• http://twitter.com/MIRacle_BLAQ Apple Princess

    This variety is great ^o^ like previous varieties of MBLAQ.

    I can’t say anything else!
    MBLAQ is the most entertaining idol i have ever seen >_<

  • http://www.facebook.com/kennedy.halstead.3 Kennedy Halstead

    MBLAQ’s Hello Baby was in my introduction to Kvariety, so I think they’ve essentially spoiled me. Now, I go into every show expecting to be thoroughly entertained by the group and individual antics, but have found that only a handful of groups have the right mix of ingredients that lead to successful variety MBLAQ-style.

    That being said, this show was a bit off for me somehow, lacking the charm of Hello Baby and the downright absurd humor of Sesame Player. Losing Joonie to WGM and whatever other billion things he had going on was sad, but Sesame Player still rocked without Mir, so that was okay – these guys can rock it even when someone is missing, they’re that good. No, I think the problem with the show lay elsewhere.

    My personal analysis is that this show suffered the same way many episodes of Idol Army did (though that show gets a bit of leeway for being early on in MBLAQ’s career) – they didn’t let them alone. Ambika pointed out Park Kyung-lim’s importance to the program, and while I don’t fully dispute that, I *do* believe that MBLAQ plays best on their own. Having other people around for them to bounce off of once in awhile is all well and good, but they’re a group that is best when they’re left to their own devices.

    Case in point (and this is just my opinion), the very best episodes of Idol Army were when the MCs were removed and it was just the 5 guys being…well, 5 guys (on camera). G.O screeching at having to touch a raw chicken: comedy gold. G.O screeching at having to touch a raw chicken PLUS his group members teasing him about it? Comedy platinum.

    I liked Idol Manager well enough (it was still an MBLAQ show after all!), but I kinda wish they left the Three Beauties aside for at least one episode and just let the guys do what they do best: play. Beside the point of the show, but I kept hoping.

    MBLAQ is a group who can have fun on their own anywhere. I’ve seen recordings of them singing live for radio shows and they can even bring the funny there. I hope some PD somewhere finally gets the idea to just put a camera on them for 8 hours, give them something absurd and broad, and leave. I’m almost certain they’ll come back and find too much material for one show!

    • MAR_M3anie

      I agree with you that some of the problems were else where with the show and that would be on the PD’s.  MBLAQ will guide themselves which is why they are good on their own.  The first half of Idol Manager felt like the PD’s were trying to figure out what to do leading to the second half being better. 

      I hope in the future with the next variety that it will sort of be like a sesame player or maybe along the lines of what Shinhwa Broadcast does with their show.

      • http://twitter.com/lalalalaava Lava

        loooool I remember that one, joon got so mad at g.o and he shoved the water bottle at him after >__<

    • http://twitter.com/lalalalaava Lava

      exactly this comment!! if you just put a video camera on them you’ll never be short of things to air >__<

  • http://twitter.com/Plutonium22 Plutonium

    I think what’s missing in the show are episode themes. I don’t know. It just felt so random. The show is entertaining. I think if other groups would do this, it won’t be as entertaining. But the focus of the show feels out of place.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1445154495 Ayşe Ksn

    Yeah at first I was really annoyed with Saerom but later seeing her close relationship with blaqies I started liking her :) But even after watching all episodes and enjoying it, I can say that Jeonyul was kinda useless :/

  • VLF218

    I enjoyed it

  • http://twitter.com/lalalalaava Lava

    It was a really fun show to watch, but I think I agree with the comments below,if they had just left them alone it would have been a million times better, even though seungho/saerom interactions were hilarious and park kyung lim is an awesome mc, but tbh I felt like she was so into mcing at times that she didnt just let the jokes flow, which I also find when she mc’s their fan events, she’s an amazing mc but she’s too good at times at explaining and presenting everything thats happening that in the end nothing ends up happening X__X I think Mir and G.O were the best at livening the attitude and finding jokes and funny things out of nowhere, they really contributed the most to making the show enjoyable.

    Also, who else fully believes that seungho and saerom started dating during this show?? they seem to really like eachother and they would be really cute together!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XMKSVLRGPR3DAIHENNCTTNYSU4 main

      me!! mee!!!! even if they arent my delusional mind still tells me that theyre dating!! hahah

      • http://twitter.com/lalalalaava Lava

        They’re really cute I honestly hope they are dating ^___^ 

  • http://twitter.com/lalalalaava Lava

    also I love how by episode 3 joon just outed the show entirely “they’re not really our managers but we just meet every wednesday to film” >___<

  • AcadiasFire

    I love Idol manager. Anythin with mblaq is always hilarious, warm, and real to me. Their very funny guys who are passionate with what they do.

  • MAR_M3anie

    Here is an interview that was done with the Pd of the show and gives insight on how they had to change a lot of things with Idol Manager, this is because MBLAQ were supposed to have a comeback in September but the album kept being pushed back.

    Jung Suk Hee” Interview Part 1. “Idol Manager” MBLAQ is amazing!- http://absolutemblaq.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/121029-interview-jung-suk-hee-interview-part-1-idol-manager-mblaq-is-amazing/

  • cbuzz

    I love that pic. Seungho looks like a boss as always. Idol Manager was good but obviously not as funny as Hello Baby or Sesame player and i agree that its cos they weren’t left alone. MBLAQ aren’t afraid to let loose and show their quirky charms which is why we love them but they obviously show more when its just them since they each tend to have a laid back personality.
    true that Joon was very busy but i loved him singing Cho pd ft Insooni dear friend while Seungho and his friend danced. him singing that made me want to find the original song which i now love.sadly what i also remember about him was him being sick enough that he needed an IV and looked so thin