I watched it. I feel that I like it more than WGM. I am said that the age is a problem because It showed that Hyung-sik didn’t want to be seen as a “younger brother” but as a man :( I only saw the first episode so I’m waiting to see who wanted to change partners. For the first episode my fav. couple was Jun.K and his partner( was it Jei?). I thought they were cute and not so awkward. Hopefully this show gives the Kpop stars a chance to get to know each other better. 

  • http://twitter.com/Pikakyu kikii_daze

    Thanks Lindsay for blogging about this show, I’d heard it be airing earlier this month then really thought nothing more of it, expecting something really cheesy. However, fast-forward to late November, I’m hooked. Like you mentioned, I think it’s great a variety of idols have been casted, after all it’s a win-win for everyone – the idol gets more publicity and more opportunity to develop their public persona, whereas viewers get treated to their biases, have the chance to find about new talent or get to see the side of an idol that’s been on the scene for ages, but may have been previously overshadowed by more popular members of their group *cough Jihyun, cough* from my perspective. I think it’s really appealing to have an apparently manager-less and coordi-less set (to what extent you’d define absence here is debatable) but after viewing the released episodes it lends itself more of a relaxed and sincere vibe to the show, which I know is kind of contradictory since it feels like everything is scripted to a certain degree these days, but I definitely prefer this over WGM, location and cast wise. Obviously what you term entertainment is a reflection of your own tastes, and with this show, I’m going to keep coming back. I can definitely see further reincarnations of the series, just because Korea’s interest in idols isn’t just on the wane yet, not forgetting to mention what international fans would like to see! I can say I’m pretty invested with the cast, with some idols more than others, but I’m actually rooting for everyone to have a bit of the limelight (whereas with WGM, I tended to skip over and fast-forward to certain couples) and wish everyone the chance to make the most of the ‘dating’ experience and let their hair down for a bit. Finally, I love the Hyungsik-Jihyun pairing, I don’t know why, but they just totally work for me. Hyungsik (my new bias) is more experienced with girls than he lets on (look at the way he held hands with Jihyun! *dies*). Another couple I thought cute was the JB-Seungah pairing – JB as the maknae immediately has my support, and I found Seungah to be really funny and charming.I hope JB and Seungah find their feet soon, if not with each other (I see what you did there, Show!) but within a new pairing. Until then, The Romantic and Idol has already made loyal viewer out of me, I’ll be avidly watching the burgeoning romances over at Jeju (be still, my fangirl heart).

    • ANANAS

      I loved Hyungsik (my new bias too actually I’ve added all of ZEA recently except for kwanghee I can only take him in doses), I hope Jihyun gives him a chance to be a man because yeah I totally saw those hand holding skills lol. 

      • http://twitter.com/Pikakyu kikii_daze

        I know what you mean – have you seen ZE:A’s episode of when they on GURUPOP? The boys are just too hilarious, baby XD

        • ANANAS

          ummm YEAH. I was so happy to watch it live. They are really amazing(they don’t want to do the typical agyeo and funny stuff) they are funny and entertaining in their own way. I would love to see more of them. I’m so sad GURUPOP is ending. it was a great way for us to get to know idols because it was live and no editing was involved. 

  • k_db

    A strange day in the world when you find that Jihyun of 4minute is the most popular girl in the bunch.  

  • http://twitter.com/tikatiku tika ramadhani

    it’s gooddd!!!! but i hate mir :/

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2UNQGN7IPNTIRIWBNVHEFBHHV4 a z

      i never thought i would hate puppy mir but since watching how he treated the shy baby (dayoung i think her name was?) on Hello Baby and the first ep of this show i have developed a disliking for him. Its sad because i liked him for being more real but now i wish he would suppress it alittle.

  • inxomnia

    Watching the show has given me glimpses of their personalities and I find that interesting since there are no managers involved. Personally though, I like Mir but I can see why the others see him as burdensome lol. Jun.K seems too slick and experienced to be honest, but he’s in 2PM and JYP so that’s not so surprising. Ji Hyun has been receiving all the guy’s attention and as harsh as it sounds.. I don’t see anything special about her so far? I mean, apart from the alcohol thing, I don’t really think she’s shown much personality. Neither as any of the other girls though, apart from Seung Ah who I like better. I suspect the guys like Ji Hyun better because they know of her more considering she’s in 4Minute and has been around longer (even if she is obviously not so spotlighted there). The newer girls are quite reserved though, so not much to say there. JB and Hyungsik seem pretty shy as well so hopefully they can open up more later. 

