Hiya, I’m Gaya! Born in Tamil Nadu, raised in Melbourne and a proud Indian & Australian. My dream is to become a teacher, because I live for that ‘Eureka’ moment. I don’t do “spare time” anymore, but if I had any it would be spent devouring books and watching YouTube videos. Though, the last time I did the latter, I ended up a K-pop fan…

Formerly a language arts teacher, I now work with writers and help them meet their potential. If you enjoy writing in the least bit and would like to combine it with your passion for Korean entertainment, please don’t hesitate to reach out and send us a writing sample. I’ll be happy to read it!

A graduate student with never enough time on my hands, I still somehow manage to squeeze in K-pop fangirling, mostly over VIXX’s Leo. Outside of K-pop, I enjoy sports, reading and learning any new languages that come my way. My weaknesses include baby animals, free food and good company.

I became a K-pop fan back in 2007, incidentally the same year I started writing in earnest. An unrepentant Starlight, I spend my days writing somewhat too complex projects, some of which are VIXX fanfiction, and consider some of my finest Seoulbeats work to include that Chad Future featuring Ravi review (please, never again). When I’m not fangirling or raging at some K-pop incident, I can usually be found watching or reading the news. An International Politics graduate who minored in Peace Studies, I can usually be found raging on a myriad of political issues at one moment, then fangirling about whatever song is on my mind the next. In case of emergency, show a gif of Ravi falling on his butt and Leo laughing at him.

I’ve been into K-pop for a while, but I like to tell myself it’s just a casual hobby. I currently live and work in South Korea and have love affairs going with breakfast foods, Murakami, and SM Entertainment. My amusement with K-pop stems from my academic interests in South Korean and East Asian media, specifically internet culture. The only times I’m not half asleep are when I’m spazzing over Chanyeol’s arm muscles or Key’s airport fashion. Above all, my main passion is writing, which is how I ended up here at Seoulbeats. When I’m not typing away (or procrastinating on Twitter) I like to travel, nap, and play pool.

I’m a film graduate of Chapman University who specializes in identifying flaws in TV and movies, which makes me terrible date material. To me, the best stories keep you engaged and spark up fun conversations. I love all genres except action and some romantic comedies. I love learning languages, even though my fluency is rough in the ones I know. If I ever travel to Korea, my first objective is to eat spicy rice cakes. I’ll wing it after that.

I got into K-pop in 2012 after my friend bombarded me with Big Bang and 2NE1 videos. The first love was Big Bang’s “Bad Boy,” and I’ve been sliding down this funky spiral ever since. My musical tastes vary depending on mood, but I love songs that take me back to the sounds of the ’90s. I have too many biases to count, however, there is a top five ultimate list. 2NE1 and BTS are the main bias groups as of now, but that can always change after Big Bang’s comeback.

Although my relationship with East Asian pop music is long-standing, I didn’t start out listening to K-pop. For years, I was obsessed with J-rock and J-pop, but all it took was one Shinee music video for me to switch alliances. That was 2010, and I’ve been happily pouring my time into K-pop ever since.

Not satisfied to simply be on the sidelines, I began freelance writing for Seoulbeats in 2012 — be it reviews, culture pieces, or humor articles — and I also work on the site’s social media outlets, keeping fans up to date about breaking news. By combining my experience in cross-cultural studies with a healthy dose of humor — and a rabid fangirl appetite for boy bands — I have managed to find a place within the K-pop fandom to call my own.

I experienced my first heartbreak at the age of 18, when DBSK split up. Since then I’ve vowed never to put all of my fangirl heart in one basket, until BTS nae nae-ed their way into my life and that plan went up in flames (you know you’re past the fandom point of no return when a CF is enough to dissolve you into a puddle). As a writer, I try my best to write clearly and bring in different perspectives from my academic background in literature when relevant. As a person, I can often be found cooing at my stuffed toys, unimpressed cats on Instagram, and the excellent use of film techniques in K-pop MVs.



As a Taiwanese girl growing up in a Korean neighborhood, K-pop was part of the lingua franca I was expected to master if I wanted to have any social currency with my peers. Groups from my childhood include DBSK, Big Bang, and the Wonder Girls. The closest I have ever gotten to a K-pop idol was standing in line behind Suzy at Incheon Airport.

I first encountered K-pop with f(x)’s “Electric Shock in 2011. A year after, I fell in love with Big Bang, the Wonder Girls, and Running Man. I’m a high school student from Connecticut who loves literature, music, food, and sleep. When I’m not stressed out or sleeping my life away, I like to read YA, write, and watch YouTube and/or dramas. I’ve always loved analyzing K-pop, and I’m happy to join the Seoulbeats team.

