Everyone’s favourite diva Family Outing unni/noona has today announced that she is already in preparations for a 4th album. A little impatient we see?

After an explosive first round of solo concerts, Hyori can’t wait to get her clock gears moving again. With the everchanging K-pop trends, her anxiety is totally explanable especially with Hyori-wannabe Sori on the scene. Maybe the latter’s actually made an impact?

Hyori had initially given herself a break until making a guest appearance at Lee Seung Hwan‘s benefit concert. She spent her down-time straightening out the upcoming hectic schedule for her 4th album due around September. If everything goes as planned, it will be the first time Hyori releases two full albums in two consecutive years.

While you start wondering what might be up the sleeves of a singer who has hit 30, let’s be good samaritans and reminisce a little before we forget about her.