On the latest episode of We Got Married, C.N.Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa pays up for losing the bet with his virtual wife Seohyun over who would do better on their driving tests. Seohyun wanted Yong Hwa to perform SNSD’s hit “Genie” dressed in full uniform if he lost, while Yong Hwa wanted Seohyun to drop the honorifics. I’m not sure if they both lost or just Yong Hwa did because in last week’s episode they both failed their practical test.

Yong Hwa didn’t want to do it because he’s really not a dancer since C.N.Blue is an actual band, they don’t have the big choreographed performances like others. And, the dude has some white hairy legs (eew). It looks like Seohyun enjoyed her special performance. I’m not quite sure why Yong Hwa was so hesitant about doing the performance because all You’re Beautiful fans already saw this:

and this…

I guess having to do it live in front of your wife (who just happens to be from the group that sings the song) is a whole different story though. Also on the episode, the Adam couple prays for good weather for their Wedding Shoot in Bali and Victoria plans a birthday surprise for Khun.

cr: Newsen, akilovesSJ