• xchoccies

    ALL the songs you listed above are my ultimate no. 1 faves on each album! We got good tastes yo =P. Graze was the one song that really struck me when I first heard it (it’s my alarm tone hee) and was super happy they performed it at their concert. Totally belted it out off tone. I’d also list Best Place and Love’s Way just after Graze. Honestly wish they could perform the Hit Me & Alarm Clock live. I find some of these songs may have been slightly better off as their promo or follow-up track.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

    Love all these, especially Graze. The first album was full of gems and I’m glad to have discovered it early on. It took me forever to become acquainted with their first mini though, so it came as a real surprise- I didn’t even know the track “Real” even existed, nor that the songs featured as remixes in the first full album were so good in their original forms.

  • kehnee

    your comments about sherlock … what are you on? it was an amazing song and it did really really well (gaon, hanteo and it even sold really well digitally. 

    • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

       Of course charts that can be influenced by mindless Shawols and casual fans alike automatically makes the song awesome -eyeroll like a buffalo-

    • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

       Of course charts that can be influenced by mindless Shawols and casual fans alike automatically makes the song awesome -eyeroll like a buffalo-

      • LikeXClockwork

         You get a like for the smart comment and for the “like a buffalo” ending which was awesome.


      • Aurora2687

        You do know fans can’t manipulate digital sales like they can with physical albums that’s why they are a measure of the public’s interest of the song. And casual fans, are called ‘casual fans’ for a reason – they generally only like the music and feel no loyalty in buying a physical album when they don’t like the songs.

        Fair enough if you don’t like the song and I’m sure a lot of people didn’t like it either, but this opinion alone does not make a song bad either. A lot of other people genuinely liked the song that’s why they bought it digitally. It all amounts to taste and there’s no need to dismiss that just because you disagree.

        • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

          It’s weak support for an argument nonetheless. Charts does not automatically equate to a song being of good quality. I personally enjoyed Sherlock but I’m not going to use a silly old chart to support why I liked Sherlock. It’s completely baseless. My comment was snarky but considering that kehnee assumed that Patricia was under the influence of drugs just because she disliked the album, I’m not apologetic for it.

          • Aurora2687

            That’s not the impression I got from the comment -I thought she was trying to say she liked the song and so did a lot of other people that’s why it chartered so well. Your comment came of to me as implying the only reason, people bought the song was because their mindless fans and it wasn’t out of genuine interest. And my argument was it all accounted to taste, that’s why a variety of people bought it and variety of people didn’t buy that doesn’t mean the song is bad. I’m not apologetic either.

          • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

             “your comments about sherlock … what are you on?” Seriously, that’s not the impression you got from the comment?

          • Aurora2687

            I read it as humour, what did you read it as? o_O

          • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

            I read it as being extremely rude.

          • Aurora2687

            Lol, really is that why you decided to pay in kind with a snarky comment, an eye for an eye? I guess interpretation of intention is bound to differ from such a small statement.

          • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

            No, it was a comment made to reveal the hole in her argument, an argument I would have chosen to ignore if it hadn’t been for his/her asinine comment preceding his/her “evidence” of how Sherlock was a better song. 

          • Aurora2687


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JSL3RBWW5GFGNB7SX4FDUIC24Y Lucy

    My favorite album was Lucifer for sure, all the songs were like perfection and very unique though not the r&b route they started with. Songs like obsession, ayo, electric heart, quasimodo, life, ready or not opened my eyes to their music.

  • http://twitter.com/jinranbb Jinran (BB)

    I have this thing where I never liked any of SHINee’s title tracks after Replay. My favourite SHINee songs (not even considering that they’re the group’s Side Bs) are Hit Me, Quasimodo, Love’s Way, Graze, and The Reason.

  • midsummerflower

    I am so glad that someone shares the same appreciation for Graze that I have. Most of the shawols that I’ve talked to always point to Quasimodo as the number one SHINee ballad, and while I do admit that it’s a good song, I just feel like Romantic and Graze are more representative of SHINee’s style. 

