In a survey done by movie tickets site, voting was done to see who fans think have the Hottest Bods amongst male and female Korean celebrities. The survey was held online from July 5 – 11 with 2,847 people responding. The overwhelming winners were actor So Ji Sub and the Queen of Kpop Lee Hyori. Here’s a look at the results.

Male Kcelebs with the Hottest Bodies:

1. So Ji sub with an overwhelming 54.1%.

2. World Star and Ninja Assassin, Rain.

3. This ahjusshi still got it, actor Cha Seung Won.

4. The Slave Hunter himself, Jang Hyuk.

5. The goofy beast of 2PM, Taec.

6. 2AM‘s kkap leader, Jo Kwon.

7. The young Ninja Assassin, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon.

8. Choi Siwon, who all Elfs owe their gratitude to for inspiring the rest of Super Junior to work out more.

Female Kcelebs with the Hottest Bodies:

1. Lee Hyori with 49.7% of the vote.

2. Australian model, Jessica Gomes.

3. High Kick Through The Roof‘s Shin Se Kyung, one of the hottest young actresses in South Korea right now.

4. A veteran actress with lots of Style, Kim Hye Soo.

5. The Korean Barbie, actress Han Chae Young.

6. Former back-up dancer and current After School leader Park Gahee.

7. Surprisingly, SNSD‘s only list maker, the yoga lovin’ Yuri.

8. Actress, model, and singer Yoo Hyun Young.

And last , but not least in at number 9 for the females the Brown Eyed Girls‘ maknae Son Ga In.

I think their Hot Body list from the survey is varied and fairly accurate. I know there a lot of everyone’s favorites missing like say 2AM‘s Changmin, but everyone can’t make it to the top. Did your favorite celeb with a rockin’ body make the list?

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