I’m a sleep-deprived university student from Singapore, with an interest in music, TV shows, and writing. Hip-hop, pop and R&B are some of my favourite genres. I got sucked into the chaotic world of K-Pop with DBSK’s “Mirotic”. Other than being an avid fan of DBSK and BTS, I’m also interested in the social and geographic issues of Korea (probably because it’s what part of what I study). I love talking and analysing music and shows and how they intertwine with local culture and the political/economic climate. When I’m not writing, I like to indulge in the very popular hobby known as sleep, or catching up with shows like Brooklyn Nine-nine and Narcos.

I’ve been living/working/studying in South Korea since I graduated  undergrad in 2014, and I recently finished grad school. I’m an “elder” stan who spends too much time on Twitter. You know that baby Kyungsoo as the Teletubby sun meme? I made that.

Aside from playing around in Photoshop, my amusement with K-pop stems from my academic interests in South Korean and East Asian media, specifically internet culture and literature. Above all, my main passion is writing, which is how I ended up here at Seoulbeats. When I’m not studying (or procrastinating), my life revolves around my pet poodle, photography, and reading.

I’m a twenty-something writer from South Africa. I empathise with European fans’ struggle of hardly ever getting a tour but at least they got Zion. T. I split my time between listening to music and live-tweeting reality cooking competition shows.

I am Karen, hailing from Singapore with an academic background in English Literature. I am also a writer of all kinds, from prose and poetry to ramblings on my Instagram and blog. I enjoy drinking coffee, but I drink a lot less of it now. Korean culture remains immensely intriguing to me, with its infusion of both the modern and traditional. I am not an avid fan of Kpop or Korean dramas.

K-hiphop was the reason why I was drawn to Korean entertainment and music. It remains well-loved in my heart as I continue to explore the Korean entertainment industry. My favourite artists include Giriboy and Guckkasten. Other music I listen to include a mix of English bands like The Killers and The Maine to Mandarin singers like Shin.

I became a K-pop fan back in 2007, incidentally the same year I started writing in earnest. An unrepentant Starlight, I spend my days writing somewhat too complex projects, some of which are VIXX fanfiction, and consider some of my finest Seoulbeats work to include that Chad Future featuring Ravi review (please, never again). When I’m not fangirling or raging at some K-pop incident, I can usually be found watching or reading the news. An International Politics graduate who minored in Peace Studies, I can usually be found raging on a myriad of political issues at one moment, then fangirling about whatever song is on my mind the next. In case of emergency, show a gif of Ravi falling on his butt and Leo laughing at him.

I’m a writer and glitter-enthusiast from the US. I was introduced to the wonderful world of K-dramas in middle school, but didn’t fall for K-pop until my first semester of college. Now, I’m all in on both, plus I’m a newbie variety program fan and am diving into Korean indie music. Basically, I love all things Hallyu! Since I also love writing, Seoulbeats is the perfect way for me to combine these passions. To name just a few of my faves, I adore Ateez, Baek Yerin, Epik High, Heize, Loona, Sunmi, and Taemin.

If you’ve ever wondered what a degree in English Literature is good for, my answer is: writing reviews of K-pop MVs with mind-boggling symbolism and excellent uses of film techniques. Few things excite me more than using my academic background to analyse anything and everything. It’s why I work full-time in research, and write and edit for Seoulbeats in my free time.

Having slipped into the K-pop rabbit hole in 2007 through DBSK’s Japanese single, “Proud”, I consider myself a K-pop grandma, and can often be found waxing lyrical about the glory days of the dance ballad. Or really, just any era of K-pop where there were real choruses. (Repeated words chanted over a tepid instrumental breakdown do not, in fact, count as a chorus.)

I’m currently an overworked, over-caffeinated graduate student in the US where I’m getting Masters degrees in Music Education and Musicology (at the same time, send help.) When I was an undergraduate, my best friend got me into Day6 and BTS, and the rest is history. Now I enjoy exploring new music, making space for underrepresented artists, and learning about socio-cultural relationships as they relate to the entertainment industry. Some of my favorite artists right now are Stray Kids, IU, BTS, Eric Nam, Hyukoh, and Ateez. When I’m not avidly consuming new music or dramas, teaching, or writing, I love to cook, play soccer, run, and (attempt to) play the saxophone.


