• http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I love the song. I usually enjoy MBLAQ’s music, though, to be totally honest.

  • kpopfan6

    This sing is MAH JAM!!!!

    The only critique I have is that they say “smokey girl” a bit too much, but overall this song is so smooth and easy to listen to that I’ve had it on repeat. In the MV the guys looked great and the dance was on point.

    I think MBLAQ made a really good comeback and I hope they don’t take too long to make another one.

    • Sassychan808

      Agreed agreed agreed!

  • Lighting Tyro

    I said more in the other article but basically yeah, this song is a blast. Can’t wait to see more of it live!

  • happyamber

    Did anyone notice the pool of water on the floor in the black room scene? I wonder why its there and if it means anything. Another interesting thing is that during the last few secs of the mv where they showed only the “smoky girl”, the colour actually kept changing from black n white to colored though quite subtle.

  • Acapella

    Did anyone see today’s Inkigayo?? They were absolutely amazing. The live is much better than the mv

  • wrench

    I find Smoky Girl forgettable tbh. It’s pleasant to listen to, but I don’t feel compelled to listen to it on repeat.

  • sgirl5885

    MBLAQ said that they want bring a different comeback. And for me, they succeed. Sexy and addictive. Smoky Girl is different from other kpop group song, and I like that. I’m a little bored when kpop group comeback with hip hop song, RnB song, ect. I want to get different feeling when listen to music and the song. And MBLAQ do it.

  • b55555b

    yesss finally G.O. is back to short hair :D

  • zcare now

    who is the blonde gal at the end of the video? anyone know the name of the model?