Make that, err…kitty.

Everyone’s favorite cross-dressing Kdrama actress (well, mine at least-I LOVED “You’re Beautiful”) Park Shin Hye, transforms once again, but this time she tries to imitate our furry little feline friends in a spread for the October issue of CeCi Magazine.

Park really pulls off the coy and mischievous look, I think. The clothes I’m not so sure about. Although I do appreciate that they’ve styled her in fun, colorful clothes fit for someone her age (and gender-Go Mi Nam had such a sad wardrobe…poor Shin Hye!!), it looks all over the place, and I hate to say it-cheap. But, with the recession and all, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Plus, being thrifty is all the rage! Anyway, I digress. The only thing I’m really loving about this shoot are Shin Hye, the shoes, and that cute little kitten!!

Speaking of cute cats, have you guys seen the GENIUS that is Maru the cat?!!! If not, watch the video below and all his others at mugumogu. I never really thought I was a cat person, until recently. Maru is just so clever! And chubby!!! And quite the little fashionista (fashionisto?!) himself-check out his head-wear in the video…

Chubby cats aside, Park Shin Hye can be seen currently in the film “Cyrano Dating Agency”. Well, that is if you’re in Asia, I guess.

More photos from the shoot:

Video credit: ecinajx19