I’m a left-handed Libra who enjoys Looney Tunes, the Powerpuff Girls, and anime! I grew up on Motown, Led Zeppelin, Hip-Hop, and Bjork, but one day a friend of mine asked me, “Hey, you wanna hear this group?” “This group” turned out to be DBSK. Two weeks later I found myself on a constant downward spiral into the fiery depths of K-pop and haven’t looked back since. But given my interests, I’d say K-pop slotted right in–right between Bjork and the Powerpuff Girls!

Currently a high school teacher in Australia, I’m a Slytherpuff with a strong desire for justice, feminism and a sceptical eye to politics. I spend my free time watching old episodes of Running Man with friends then playing it ourselves, reading fantasy novels and time-travel-fix-it fanfiction, and dancing and doing terrible karaoke. I transitioned from J-pop (which I still enjoy) into K-pop and it changed my life and my hair colour. Unfortunately half of my favourite K-pop groups have disbanded now but I love BTS, Big Bang and Hyuna, as well as anything that is catchy, a little bit badass, super tacky or an epic combination. I’m also back on the BAP bandwagon finally, after the stunning betrayal of “Coffee shop” but the absolute redemption of pretty much everything after “Badman”.

Your typical sleep-deprived kid from Singapore here! Though small in size and perpetually tired, I’m always up for a fight with Jungkook even when he’s not being extra. A proud INFJ (aka The Advocate), I’m a strong advocate of Jeon’s thighs. I seek solace in writing poems, daydreaming and finding new indie music to add onto my list. I also like to laugh at memes and at BTS in general. Journalism is something that I’d like to pursue in the future, so writing and exploring the socio-cultural issues in K-pop is a stepping stone for me to hone my skills.

Originally hailing from sunny Singapore, I am now learning to call the lovely city of Sydney home! A music student at college by day and a K-pop fan by night, 2PM was what (or who, rather) got me into this madness some four years back. Ever since, I’ve grown to love Big Bang, Beast and Song Joong Ki; but if I were to identify with any fandom, it would definitely be with the Armys! Outside of K-pop, I enjoy reading very much and also occasionally putter around the kitchen to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I’m a twenty-something writer from South Africa. I empathise with European fans’ struggle of hardly ever getting a tour but at least they got Zion T. I split my time between listening to music and live-tweeting reality cooking competition shows.

Hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m an aspiring writer and current college student. I’m an expert on memes, Game of Thrones, and K-pop!

I’m a content marketer from metro Detroit with a journalism degree from Michigan State University. First and foremost, I’m Red Velvet trash, but I live for pop music that pushes the limits of mainstream conventionalism. My love for k-pop started with Lim Kim’s “Awoo,” and now it’s a full-blown hobby. In a Western sense, I love PC Music and playing sports.

I’m currently a university student in the UK. Years ago, I fell down the Korean culture rabbit hole, gaining a love of learning more about K-pop and K-drama. I am multi fandom — IU, BTS, EXO, Twice, Red Velvet, Gfriend, and SNSD — but I am not at all loyal to any artists. I love discovering new artists and acquiring new favourites everyday. However, my first and greatest love is K-dramas, especially slice of life, family, fantasy and romance dramas. I love analysing and going deeper into different works and writing is a great passion of mine. When I am not taking notes on the newest K-drama or K-pop video, I spend my time being sha sha sha, reading a lot, cooking, travelling, studying politics, laughing at memes and learning the dances to K-pop songs.

Hello everyone! I am Karen, hailing from Singapore with an academic background in English Literature. I am also a writer of all kinds, from prose and poetry to ramblings on my instagram and blog. I enjoy drinking coffee, but I drink a lot less of it now. Korean culture remains immensely intriguing to me, with its infusion of both the modern and traditional. I am not an avid fan of Kpop or Korean dramas. K-hiphop was the reason why I was drawn to Korean entertainment and music. It remains well-loved in my heart as I continue to explore the Korean entertainment industry. My favourite artists include Giriboy and Guckkasten. Other music I listen to include a mix of English bands like The Killers and The Maine to Madarin singers like Shin.

Lauren M
I was pulled into this turbulent world of K-entertainment in 2013 when I stumbled onto Big Bang’s “Bad Boy”. Flash forward a couple of years, and I’m in too deep. I only stan hard for one group, but I try to listen to most groups at least once. I’m also very interested in K-hip hop, and I have a special love for Just Music artists and Zion.T. In my non-K-pop life, I’m a film school graduate and writer, and I live in wonderfully annoying New York City.