A writer 24/7 based in the Philippines⁠, I develop content full-time for an international company and contribute to a couple of other Korean-related publications in the Philippines and Korea. TVXQ’s “Rising Sun” introduced me to the blackhole that is called K-pop and I’ve never gone out of it ever since. I am still very much in love with GOT7, but I have diversified my taste to K-bands such as Nell and Hoppipolla. I usually listen to music according to my mood or when I need to get energized. When I do have the luxury to unwind, I indulge myself in watching K-dramas with a bias towards characters and their plotlines near my age. When I am not writing, I am most likely in the kitchen trying to recreate restaurant dishes or attaining the flavors of Seoul.

My name is Chloe, and I’m a (semi) recent college graduate from Southern California now working in PR. I originally discovered K-pop back in middle school, when the Wonder Girls and SNSD were taking the world by storm. After a brief obsession with “Nobody” and “Gee,” I fell off the K-pop wagon for about ten years, but hopped back on in college when I was unexpectedly tasked with doing a presentation on BTS’ “Boy With Luv” music video for an International Media Studies class. Two and a half years later, I’ve immersed myself in all things K-pop, K-dramas, and variety shows. My favorite groups include BTS, Seventeen, and TXT, but I also have a soft spot for Shinee, EXO, The Boyz, and SF9.

After taking a ridiculously long break, I recently decided to go back to school to finish my degree. My goal is to have a successful career if only to finance my expensive fangirl lifestyle. I’ve been making it a mission to try to attend any and all K-pop concerts in the Los Angeles area. Originally, I was all about the girl groups but most of my favorites have disbanded, and I have since fallen in love with boy groups like BTS, Big Bang, and Got7. On top of the obvious, I’m also a fan of anime and webtoons.

I’m Eileen, a writer based in Arizona, USA with an academic background in marketing and Korean language/culture. My interest in K-pop was first sparked with iconic hits “Nobody” and “Gee” and by 2012, I had completely fallen for the charms of Korean entertainment. Aside from listening to music, I also enjoy reading manga and Chinese novels in my free time.

I got into K-pop a decade ago after falling in love with Hyuna’s Bubble Pop and since then there has been no way out for me. A lover of all things Korean (especially food), I minored in Korean & Chinese Studies and am currently majoring in East Asian Politics and Economy. When I am not investing time into my academic research trying to figure out Korean politics, I watch dramas, listen to all kinds of Korean music, browse through Twitter or get mad about the bad internet connection in Germany (where I’m from). The queens of my heart are Hyuna, Krystal and Taeyeon, but I also have a soft spot for EXO, BTS, Taemin and Sik-K.

My name is Gina, and I’m from Koreatown, Los Angeles. An A-blood perfectionist and worrywart, I wondered what to do during my post-grad resting period, only to stumble upon Seoulbeats – the perfect outlet and challenger of all my thoughts regarding this industry. Despite being a quiet reader, I have always had more than enough reasons to rant or despair at the latest turn of events. Though now, I can thankfully relay them in a way where the rest of the world can understand. The majority of my life was spent in America, but my family and this industry must be credited for teaching me enough Korean to have me translate on my own.

Shinhwa was my bait into K-pop, while the remaining 1st and 2nd gen kept me by their side all throughout my teenage life. Come 22 though and my view spread out towards hip-hop, R&B, indie, and underground, and K-pop sometimes struggles to find a spot. Epik High, Sik-k, Baek Yerin, Heize, punchnello, Cheeze, and 10cm got me in their grip and it’s been hard to leave. Most of the time I’m either listening to a favorite album or watching baking videos on YouTube, if not creating stickers or designing outfits. Or I’m just daydreaming on my bed with a lo-fi playlist setting the vibes, because what a mood that is.

Having spent most of my life in a sleepy English village, I plan to adult in London so I can fall asleep to the sound of planes, traffic and human civilization, as opposed to cows. Besides struggling to read Shakespeare and study Spanish for my degree, I binge-watch Bangtan Bombs and jam to Epik High, Nell, Babylon, Mamamoo and Seventeen, to name a few faves. Having hustled a handful of publishing work placements where I was paid in stacks of books, I’m determined to return, because books are far better than gold.

My dream in life is to become the next Exeter student to write internationally acclaimed fantasy stories (you read that right – J K Rowling went to my university!) But if all else fails, I intend to use my four years of breakdance training to finally master headspins and make it as a pro b-girl, smoking the opposition in battles across the globe. As a writer for Seoulbeats, I enjoy being professionally opinionated about my love for K-pop. I hope to one day save or steal enough money to visit Seoul, to battle at R16 and see BTS perform live.

My name is Karrah and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I got into K-pop while randomly scrolling through YouTube and coming across BTS “DNA”. Fast forward a couple years, I’ve become a complete K-pop enthusiast. Seoulbeats is the perfect way to combine my love of Hallyu with my love of a writing. I’m a multi-stan with a soft spot for SM artist. Some of my favorite dramas are Extracurricular, Sky Castle and Kingdom.

