I’d say 70% of male KPOP stars are attractive, not because they’re good-looking but because they can bump n’ grind, sing, and take off their shirts. But strip away the celebrity persona, make-up, bronzer, costumes, and lights, and you realize they ain’t all that and a bag of chips. They’re just regular Joes like you and I and while they may be good looking to start with, being a KPOP star definitely made these dudes more attractive.

Taec’s an interesting character because I really believe that if he wasn’t a 2PM gorgeous man, he’d be that tall, goofy kid at the party who all the girls think are hot until he opens his mouth. And that’s not a diss by any means! I mean it in the nicest way possible but when Taec was placed into 2PM, he went from silly, lanky kid next door to the hot, sexy, beast-like rapper we’ve all grown to love. Though he’s a good looking kid, I would definitely have to say that being a KPOP star made Taec more attractive.

I’m not a Changmin fan, I’ve never been and I’m pretty sure I never will be, but I’ll give it to him, he’s got an awesome voice. But take away his fellow DBSK soldiers from his side, and all that material swag, you’re left with just a normal Korean kid with big lips. I can hear the Cassis roaring right now but compared to the rest of his teammates, Changmin just can’t hold his own personality wise and that’s why I have to say that being a KPOP star made Changmin more attractive.

I remember watching Donghae back in the “Love Letter” Days and thinking to myself, why in heck is this Mortal Kombat character with 0 personality on this show? Back then he had this long, blonde-ish Dragon Ball Z thing going on and I remember him not getting the girl he wanted because well, he couldn’t talk his way into her heart. Now, the boy has changed and over the years has slowly crawled out of his shell. You girls love him but I’d say that being a KPOP star made Donghae more attractive.

I can’t hate on Daesung, I can’t, because I love his personality and he’s just so darn like-able! But on a shallow note, we all know Daesung isn’t a T.O.P and he knows it too which makes him even more attractive. I have nothing negative to say about Daesung as an artist so I’ll end it it with saying, being a KPOP star made Daesung more attractive.

Honorable Mentions:

* Most of SS501
* Some of Super Junior
* Seungri

Which KPOP star would you say got more attractive after blowing up?