• http://www.facebook.com/johan.debruin.18 Johan de Bruin

    I did stop watching after ep. 22. After that it was just unbearable. The good members gone (samcheons, Woori and even Amber). And then…. no more focus on working and bonding but stupid games with the giant jars. And ofcourse Kang Jiyoung, her behaviour was terrible. That wasn’t aegyo or funny anymore. Just embarrassing.
    How to ruin a series that held at least some potential in the beginning? Like this.
    Okay my little rant is finished, time to read the article ;)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    I’m a huge fan of the original G-7 and I somewhat lost interest when Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna left the first time around. I was hooked to the show with the G7 cast from the first episode.  G7 felt so right, and despite the script, natural.  They were funny and feisty and everything else idols should be in between.  I feel so bad saying this, but during the first few episodes of IY2 (I don’t think I bothered to watch more than 4), I was always comparing the new girls to G7 and the magic just wasn’t there.  Sorry. I really thought that IY2 was very difficult to watch.

  • Jonas Carlsson

    I never watched the original Invincible Youth, and the only reason I watched this one was because of Suzy. I’m sad to see the show go, but on the other hand it got at least 45 episodes which is still alot.

    I haven’t finished it yet, I’m right after Amber, Woori and company up and leaves the show. I don’t like when they have guests on though, especially when there are alot like five or six guys, when they have one or two it’s abit more entertaining, and it seems like it’s going to be more freakvent in this show from now on. It takes focus of the girls completely. I like the earlier episodes more so far where they kinda hang around the local people going to the bathhouse with the older women,  performing for the children and stuff like that, or just bonding between themselves which they honestly haven’t done much at all. 

  • Bstar5

    I only watched one full ep at the start because it seemed liked a show with only teen or very young adult girls and a bunch of uncles.  There was no den mother in the form of Kim Shin-Young or any adult-dol in the beginning to make it seem like the girls had a chaperone like G7 had.  Even all the male guests were uncle aged celebrities.  Watching the show just felt creepy tbh.  I think when KSY finally showed up and it was just Boom things got better.  2AM showed up as guests and then Yonghwa and Jungshin of CNBLUE made an appearance as well so the girls finally had more age appropriate guests.  The show did seem to be more about playing and less about working like in the first season.  The girls having to constantly be gone due their schedules, members leaving, and Sunny being a member of G8 instead of an onset mentor didn’t help matters either.  To go from G8 to G5 really hurt the show.    The PD should have done a better job making their picks.  Starting off with no KSY or some other den mother celeb or an adult-dol (Jea would have been awesome), I’m honestly surprised the show lasted as long as it did.

  • Ri U

    I thought from the beginning there was too much competition between the girls and also too many guys. The fact that the Village Leader (who’d judge the girls’ gag competitions) and Boom would always pinpoint the most popular members (Suzy, Jiyoung, Sunny) made for a kind of uncomfortable atmosphere. I think  they did find there stride towards the end, but yeah it was too late. If all the episodes were like ep 40-44 then maybe they could’ve found a loyal audience. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/gustave154 AKMAL DHABITAH

    when they getting really close and fun too……

  • Jony Loopin

    I’m sad but I have 2 points to consider. This show was going very bad for sure, iwas watching every episode waiting something good but nothing comes. Nothing compares IY original, but Yewon surprise-me with her good work.

  • waynecollections

    I never really watched Invincible Youth 2. I’ve only watched three episodes. But 2/3 of them really downgraded Yewon. I understand she is meant to play that “character” for variety and you shouldn’t take it seriously but it still bothered me.

  • M.S. R

    I had a premonition of failure when….1. they casted 4/7 members from established groups. [The groups were doing heavy promotions overseas, esp Japan, and the members would definitely be absent] Unlike Season 1 where, except for SNSD – and maybe Narsha, the members were from recently formed groups so they can commit their time to the show. When Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna left, the feeling of emptiness was prevalent though they were replaced by the capable Victoria, and Sori and Jooyeon.2. they casted an all-male MC team. The members were all girls and needed a female MC to help and guide them. If Shinyoung was not available, Bong Sun could maybe have taken her place.3. the emphasis on “games” rather than work – as you said. It’s just like any “totally-variety” show instead of S1’s “semi-reality, semi-variety” concept.4. their ‘luxurious, ready-made accomodation” – which sets them apart immediately; and makes it difficult for them to integrate with the villagers. In S1, the villagers came to accept G7 as part of them – they even helped to paint the house G7 stayed in – well, at least the roof.5. the location – which was maybe not as condusive as S1’s in helping G8 to perform as well as G7.
    and later on……6. the ever-changing concept – first the change of MCs [a plus point definitely – but although Shinyoung tried her best , there was not much she could do from the very negative first impression]; then the focus on the “big jars” game and then lastly as a youth hostel.

    I hope my favourite Running Man never ends because it seems that season 2 of great variety shows just cannot replicate the success of the first season.

  • Katie

    Personally I think IYS2 was just as funny, if not funnier than season one. Yes it was quite a big disappointment when Woori, Amber and Sunny left, especially Amber (being my favourite on the show). But I still laughed throughout the entire season. Although they didn’t do as much work as they did on season one, I thought it was better. Because to me it seemed like ALL they did was work and never play games, except for the few occasions when they competed for ownership of the chickens, the cow, ect. In any event, that’s my opinion, and I completely understand if anyone disagrees with me. That’s perfectly fine. But if you do, please do not rant and try to pick a fight with me, as it will not work, and just make you seem childish. Thank you :)