OK so I sat down and had a listen to two of the bigger albums out this week – 2AM‘s “Saint o’clock” and Girls’ Generation‘s “Hoot”.

Music chart statistics have it that 2AM has come out tops across all major charts and has even trumped hallowed princesses SNSD – even though their album was released just a day earlier. Industry peeps were rooting for a Soshi win but looks like they’ve been proven wrong. A quick check with my Mnet app shows “전활 받지 않는 너에게” and “미친 듯이”  sitting comfortably in first and second positions respectively. Jo Kwon has expressed that it’s been a 10 year wait for this climb to the top. To hear this news after the release of their first full-length album is like a cherry on top.

It’s easy to see why this is so. SNSD seems to be putting out the same sort of minis over and over again. Some would probably argue that this is to divert attention from the DBSK saga, and distract from SM’s failed JYJ injunction. Anyhoo… hype surrounding Yuri’s involvement in the EP didn’t change my mind though I must admit I’m liking “Wake Up”. “Hoot” is on rotation too – that a-go-go beat is something! “첫눈에…(Snowy Wish)” has also been giving me those fluffy holiday season vibes.

Back to the early winners in the albums race, 2AM’s first album is chock-full of smooth pop-ballads. I have yet to tire of any of their songs since “이노래 (This Song)” and I don’t think it’ll happen with the new ones.

But alas, all does not end until we see their comeback stages eh? Will four crooners or a ‘visually appealing’ new routine do it for you?

In the meantime, click on for the niceties/personal picks of mine.

Perhaps one of these for next round of promotions... ?

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