In this first Tune Dune segment of seoulbeats 2.0, I thought what better than to introduce some trot music for a bit of reminiscing over the weekend? Just a little statistical update before getting into things, seoulbeats 1.0 brought you a grand total of 1,000 articles before folding. To all garnered followers (and antis alike), this was nonetheless a great achievement for all of us. We the writers have been all dancey about our new revamp and can’t wait to see what the future holds. So here’s to sticking by seoulbeats and watching us grow! From us to you, enjoy your weekend with the following hot trot tunes :)

Nara is a new-age trot artist who’s just released her debut single featuring the title track “너는 내운명 (You’re My Destiny)“. The song is a collaboration with Ji Suk Jin and Kim Yong Man:

Some of you might’ve heard this one already. It’s another collaboration but with a mix of old and new. Classic trot singer Joo Hyun Mi works with SNSD‘s Seo Hyun and Davichi to bring you their digital single “짜라자짜 (Jja La Ja Jja)”:

And lastly, how could we forget Big Bang‘s Daesung‘s incredible trot vocals in “대박이야 (Big Hit)”?