Remember the Chinese F4?

We reported about the China “Hana Yori Dango” remake a couple of months ago and soon enough we introduced to you the China’s F4. Most of you left not so favorable remarks towards the not so good looking bunch.

But your complaints towards the Chinese F4… Pssh! That’s nothing compared to what the Korean netizens are saying.

Apparently, Group 8 Media, the company that produces the Korean “Boys Over Flowers” bought the rights to the “Hana Yori Dango” franchise under the contract that no HYD adaptation will be released within a two-year period. Meaning, if there’s another adaptation to follow the Korean version, the new adaptation will have to wait for two years before they start production.

Oh but wait. China has not only began production, they have already launched a press conference to introduce the whole cast!


Korean netizens are now furious about this. Some are calling the new breed of F4 “fake” and “copycats”. Ouch. To prevent the outbreak of World War III, the producers of the Chinese adaptation made it clear that they are not copying the manga. Their drama entitled “Meteor Rain” is a “completely different story” from what the franchise has already produced.

So technically what they’re saying is that, the China production is an “original work”. And that Korean netizens should just chillax.

I don’t know about that. I’m looking at the cast and I’m still thinking BOF/HYD.

Breach of contract, anyone?


“Meteor Rain” is currently shooting in Xiamen and is scheduled to air this summer.

News and Photo: MSN Korea, Sina