I missed the Countdown last week, so I’m not sure what’s new or not.  To be fair, I’m adding everybody unless I really, really, really didn’t like them, joking lol.

First up is HAM, hey I thought they were canned, er banned?

U-Kiss makes their comeback with a snippet of “Before Yesterday” and “Shut Up.”

Yup, still not feeling “Shut Up.”

Is COED “Too Late” for School

Supreme Team with “Then, Then, Then.” I love Simon D‘s voice.

Lim Jeong-hee comes back with some real solid vocals to “It Can’t Be Real.”

Beast comes back “Clenching a Tight Fist” and taking a “Soom.”

Miss A comes back with a “Breathe” of some reggae beats, but I think even Bob would have a hard time finding anything reggae about their new song. The song and cute choreo is growing on me, though.

“Let’s Fall In Love Again” with 5tion.

I love Se7en‘s “I’m Going Crazy” and it’s performance concept, hate the leopard jacket.

Davichi sang their song off of singer Shin Seung-hun‘s 20th anniversary album.

And the winner of the night was no other than 2NE1 who performed their hit “Go Away.”

I might have missed a performance or two.  If you’re looking for a performance that I didn’t add above, try looking here. Until next week… peace.

cr: 14xrauren