 오빠,화팅!!!!!
    i will always support ft island…….
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  • the_summerangel

    the_summerangel said:

    whoaaa GaIn is on fire!!! she looked so hot, her vocals were on spot and her dance perfect : )
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  • VietGangsta

    VietGangsta said:

    Dara and Minzy looked cutee! soo happy they were MC-ing :D 2NE1 U-Kiss SHINee and BEAST!!! <333 love 2NE1’s outfits!
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  • chinab3rry

    chinab3rry said:

    Woww!! Beast, Shinee and even Coed School was good!! ^_^
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  • kawaii_lOve

    kawaii_lOve said:

    woo!! BEAST, SHINee, U-Kiss, and MISS A<333
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  • Taemin.Babiee

    Taemin.Babiee said:

    I love how GaIn was barefoot during her performance… heh(:
    And SHINee was AMAZING!! (and so was there backdrop :D)
    And Co-Ed School did a great job! :D
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  • pascale

    pascale said:

    wouhou 2ne1 girls did great as it’s their first time MC-ing :)
    Se7en perf was great, he is so good live. I really like Ukiss shut up move. 2ne1 closed the show with an amazing performance, they never let down.
    on: October 9, 2010 @ 04:31AM | Flag as inappropriate

  • demyoujie

    demyoujie said:

    wow! so much fun with the Hit Charts! 모두에게 좋은 직업! 파이팅!
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This is my first experience with Co-ed and….they should just shuttle the girl singers into a separate group and be done with it. The guys weren’t bad they just seemed like back-up dancers (until they brought in the real backup dancers which…what? What more do you need on stage!?). 75% of the song is the four girls and then the producer went “oops, we’ve still got members,” and crammed the guys into the rest of the song. No impression whatsoever. But yeah, the song is catchy. Check out their Music Bank performance for comparison, if you’d like.

Uh oh! Is that dancehall I hear? Oh JYP, you sly boots. Yes, this is my first time seeing Miss A’s new single too, don’t you laugh at me! Which…I’m not sure how I feel about this. Jia and Min are killing it, but it’s like being in a Jamaican Festival – without the Jamaicans. I know some West Indian dance teams that could tear this up (hmmm). Still, the girls are good dancers, you can’t take that away from them. And yes, I would dance to this song in the club (my) horrible dance hall moves and all.

I can't breathe because I'm laughing too hard.

Ga In’s first solo- I’m sorry, you use tango music, I’m your bitch. One thing I will say, is that the Brown Eyed Girls always have good choreography without having to do much of it. Those male dancers are boss. Tango needs some work though (says an apathetic Dancing with the Stars fan viewer).

Ah, we have the monster that finally took down 2NE1! And Yoseob’s got a bird’s nest on his head.  Never underestimate the fan girls and their eardrum-splitting perfectly synchronized chants.

Hey, I sense a crossover stage. BEAST and Miss A are both experiencing misery in their lives but through love are able to “breathe” again!

This is why I am in grad school now.

Now, we have SHINee and….. FINE, we have SHINee and their balls, all right!? Make up whatever joke fits your fancy, but for the record, they brought this on themselves.

That said, I like “Hello” SHINee much better than “Lucifer” SHINee.

Ending the show with 2NE1 of course, with ‘Can’t Nobody’ which I like more than ‘Go Away’ but less than ‘Clap Your Hands.’ Ah, but, a little variety is nice. They also won’t feel like killing themselves after singing one song a bajillion times (Wonder Girls? Anybody?).

Also, I may just be hard of hearing, but this is the first I realized they were saying “hood” in this song. Which – I’ve already gone into this, but I really have a strong urge to drop them into northeast D.C. and see how “hood” they are there. But I won’t. Because I like them.

So that’s it folks! Sorry for the slow drip of info lately – but we should have some good things coming soon so watch this space (Well not this space exactly, more like the entire site but, well – you know what I mean)!