• hapacalgirl

    I loved the Crayon performance but man I hate the actual song….

    • Streby

      I loved the music video too but the song was meh in my opinion. 

  • http://twitter.com/dds87 dechen

     GD’s performance was just asgdhsbdksiahb

  • Cece Jenkiopou

    I have love/hate feelings with G-Dragon, but his comeback stage was definitely amazing. His stage presence is so good!

  • http://twitter.com/superwoman5060 Hannah

    he “ate” the stage…. a perfect description lol.

  • Mana

    GD is a good performer and that’s why I love watching his live performances, even when I actually dislike his songs. I know it’s weird but well… He makes the performance worth watching even if his songs aren’t that good (in my opinion), he really needs better songs.

  • Ambika_SB

    My goodness. Secret will forever be my girl crush. I think they rock that stage. And the fanboys give maximum laughs.

    FT Island and GD were also some of my favorites this week. GD’s Crayon just screamed fun, and I like how FT Island has been switching it up with songs they play before their title track.

    • Gaya_SB

      For some reason, I really love fanboy cheers :)

      • Ambika_SB

        They seem to be a little less synchronized than the fangirl ones, but I like them too. I don’t normally watch very many female performances (since there aren’t that many girl groups I actually like), but when I do, those chants always make me laugh with their low pitches.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    Orange Caramel… They are the only group of their kind that I can, surprisingly, stomach. By all rhyme and reason, I should hate them with a vengeance (even if Nana is in the group). They represent so many of the things I usually dislike vigorously about K-pop (little substance, too immature, little substance — and did I mention little substance?). 

    But I don’t hate them. Not in the slightest. 

    It perplexes me, somewhat. Maybe it is because, while they do delve into the aegyo realm, they seem to have gone even deeper into some sub-aegyo realm ruled by fairies and goblins — which is to say, they have their own little brand of “weird” aegyo that probably taps into my like of peculiar concepts (not just in K-pop, in literature, music, film, etc.). It might also be that they don’t seem the least bit uncomfortable DOING these strange concepts, unlike some other groups (*ahem*T-ara*cough*). Whatever it is, they are the monkey wrench in my otherwise perfect streak of disliking all things aegyo.

    Lipstick is another in a line of… Let’s say “unique” songs. I’m glad they seem to have moved away from the other tracks that have tread on some dangerous waters regarding racial appropriation (even if that was the point of the “One Asia” concept). Adding in the Snake Charmer song is an interesting touch — kind of reminds me of Euro pop. The costumes look like the 1980’s walked into an orange juice factory and it exploded. The performance wasn’t bad (but how difficult could it be to perform this song?). One thing that did surprise me, however, is that I actually think Lizzy and Raina really outshone Nana on the concept, especially Lizzy. They both stood out to me, even as an extremely borderline Nana stan (fan, but not fanatical enough to be a stan). This is completely opposite of the Shanghai Romance concept, in which I thought Nana stood out the most, with Lizzy just behind.

    The video for the song was just all kinds of peculiar. I haven’t watched every K-pop video out there, but I imagine it isn’t easy to find one that centers its concept around m’fing ping pong.

    I hope OC never changes. While I listen, I know, consciously and subconsciously, that it is fluff — but God help me, I like it anyway. Well… SELECT concepts, anyway (hated that Bangkok City concept where they all looked like acid club queens with Dee Snyder hair, and Aing was a bit too far down the rabbit hole for me to get on board).

  • Gaya_SB

    I completely agree about the Inkigayo stage for Secret–giving a bit of distance really helped take out the pervy factor without changing the choreography (I’m looking at you, Music Bank), and they wore those smashing maroon pinstripe outfits too! Also, I like Zinger’s hair straight.
    And sleeveless guy is Minwoo; his arms do look rather nice, I have to admit.

  • edenhyper

    Did no one else think that Poision kind of sounds like Madonna but slower? The song irritates me too much, and whilst they did well with their live stage the song is awful to my ears.

    GD…not a huge fan of the song, but seriously he is second to none in k-pop when his stage presence. He does what so many idols look awkward doing. I guess that’s Big Bang in a nutshell. Crazy stage, stunning stage but then again YG stages on Inki are always above everyone else.