Due to allegations of inappropriate behavior, Kwangjin, the bassist of N.Flying, departed from the group in late December. It’s one thing to lose a member when you’re in a boy group, but it’s another thing when you’re losing a member of a band. However, N.Flying didn’t take a break and quickly moved forward as a 4-member band with the second part of their mini-album, Fly High Project #2.

The group released an MV for their lead single, “Rooftop.” The MV takes itself literally as the remaining 4 members play their song on a rooftop. In the first part of the MV, the boys glow in the natural lighting of a sunset. It then switches to a night setting with lamps that resemble stars surrounding them. Both of these main sets reflect the lyrics of the song:

You pulled my hand, saying you wanted to see the stars
We sat on the rooftop at sunset
Every time I look up in the sky
There’s not a single star
It’s alright, you’re my universe, shine bright for me

Other than these two main scenes, the MV doesn’t have much else to offer. The members have shots of them each running individually giving either expressions of exhaustion or elation. In contrast, we also see them performing on a more casual bohemian inspired furniture. All of which fill out the MV but doesn’t bring anything that interesting to the main concept.

The lyrics of the song are about being with a significant other on a rooftop and noting the lack of stars. However, the speaker of the song declares that that their love interest brings that brightness into their life. The song itself is pop-rock with a bit of tropical beats. The chorus and beat repeats itself too many times, and the song doesn’t lead to any climax or memorable points. N.Flying definitely played it safe with this song.

To accompany this optimistic song is the melancholic ballad “Winter Winter.” Lyrically, the song is more interesting than “Rooftop.” Although ballads are common during winter, it has a darker tone than most:

I’m living as if nothing’s wrong
Smiling as if I’m alright but dying
I’m miserable, whatever I do, I’m miserable

The song itself is also repetitive much like Rooftop. Musically, the song does build up to a bit of a climax but still doesn’t push itself to its potential. Hweseung could have challenged himself more during the high point but his vocals fades into the chorus of the song again.

Lyrically, though, the song tackles the concept of winter blues with a touch of optimism. The speaker compares their sadness to the season hoping that it will pass just like winter suggesting they do believe they can overcome their current state. Overall, it has a decent message to send out by letting others know that these depressing feelings can come and go. It’s a shame the song’s composition didn’t better execute the sentimentality of the lyrics.

N.Flying’s Fly High Project #2 doesn’t have a cohesive concept and doesn’t do much to evolve them musically. “Rooftop” plays it too safe with both a simple song and MV. “Winter Winter” pushes the limit a bit more but could have better composed to better deliver the touching lyrics of the song. Ultimately, N.Flying will continue to fly under the radar in K-pop if they don’t challenge themselves more.

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