    I do really like the editing of this show though. It brings out the romantic atmosphere more than I think is present. I also like how the private dates by moonlight weren’t recorded so much because being a reality show, it’s much wiser for there not to be cameras all the time so they can let loose and feel like they can date instead of just filming. I mean, managers or not, I’m sure some of the idols still hold back because cameras are around. They’re trained that way and they’ll always be conscious of the camera even when they act like they’re not (eg. on music shows etc)

  • http://twitter.com/eliyshas Eliysha C. Saputra

    It’s very noticeable that all the guys wants to get with the girl from the most popular group. While I’m not certain if same applies for the girls towards Jun. K, the fact that he’s from one of the biggest male groups could be a factor of why Jihyun chose him. But really, it could also be because he’s the oldest and let’s face it, not all girls like to date younger guys like the extremely shy JB, the timid Hyungshik, or the wild Mir.

    I wonder too, though, if Jihyun and Jun. K are getting so much screen time because they’re more experienced in variety in comparison to the others. Their personality attracts the camera and the opposite sex. So wouldn’t it be natural for then, as the sunbaes in idoldom and varietydom of the bunch, to be the popular choice among these rookies?

    I do appreciate their diversity of idols in this show though. Even though I’ve always referred to non big groups idols as the irrelevants (honestly, how do you keep up with these many idols anyway?), it’s nice to see them on screen. I’m wondering if the PDs choice to have Jun. K and Jihyun as opposed to… say, someone from Super Junior or KARA’s Hara (wow, it rhymes)-who are straight up variety idols- have something to do the fact that they don’t want it to be like a variety show.

    I love Jun. K and damn he’s getting hotter and hotter (I should highlight that nobody could make grandpa glasses and sweatshirt look as hot as he makes it) by the episode, but his contribution to the show goes more than just that. Being slick and older, he takes the show into another level that would’ve been pretty uninteresting if these rookies (or irrelevants, excluding Jihyun) to themselves.

    And I wonder too, how many of the viewers are really fans of FIESTAR or these other groups that they’re from?

    • daniellec

      on a side note, aren’t jihyun and jun.k friends?

      • http://twitter.com/eliyshas Eliysha C. Saputra

        I would assume that they at least have had more relationship than Jun. K/Jihyun with say… Seung Ah, Jei, or Hyejeong. So didn’t they debut at the same time?

      • http://twitter.com/eliyshas Eliysha C. Saputra

        I would assume that they at least have had more relationship than Jun. K/Jihyun with say… Seung Ah, Jei, or Hyejeong. So didn’t they debut at the same time?

    • prero

      hahaha GRANDPA GLASSES yet still hot isnt he lmao that makes me bewildered XD…

      • http://twitter.com/eliyshas Eliysha C. Saputra

        RIGHT? Glad someone agrees. Damn you, Jun. K and your super hot grandpa glasses. xD

  • ErinMHz

    I really enjoyed the first episode, when all the pairs were separated. They were all adorably awkward when they first met, and making them hold hands was cute (except I never saw Mir and Hyejeong hold hands). Jun. K and Jei seemed to get along really well, and poor Hyejeong was stuck with no-filter Mir.

    I didn’t enjoy the second episode as much. When all the couples came together, the show felt much more competitive. Not only is each person competing for screen time, which is dominated by Jun. K, Jihyun, and Mir, but they’re competing with each other for partners. Of course it wouldn’t be fair to force them to stay with the same person just because they both picked the same first meeting place, especially if there was better chemistry between different people, but it makes me sad to see partners ignored, like Hyungsik and Hyejeong.

    All the guys are enamored with Jihyun, which doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s because she’s the most well-known? I don’t know. She doesn’t stand out to me as being particularly different from any of the girls, in personality or in looks (I think all the girls are good looking, personally).

    Jun. K seems to be the favorite among the girls because he’s older and smooth, but it’s hard to tell with the ladies because they aren’t as forthright with who’s their favorite.  He kind of annoyed me in the second episode, though. He’s so smooth and nice to all the girls that he comes across as a player. Probably doesn’t help that there’s a constant chorus of “Oppa!”s whenever he’s around.

    I love MBLAQ, so I’ve watched Mir on variety shows like Hello Baby and Idol Manager, and no matter what show he’s on, Mir is Mir. He says everything that comes to mind and is always trying to be funny. Even though he’s immature, he’s never annoyed me in the past, probably because he was always with his MBLAQ hyungs who keep him in his place and he wasn’t with girls. On this show, however, Mir bothers me. I think he needs a manager around to stop him from saying stupid things, like when he talked about breaking up with his girlfriend because she took a dump in his bathroom. Really? Did we really need to know that, Mir? Are you really that shallow? I think he is, because he kept calling Hyejeong a plum and then said that she wasn’t attractive to him because her eyes weren’t the right size or something like that. I can’t believe Hyejeong chose to stay with him. It probably doesn’t feel too good to hear Mir constantly say that Jihyun is his fated partner.

    I hope Hyungsik becomes louder and stands up to the guys when they’re always around Jihyun. Or he needs a new partner. I’d like to see him with Hyejeong or Jei. JB also needs to get louder. I feel bad for him, because he looks really lost. Seungah is nice to him, but I don’t think she’ll ever take him seriously since he’s so young, which is understandable because not many 24-year-old women want to date 18-year-old guys. Hyejeong is only one year older than JB, so maybe they’d work out better.

