Breaking news!!!

Super Senior‘s naive and innocent Hankyung was caught smoking “like a pro” at a restaurant in Beijing, China in the wee hours of the morning with (God forbid)…women! Oh the shame!!!

Wait…shhhhhh…do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of a million ELF hearts shattering. It’s also the sound of Papa Bear SM getting ready to wring Hankyung’s neck when he returns to Korea.

First, Kangin and Shindong get prection tattoos. Now, we come to find that Hankyung is actually a smoker extraordinaire. Is there no more hope left in the world?!

The Super Seniors are shedding their idol image like it’s going out of style. Perhaps it’s because they realize they don’t have many more years left ahead of them before they’re replaced by future 2.0 versions.