• MidoriAkiko

    That’s so lucky that you got to go backstage!

    It seems like the past two years have included more of the artists from previous generations and less idols from the big three. I think the last time they came over was 2009? 2010? Anyway, the g.o.d reunion must have been awesome to see.

    Man, ahjummas on a mission are so dangerous. I see them coming and I just GTFO of their way. I get a good chuckle though, when cameras catch them in the crowd waving their lightsticks or jumping up and down singing to the song.

  • http://twitter.com/sheilamare93 sheila marie felipe

    i heard that almost 80% of the people who got there are mblaq fans

    • sad4r34

      well, they are the biggest group that went

      • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

        well, it depends on who you talk to. Some folks felt like g.o.d. was the biggest group. I thought it was BEG

  • http://twitter.com/_whatevers asdf

    boo to the people who didn’t go cuz they said the line up sucked. A lot of people who went to previous KMFs said this was the best one so far. I mean, G.O.D is like a legend how can you even say that sucks. And MBLAQ and B.E.G always do great live. I’ve never seen any of their live performances where they didn’t deliver. 

  • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

    I wish g.o.d will perform at least 1 song with all 5 of them together.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KFOLAJLXYHOCHDRFCSECACDGFI Lisuh-chan

    It was my first experience too! Since it was my first time and the line up wasn’t as evenly distributed as anticipated, I still made the best of it and the night before KMF, I looked up most people to see what their music was like. It was such a different experience watching music videos of them and then seeing them live! I wanted to hear Im Tae Kyung too, but unfortunately he was not able to make it. ): I must say I had a great time and it was really fun! I’m now a fan of Arirang, Love & Peace, and Kim Kyung Ho. <—this guy is just off the hook. No wonder the ahjummas were going crazy over him with their lightsticks and fanchants.

  • divoradan

    I wish I was there. It seemed that it was so much fun. I am definitely going next year.