I, Lo Pullum, am a 94-liner, originally from Omaha, NE. I’m currently a full-time college student, working on a history degree with a film minor. I found K-pop through dramas, but my love didn’t really take off until “Fantastic Baby” popped up in a sidebar, and the rest is history.

When I’m not spazzing over K-Pop, I have an eclectic list of geeky hobbies to partake in: comics, film and TV analysis, Arrow, history, and any intersection of the above you can imagine.

I’m Lynn from the west coast of Canada! My very first taste of K-pop was the enthralling MV for “Gee”, and my love for dramas and variety shows started soon after. Since then I’ve never quite managed to escape the grips of the Korean entertainment world, and when I’m not procrastinating I love to spend my time watching movies and looking for the next K-pop group to add to my ever-growing list of favourites.

I’m Olethea, an English literature major and a decade-old K-pop fan from Singapore. I’m intrigued by all things pop culture and that’s why I’m here at Seoulbeats. When I’m not writing or losing my mind over idols, you can catch me watching cute dog videos on the net!

Based in Washington, DC, USA, I am an educator who has rediscovered my own love for writing and analyzing (perhaps over-analyzing) art and narrative after teaching other people to do so for years. I discovered Korean cinema first through the films of Bong Joon-ho and Lee Chang-dong, and then got into K-pop thanks to BTS and SHINee. When not writing, I might be tinkering on the piano or sketching for a graphic novel I’ve been working on for a long time.

I’m a 20 something proud Londoner who cannot stop talking about Korean dramas or Pop.
My life took a turn from the moment I laid eyes on Kim Soohyun in My Love from the Star.
I’m relatively new to the K-pop world so I don’t stan only one group or artist. Though saying that, I am attracted to all things Taemin. Monsta X, Dean, and most recently Ateez have a special place in my heart too.

My name is Sara, and I am a college student from New York. When my day is not drowning in history reading (my major), other schoolwork, or editing the Arts & Entertainment section of my college’s newspaper, I love to read, blog about books, and analyze art in its many forms (let me tell you about the Abstract Expressionist and Pop movements!). I found K-pop a little more than a year ago, starting with BTS’ “Fake Love,” in which, afterwards, all I wanted to do was learn their names and faces. Since that year and a bit has passed, I have become better acquainted with the dark hole of K-pop. I mostly listen/follow boy groups, my top three being BTS (naturally), Seventeen, and Stray Kids. Honorable mentions include ATEEZ, Day6, NCT/WayV, Onewe, Shinee, The Rose, Monsta X, Exo, and most recently, A.C.E.

When I’m not having a profound philosophical debate with myself about whether I should buy my first K-pop lightstick, you can find me being a complete bookworm, relating deeply to unicorns, working and volunteering for social justice organizations, and waxing poetic on how tahini is the best food ever invented.

Sarah V.
Hi, I’m Sarah, a Brit living in Seoul for the past couple of years. I would describe myself as an intermediate-level K-pop stan: I know enough to impress the non-initiated, but I am by no means God Tier. It was BTS that took me down this rabbit hole, and I still love them (shameless RM bias if you were wondering). I’m also a big fan of Korean cinema, and have developed a particular love of Korean zombies, popular as they are now. It’s a great “aid in studying my Korean”, which I am also doing on the side of being an English teacher. Soju and mandu always welcome.

I am a Brazilian graphic designer currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. During my childhood, I was a hardcore NSYNC and Hanson fan—much to the dismay of my teenage self, who swore eternal love to gothic metal. The years passed, and in 2013 I stumbled upon what I like to call the perfect (yet unexpected) mix between the two: K-pop. Needless to say, I was instantly hooked by the addictive songs, breathtaking performances, and gorgeous boys in eyeliner. Nowadays, I nurture this passion by writing, digging deep into the peculiarities of the genre, and researching more about East Asian pop culture in general.

A long-time K-pop and general music / East Asian pop cultures fan, soon to be on the wrong side of my twenties. Based in the UK, I’m a graphic designer by day and Seoulbeats writer / amateur illustrator by night. First contact with K-pop was through 2NE1, FT Island and later Big Bang, before Running Man and Infinity Challenge took my heart and I was hooked on all things Korean pop culture. Proud to have been on the BTS bandwagon when it was just a wheelbarrow and to have seen it grow into a monster truck; other loyalties include the burgeoning C-pop industry and manga for life!