    Also, in regards to the Sherlock comeback, it seems to me that Sherlock is just a quick announcement that hey, SHINee still exists and will hopefully be more active in Korea from now on. Seeing as how they left Korea for Japan as soon as they finished their five weeks of promotion (only five weeks – that’s a relatively short amount of time for a comeback after a year and a half of absence), I don’t feel like it was supposed to be some sort of grand re-entrance. Hopefully the album they’re scheduled to release after their Japan arena tour will be more exciting and fulfilling than the little tease that was Sherlock. 

  • destinyanglin

    You like almost all the songs that are my favs.

  • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    Nothing has ever stood out to me from SHINee. With the exception of their “Lucifer” album, everything else has flown right under my radar. There are groups with music that I typically do not like, but every now and then they will release a song that really grabs my attention. SHINee isn’t one of those groups, sorry to say. I’m not really “into” remakes, nor am I a big fan of “purchased” music. Of course, my complaints aren’t directed to SHINee, but their management. However, I wish the group would put a bit more effort into interpreting their music instead of just “performing” it. Jonghyun is the only one in the group that does that for me, and interestingly enough my favorite SHINee song (if you can call it that), is Jonghyun’s cover of that Spanish song “Y Si Fuera Ella”. I just don’t see any merit in praising a group for having  a “good song” or “good album” if the artists themselves contributed very little to nothing in terms of direction or production. If one enjoys the music I’m not saying they should stop listening to it for these reasons, but all I’m saying is that for me, SHINee’s music has never turned me into a “fan”.

    • idontknoe

      That’s most Kpop…….. well idol Kpop.

      • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

        That would explain why I only like few idol groups then, wouldn’t it?

      • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

        That would explain why I only like few idol groups then, wouldn’t it?

  • MidoriAkiko

    Thank you! Graze seems to be one of the most under appreciated SHINee songs. The simple opening riff coupled with heartbreaking lyrics….just sweet.  Anyway, I agree with this article for the most part. While SHINee has had some definitely catchy lead singles, I feel the other songs on the albums are musically stronger.

    As a whole, their two full albums are very good, solid bodies of work. The 1st album came with smooth, vocally entrancing R&B, where the 2nd came in with more electronic and harder hitting music. While different, they still have the SHINee style. Their EPs are actually the weak links. Juliette was a terrible single, and the other songs on the album, while better, were fairly weak. Taemin was still finding his voice, Minho has spot lines, and Key seemed to get lazy, all factors that contributed to a lackluster mini. The Y.O.U  mini was notable for Ring Ding Dong, but rather than Y.O.U, I think JoJo was the saving grace. Catchy upbeat melody with dramatic tones. Alarm Clock is the best song on Sherlock; it gets them back to that R&B vibe that they sound so good in. Although I would say Reason is a good song too. Their first album is still the best though; I hope in the full album they deviate a little more towards the strings and pianos than synths and dubstep.

    With the exception of their first album, the worst songs they’ve released has been their ballads. They’re unoriginal, bland and unexceptional. This is kind of ironic, because SHINee is amazing when given a great ballad (In My Room, Romantic). But Life, One, Quasimodo, Y.O.U and Please Don’t Go all start to blend together after a while. It’s disappointing! Give them a great ballad and let them sing the sh-t out of it!

    I think most Shawols would agree, the original songs SHINee released in Japan had original songs that we wanted to hear more of from SHINee. The jpop sound the producers were going for were musically more pleasing. Better is still my favorite song on that album.

    I’m still waiting for the day when SM finally gets it together and manages to promote the best song on the album as the lead single.  

  • CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE

    Shinee made me into a fan because of their talent. They do have a staple of songs that are well recognized in kpop, like replay, Juliette, ring ding dong and lucifer. However, there is no one song that they stood out with, e.g. Tvxq, mirotic, suju, sorry sorry and Snsd gee. They definitely have the talent, and I mean all of them, something that is very rare in kpop, but they need a song to propel them

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Yeah. SHINee’s definitely popular in the idol scene, always has been since their debut. “Replay” is still their most popular song, the one that the public associates with them the most. However, they need that one song to propel them to the big time just like how their sunbaes have their own daebak song. That’s why I think their next comeback later on this year after their Japanese tour is crucial.

  • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

    This article couldn’t have come in a better timing. For the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve been in SHINee re-appreciation mode by listening to their entire discography. I love SHINee but fangirling the last couple of months (youtubing old variety shows, immortal song performances, etc) has been a distraction. It’s nice to just relax and listen to really good music. Replay and The SHINee World reminded me why I’m a fan.

    BTW, their latest Sherlock release isn’t really their ‘big’ comeback. SM knows they need to put out new material as the last one was a year and a half ago (an eternity in kpop). Essentially, Sherlock is like an introduction or a tease for a bigger comeback and it’s obvious from how, uh, relaxed they handled the Sherlock promotions. They did the whole variety and talk show appearances bout but they were minimal and nothing about it screams BIG COMEBACK. Besides, immediately after releasing the mini they announced a full length album will come like around the second half of the year. And this is what I’m really anticipating for!
    I feel like 2012 should be SHINee’s year. It’s been four years but they have yet to have that explosive breakout hit. So I’m really crossing my fingers for that full-length album.

  • somihanzx

    I absolutely love Graze, the lyrics are amazing. In My Room, Best Place, Romantic are also my favorites in that first album. Lucifer is an amazing album as well. Life is my favorite song of all time by SHINee, and Love Still Goes On is great as well.

  • http://twitter.com/elizabeth__1993 Elizabeth

    My fave non-title shinee songs are Forever or Never, Y.O.U and Electric Heart. Lucifer is my fave album from them and overall shinee have a really solid and enjoyable discography.

  • http://weeatlemon.blogspot.com conanblue

    One of my absolute favorite songs of SHINee is Obsession from the Lucifer album. It’s very different from their regular sound. It’s mysterious, sexy, and mature. This song also gives us a sneak peek to what SHINee can do if they (or SM) were willing to step far away from the boy next door image they have. Plus, Jonghyun contributed to the lyrics. Maybe that’s why it’s an amazing song because it’s more personalized than their other songs. 

  • http://twitter.com/maxmurray23 MashitahZA

    I just had this thought this evening, as I was listening to Love Pain (some kind of sequel to Love Should Go On)..for me the best full album yet by SHINee is SHINee World..never get tired of it and I personally love all the songs there..

  • taestits

    Best Place, Y.O.U., and Alarm Clock are arguably SHINee’s absolute best non-title songs. They sound so smooth and the lyrics are so wonderful.

  • Black_Plague

    ShiNee’s just one of those groups that have slipped past my eyes so I can’t say much regarding their music. The only time they ever caught my eye was Lucifer – but that was because it was performed literally every week for a while on MBC’s Music Bang (used to watch it a fair bit…until so many rookie idol groups swamped it to the point it was unbearable). It wasn’t bad, to say the least and I could tell that they were performing it hardout – at some cases, they were pretty much drenched with sweat in the middle of performing that song and the choreography seemed pretty demanding as well.

    What I do wish however is for Shawols to stop praising (or exaggerating) Minho’s ‘rapping’ – he can’t be taken seriously as a rapper, much like any other idol ‘rapper’ to say the least. Having a few rap lines or doing songs of real rappers on radio broadcast shows doesn’t justify him as one either.

  • theonetwo

    i like replay a lot.  i just couldnt get into anything else of theirs. a talented group no doubt.

  • BBMayMay

    I absolutely love all their tracks

  • michi_no

    love shinee

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003640656299 Belong Toyou

    The SHINee World
    best album ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000370922282 Chen Hsuan Lin

    SHINee is getting better and better!!!
    They’re the best!
    Can’t wait for their comeback!!

  • apple886

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