And although technically it is still summer (the 90+ degree days where I am can attest to that), I just feel like my endless days of play and staying out/up are coming to an end when friends go back to school, people have normal work hours again, and the weather turns a little cooler. Not to fret though! Autumn is my favorite season (maybe because it’s the season of my birthday?!) and I am so looking forward to seeing the leaves to change their hues and for the mornings to have that crisp, fresh Fall feel.

With that said, I just wanted to say goodbye to my KPOP summer as well-it was frenetic and crazy, and although I had a blast, I do think it is time for old friends to come back and for clearer (ie. less autotune and MR) voices to chime through.

And I think the Korean indie/rock artists of Fluxus Music sing farewell better than I could ever say…thus I present “Our Night is More Beautiful than Your Day” from the extremely talented artists of Fluxus, including Clazziquai‘s Alex and Horan, Yi Sung Yol, Park Ki Young, Whale (from W&Whale), Haewon (Winterplay), Namu (from Bye Bye Sea-whose music I am currently really digging!), and Urban Zakapa.


Regarding the song choice:

“Our night is more beautiful than your day” was a hit song when W&Whale’s leader, Bae Youngjun, used to work as Kona. After 14 years, now this song will reborn by Fluxus Voices and introduce to music fans.

“Our night is more beautiful than your day” 2010 version includes Ukulele sound, which makes a feeling of refreshment, played by Ex-Kona’s leader and now W&Whale’s leader Bae Youngjun. Also, one of W&Whale’s member Han Jaewon edited this song with a cappella and changed it to ‘High Quality Summer Mood Song’ which gives a great sensation of sea wind and sound of waves.

I absolutely adore this song, and the entire Fluxus Music group. As we know, this isn’t their first Fluxus Voices song-I also loved their version of “All I Want for Christmas”. And earlier this summer they released Fluxus Voices Vol. 2-a FANTASTIC cover in their style, of course, of MJ’s “Beat It”:

Happy Summer everyone!

Credits: fluxus