Although I think that both Wooyoung and Junho have really stepped up their game since leader Jaebeom left 2PM, I think I am going to have to declare myself a member of Team Taecyeon over Ellie’s Team Junho.

Sure, Junho’s roundoff back tuck and stuck landing had me in awe. But, the “Heartbeat” finale that “Taec’s” the cake for me is none other than the spectacular fan-service show put on by 2PM’s resident beast, Taecyeon, on yesterday’s Inkigayo.

I would love to play the “Belle” to Taecyeon’s “Beast” any day.


2PM had a great Inkigayo this week with not only their Heartbeat/Taecyeon’s striptease performance, but also beating everyone else out for the mutizen and the top spot on the mobile chart too!

So, whose team are you on? (I mean, besides Team 2PM!)

Video credits: CodeMonmonSeason5 and Sanakujira2nd