• http://twitter.com/nkgblog nicekoreangirl

    The music for “Fireworks” was written and arranged by The Koxx, and is instantly recognizable as such by those familiar with their music. “Sea Child” was a collaboration with Urban Zakapa, and “One Fine Day” was written by Yoon Do Hyun. All the songs except “The Real Reason We Broke Up” were collaborations with an amazingly diverse range of artists, ranging from reggae (Skull) to rock (Yoon Do Hyun) to indie electro rock (The Koxx), as well as more traditional balladeers such as Naul and Lyn.

  • zizi

    “Her music was the type to console you late at night when you are alone”
    Pretty much sums all my feelings to her, really. I listen to her late at night when i force my brain to earn something worth-written for my thesis and somehow it works xp
    She is amazing. The fact that she can collaborate with many other great artists, also write and compose half of this album is really amazing.

  • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

    You’re beautifully on point with merits of “Just Listen,” which is really a strange album in that the sum of the parts is better than the parts themselves. For example,”Fireworks” gets irritating due to the severe clash between instrumentals and voice (i.e. extremely syncopated), and “Spring” (as you said) is 2 minutes too long; yet I continue to be astounded by the emotional response each song elicits. Younha has an uncanny ability to make sure her albums sound entirely “Younha” and musically dignified even if the individual songs get thrown in all different directions. All in all, though not as cohesive or jaw-dropping as her previous album, this mini-album is well worth the “listen” that she asks us for.

  • Gaya_SB

    Actually we call it Autumn down here :P

    And Younha can sing me her shopping list and I would listen to it for days on end.

  • http://twitter.com/alfone88 isho

    You know what ‘s interesting is that I didn’t like one find day when I heard the song first but then I saw this in Youtube which is the live version with the guitar and Younha’s raw voice and it’s amazing hope she’ll release that version.


  • http://twitter.com/seoulologyy 베이~

    Wonderful. Simply AWE-mazing. I’m glad her company always keeps the quality of her music.