    On a side note, what’s up with Korean variety shows and dramas rarely showing women driving? Jun. K did most of the driving, and when Jihyun drove, they emphasized the fact that she wasn’t a good driver and didn’t turn well. Jihyun is 22-years-old. She needs to get over her fear of turning! Women are just as capable as men when it comes to driving.

    Overall, I’m looking forward to next episodes. Hopefully the idols will stop ignoring each other in favor of Jun. K and Jihyun, because this is not just a show about two people, and I’d love to see some more of the lesser-known idols.

    • prero

      this pretty much the same thought i had. especially about Mir.
      Jun.K LOVES skinship and i guess girls like that? JB needs someone his age, and he can be smooth too. look at his interactions with Jei awwwwwww.

      • Freshly

        Sorry if really tell the truth.. idol or not, they are human being. Just like us, we do have a girl thay we like and a particular charasteristic about our dream girl right. So, Mir talk about his dislike a girl take a dumb on his toilet. I think you misunderstanding here, it not he dislike a girl take dumb in his toiley, it because he dislikr a girl that not cleen enought. I want ask you guys, who dont like skinships. If you say, u dont like. You a just a big liar. If you do like skinship, just dont talk about it. If you dont, then never hold the hand of girl or even hug her. Its skinship. So, why if Jun.k like skinship. I do. You all talk about and crictizing it. But they are human and they honest about their behavior, feeling.. dont critize something when you are like that as well. Who say a women of 24 will never like and fallen for 18 yeats old boy.

  • spark0512

    Excuse the grammar in this reply as I just sort of rambled haha 

    As someone who watched the first two seasons of The Romantic, the partner picking is very much one of the ways the show differentiates itself from other dating shows.  I personally think having similar taste raises chances of having similar personalities or at least being compatible to a certain degree.  It sort of alleviates the awkwardness that is inevitable between people who have never met before because they have something they can talk about and know they have in common.  This season is interesting to watch, but I feel many of them are still too timid or afraid of being themselves.  However, that is totally understandable since they are idols.  I am glad that the producers did not pick variety idols because I feel those idols would be too experienced (camera conscious) and the show would lack its appeal.  The bad part is that due to the lack of scripting, not all idols will get enough air time.  However, I like how the producers are trying to keep true to their original seasons of the show.

    If anyone wants to really understand the appeal of The Romantic, they should watch Season 1 and 2.  The Romantic didn’t really feel like merely a show; it was very much a romance movie.  The beautiful camera work, attractive and competent non-celebrities, and settings (Turkey and Croatia) helped.  The people who came out were usually very honest with one another and the camera.

    • http://siriithao.tumblr.com/ TS_Love1403

      I´ve watched parts of The Romantic S1 and 2, but I´m so sad it´s not that easy to find the whole serie online and it´s not subbed..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FKZBGU2CGG5BBIY4WN3OOWLOEY InezF

    I thought there will be no stylist there!?  I saw Hyunsik’s stylist on ep 4…so confused…

    • http://siriithao.tumblr.com/ TS_Love1403

      It´s most likely TVN´s stylist, but KSN translated it was Hyungshik´s stylist. I watched it and I didn´t hear anyone said “hyungshik”, so I don´t know where KSN got that from either.

  • Miada Ahmed

    so far I have watched 6 episodes…. and if you have watched the 6 episodes like me one thing will be annoying the daylights out of you…. why is Rainbow’s Seungah treated like this?!?! When she talked to the camera about how she’s fine with JB’s rambling about Jei but how she still wanted to have fun I almost cried for her. All the other girls on the show get to see dolphins and go in a submarine and hold hands, and all she has is JB who is is always fawning over Jei and how he wants her back. I understand that he’s very young in comparison to her, so i was hoping for a chance to see Seungah on a date with Jun. K, because he’s very smooth with the ladies and she’ll finally have the date that she should get.. just like all the other girls.

  • jjongwol

    i’m going to say i love this better than wgm. it only needs one episode to make me fall for this show.
    i love how the cameramen took good angles, how the backsong came in and fade out, how the idols interact with opposite sex, and last is ofc the script. it’s like turning korean drama into more reality show.
    i have to say jun.k is really every girls’ dream guy. i fell for him badly because of this show XD

  • Freshly

    I really like all of them and like they way they expressing their feeling and behavior. It make you realise that an idol is human being, they like skinship, they have someone they like, they want love, shy, and they free to talk and expressing their feeling.. i hated when someone say idol have to perfect and cant say that or say this. You have to see all the episode before you talk about them. Why they behave like that. Just because you see they behave like that, they have more screenshot than other, they do a skinship, they dont talk much. I realise this show want to show in life or love, it will never turn out the way we want and its true love is something cruel and expected