I’m Leesha. Though I’m the first to say I’m too old for fandom foolishness, I am also the first to screenshot and send news to my group chat. I’ve known about K-pop since ’09 with Ninja Assassin, and have been actively following since 2010. Besides K-pop, I enjoying baking and reading young adult novels. Mostly I love writing and combining things I love has been pretty sweet.

My first run-in with Korean music involved accidentally discovering Shinee’s “Ring Ding Dong” on a gaming platform, and my ignorant self at the time thought that they were Japanese. Now, many years later, I shamelessly bump to Dynamic Duo, Bumkey, and SNSD — which, I know, is a really strange grouping. In my free-time, I enjoy binge-watching any kind of even remotely interesting show that I can get my hands on, doing photography, and dancing. I also really like streetwear fashion, Frank Ocean, Masego, and Rich Chigga.

I, Lo Pullum, am a 94-liner, originally from Omaha, NE. I’m currently a full-time college student, working on a history degree with a film minor. I found K-Pop through dramas, but my love didn’t really take off until “Fantastic Baby” popped up in a sidebar, and the rest is history.

When I’m not spazzing over K-Pop, I have an eclectic list of geeky hobbies to partake in: comics, film and tv analysis, Arrow, history, and any intersection of the above you can imagine.

Based out of the US, I’m a writer and musician. My relationship with East Asian culture is a lifelong one, so falling in love with K-pop was bound to happen. I got into K-pop because of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and never looked back. Big Bang, Super Junior and 2ne1 were my first and hold a special place in my heart.

I just started branching out into the rest of Hallyu culture and everything so far has been wonderful. I’m heavily invested in learning more about Korean culture and how it relates with the rest of the world.

When I’m not working, I usually enjoy watching MMA (can’t practice anymore; injured shoulder), reading YA and comics, and baking cupcakes. Food rules everything around me.

Long time Korean music lover since 2002, and it all started with BoA and expanded to H.O.T., Se7en, Rain, g.o.d., Shinhwa, S.E.S. Fly to the Sky, and many others. I didn’t break out of the shell of a closet fan who only posted on forums until about 2004, being an online radio personality for V-Radio and Soompi back in the day. Now, I’m learning Korean through self-taught methods, started a blog in May 2015, and looking to get back into the radio scene, hoping to help close the gap between Korean idols, artists and international fans.

Outside of being immersed in the Korean culture, I’m a voice over, gamer and cosplayer. I really don’t know where and how I find the time to be involved in all these aspects of my life, but I make it work.

Hello! I’m Margaret and I study medicine in Hong Kong. I got into K-pop a year and a half ago during Exo’s “Call Me Baby” promotions. Ever since, I’ve been very into K-pop (that’s an understatement), with a particular penchant for boy groups (Sechskies, Shinhwa, Suju, Exo, BTS, VIXX, Got7, Big Bang, Shinee, B1A4, BtoB), although EXO will always hold a special place in my heart. Nice to meet you all!

I’m a Singaporean serving mandatory military service, lasting until the end of 2017 and then I’ll be off for UNI studies. I like reading and writing in my spare time. I’m an avid follower of TV shows Better Call Saul and Game of Thrones, and mangas Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece and Jagaaaaaan.


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Li Ying
Having fallen into the black hole of K-Pop in 2009, I’ve survived several major boyband fallouts and consider myself stronger for it. Still, I remain a serial boyband stanner and a staunch supporter of vocal powerhouse type girl groups (when will SPICA return from the war?). Recently, I’ve been branching out into more K-hiphop (other than group of my heart Epik High) as well as dabbling in some K-indie on the side. I’m also basically omnipresent on Twitter, so chances are, yes, I’ve seen that latest BTS bomb. Several times.

I’m Tesia (teh-see-ah), 95-liner, currently residing in LA as a Bruin (cue 8clap) and pursuing a biology degree with hopes of entering pharmacy school. Introvert by nature. I am a proud Jwalking VIP Cassie! Back in 2009, I got into the K-pop world with Big Bang’s “Lollipop” MV and am never coming out. Likewise, I entered the K-drama world back in 2009 with You’re Beautiful and got hooked onto dramas ever since. I am always following at least one or two; I feel empty when I’m not following any — it’s that bad (…or good?). My ultimate bias is Jung Yunho, although Jay Park is really close second — I wrote a 10-page essay on him for a class #hardcoreJwalker! Other bias is G-Dragon! I am also an avid fan of K-hiphop & K-R&B. Faves: Beenzino, AOMG, DEAN, Basick and Crucial Star. I’m down with listening to anything that’s good. When I’m not studying, I am always either on Twitter or Tumblr or catching a concert when any of my faves are in town!