• Black_Plague

    I hadn’t seen the drama myself (though my parents do) so my judgement may come off as rather naive/narrow-minded and flawed.

    If there’s one thing that partly peeved me off, it’s IU’s character’s name. Lee Soon-shin is the name of one of Korea’s most admired/respected military leaders who fought in the Imjin War against the Japanese invasion, where he’d always be outnumbered vastly at sea but still won battles that can be easily put on par with that of Trafalgar, Chibi/Red Cliff, Midway, Leyte Gulf and the English defense against the Spanish Armada.

    To see his name be put on a fictional character, of all things, is a tad a bit disturbing but maybe I’m just overreacting since military history is a hobby of mine lol. I dunno.

    But aside from that, it seems like it’s just a standard run-of-the-mill family drama just to kick time with your family in front of the TV, nothing else for the most part.

    Nothing really terrible, nothing really brilliant. Oh I do wish however that dramas would stop sugarcoating the showbiz though.

    • http://twitter.com/Mila_no_tweet Camille

      But the name is part of the joke I think… Soon Shin’s parents named her that way and so when they meet her, people make fun of her because it’s such a grand name for such a plain girl -at least she’s supposed to be, though I don’t think it’s very convincing the whole world agrees that IU is just so-so looking-. Personnaly I don’t mind the name but it may be because I didn’t know the historical character well before… and I must say, since I’m watching Gu Family Book and the “real” Lee Soon Shin is depicted in that drama, I’m enjoying shouting “YES! cause you ARE the best Lee Soon Shin!” every time he does something cool -… sorry, bad sense of humor I guess…but I usually keep it to myself if that makes it better-.

      As for the drama, you’re right it’s nothing terrible and nothing brilliant. Some parts are great -Jo Jung Suk and IU really have a great chemistry, I love Yoo In Na and there are really funny moments- but some parts are boring, to me anyway, and some characters really get on my nerves. But I guess I kinda agreed to it when I started a family drama =)

    • lernotte

      Judging from some of the knetizens’ comments, you’re not the only one disturbed by a rather frivolous name usage. If my memory serves me right, the producers/staff/channel was asked to change the name of th drama

  • BishieAddict

    I’ve been following this drama. I really enjoy it. It has its cliches, but never seeing a 50 ep drama before, I do find the more detailed interactions with the minor characters refreshing.
    The last few episodes (14-16) is starting to drag for me. But the episodes prior were really entertaining