What 5 Things stood out this past week in Kpop land?  Goguma birthday events, tension within the Joseon F4, an Inspiring painter, one less Superstar, and a song by two Blue boys.  These are the 5 things that happened in Kpop this week that I think were just a little bit more special than the rest.

Love Light-ly

Last week fans found out that Yong-hwa bought Seohyun 2 rows of a sweet potato field for her birthday (6/28/91).  This week, Yong-hwa also gave Seohyun a matching necklace set for herself and her mom which he hid under one of their sweet potato rows for her to find with a letter to her mom thanking her for giving birth to such a wonderful daughter.  Their adventure continued with the couple going fishing and Seohyun’s birthday event for Yong-hwa.  The only things getting a bite were the mosquitos, so Seohyun sent Yong-hwa to buy some mosquito punks.  While he was away, she set up his birthday event in which she wore a Senorita mask (I’m guessing it’s a recurring character on Gag Concert) and with a pink ukulele sang C.N. Blue’s “Sarang Bit” (Love Light) to Yong-hwa.  Yong-hwa was touched, but then requested Seohyun sing him the song without the mask.

Awww, Seohyun did a great job and Yong-hwa looked tickled pink (also just watching the MCs’ reactions is soo funny).  Seohyun also made a Yong & Hyun storybook for Yong-hwa and bought them new couple rings.  She also in a roundabout way asked Yong-hwa if he wrote the song when thinking about her to which he admitted that for the rap lyrics, yes he did.  The kicker though, was as the couple walked off at the end of the episode they held hands on the show for the very first time

Scandalous Tension

Ah, what’s a girl-dressed-as-a-boy to do when she gets outed by the girl who likes him, er her?  After Yoon-shik/hee is cleared of the thievery at SungKyunKwan, she thanks Sun-joon for his help and that he is the person she trusts more than herself.  Sun-joon then tells Yoon-shik that he must always stay by his side and that he is to never appear before him again in women’s clothing, ruh-roh.  Yong-ha, that wily wooer, senses the tension growing in the center room 2 of the Eastern dorms and decides to kick it up a notch.  He sets up Yoon-shik and Sun-Joon for a romantic getaway to the dismay of Jae-shin and Hyo-eun.  Yoon-hee is pissed because she was hoping for some quality time only to find out that Sun-joon wanted to spend time with his fiancee and introduce him/her to girls.  Of course Sun-joon really wants to spend time with his ‘roommate’, but is trying to stay away from going all Coffee Prince.  Yoon-hee takes care of Sun-joon when he passes out with a fever (were guys really that delicate back then?) even using her body heat to keep him warm and Sun-joon almost kisses Yoon-hee.  Their little tryst is shattered when Yong-ha shows up the next morning with Hyo-eun in tow and Yoon-hee wakes up to the view of Sun-joon in the arms of his fiancee *sad face*.

Jae-shin tells Yoon-shik that she is never to be out of his sight ever again and Sun-joon goes to Yong-ha for relationship advice and gets what is basically some Joseon porn to help him sort out his feelings, lol.  The scholars are all training for the upcoming Jangchigi Tournament and President Ha In-soo comes up with a scheme to separate the Joseon 4 by having Jae-shin and Yoon-hee on one team and Sun-joon and Yong-ha on another.  Sun-joon is already in turmoil over his attraction to Yoon-shik, but he can barely stand seeing her training with Jae-shin.  At the Ib Chung Jae, a day when women can enter SungKyunKwan,  Sun-joon, Hyo-eun, Yoon-shik, and Cho-sun end up eating together at the same table.  Cho-sun is no dummy, after feeling the tension between Yoon-shik and Sun-joon and seeing them trade verbal barbs, she gets up from the table to leave.  She tells the rest that she is not the person in the heart of Yoon-shik and shall she pick that person from those at the table?  She then proceeds to pick Sun-joon by kissing him on the cheek dun, dun, dun….  I’ve read some spoilers and next week is a must see for fans as we get to see where all this tension leads.  I can barely wait.

An inspirational Painter

One of the guests on this week’s Star King was a painter who had two artificial arms that did paintings of the forms of people in motion.  He has done several pieces including one of Ice Queen Kim Yu-na.  He showed off his pieces and skills on the show and even did paintings of Gahee dancing and a huge mural of Super Junior (who had seven members in attendance) performing to “Bonamana,” check it out he’s pretty amazing.

And then there were three…

Superstar K Season 2 is down to the final three contestants John Park, Jang Jae-in, and Heo Gak.  Fan favorite Kang Seung-yoon got the boot this week after a good All three are good singers, but I’m pulling for Jae-in.  It’s not just because she’s the last girl standing, it’s because I like her quirky vibe and the tone of her voice.

Blue Flying High

I really loved the song and MV by C.N. Blue‘s Jong-hyun and Min-hyuk from their movie Acoustic.  It’s a great song and deserves another listen.

Honorable mention goes to Playful Kiss’ one move on a girl.

We all know that Ha-ni shared the move Seung-jo did on her for their first kiss with Kyung-soo.  In this episode Kyung -soo shares it with Joon-gu and Ha-ni’s new suitor Kim Ki-tae tries to use it in the library.  The scenes of Seung-jo and Ha-ni trying to sleep were too cute, I admit I was squeeing.  And finally, they use the Goongwannabe bears in a useful way by clearing up the whole ‘was it a dream or not’ situation.  For a second there I thought it was all Goonies-Mikey-go-check-on-Andy thing going on, but it really happened, right?!

Those were the top 5 things that I loved in Kpop this week, last week (whatever- you know what I mean), were they yours?

cr:  koreanpride3