For awhile there, it seemed as if YG was serious about debuting the “female Big Bang” as SISTA (or SISTAR?). As rumours stirred up after news of Big Bang and the 4 girls collaborating with LG spread, the masterminds behind these wonderful group names made a (last minute?) change.

Along with revealing the new CF, a YG representative announced the all-new 21. The name boasts some logic, at least, in comparison to their temporary name. It comes as a derivation from the Western age of adulthood, 21 being a new chapter and all that shizz. It also has reference to the card game of Blackjack where it is the winning number. Winning and fresh? Hmm.

CL will take on leadership of Park Bom, Gong Min Ji and Sandara Park in 21. Check out LG Cyon’s “Lollipop Project” CF and the full song.