• Eliza17

    It is in a small way.  You see more and more acts giving names to their fanbase just like kpop does which was uncommon before.

  • Eliza17

    It is in a small way.  You see more and more acts giving names to their fanbase just like kpop does which was uncommon before.

  • hippocampus123

    I think kpop seems huge when you’re within the bubble i.e. if you frequent kpop related sites alone. In the US, I can honestly say that there isn’t much of a bubble particularly when it comes to the radio or television. Live with Kelly promotes a lot of new bands (it’s basically up to the agent to schedule an appearance), Letterman is pretty much useless unless you’re an old geezer, Ninja Assassin got torn down by most people and quite honestly I don’t hear a lot of people mention kpop. A lot more people are aware but I can’t say it’s making much of a wave apart from the niche audience.

  • Fresh Lemons

    I think I am tired of seeing these articles on these American news sites because for the majority of them, the claims they have about that Kpop is in american minds and such is wrong. I dont mind that Kpop is covering it getting covered in US media because thats what I want but when articles are over sensationalizing or predicting Kpop is going to make a huge splash in the US, I laugh and I move on. I dont know where they are getting this information about people even knowing about Kpop because from what I have seen, if its not from the gaming community where there are so many SONES or from a few message boards that deal with asian centric topics, Kpop is not even mentioned at all in any other form. I have a younger brother who is about to graduate HS in NYC and even though he listens to popular hip hop artist and songs and he didn’t even know about the “The Boys” remix with Snoop Dogg. In what surveys or polls did these people get this information about Americans knowing about Kpop because from what I have seen, their claims are false.

    I think the other big problem I have with these articles is how they are always saying Kpop is different (which the LA Times article states) or that it sounds better than American music, etc . This  is pretty ridiculous because every  time we get an english verison of a single, you can specifically tell that these songs are not different from what is being made in America. Rain’s english ” Love Story” sounds just like a R&B song that would be made here. Big Bang’s English verison of ” Last Farewell” sounds like something that an American artist would even make right now.  I dont understand this fascination  that Kpop is better or different than what I can hear if I turn on the radio or watch MTV (when they play videos at like 6 am).

    • theonetwo

       i agree with your post.  especially the second paragraph.  its amazing what some of these kpop fans will say when comparing kpop to the music in the US.  seriously, stating things like how the US music scene is so bland and kpop is a breath of fresh air.


  • http://twitter.com/goody2x2shoes jesse

    I don’t think the Kpop now will make an explosion in the US anytime soon. Maybe in 10 years. I don’t think the whole of America is ready to listen to songs that they do not understand. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

      I doubt even in 10 years things will change. I say that because the way that K-Pop acts are marketed is so drastically different from how the top Billboard acts are marketed in the US, they are literally a world apart. 

      Unless America becomes enthralled by variety shows, music countdowns and artist showcases that are more about established artists and not about upcoming ones like Idol or X-Factor (both of which rely heavily on the human interest factor over just pushing the talent), I don’t think you’ll ever see K-Pop make an explosion onto the US music scene. 

      K-Pop is about marketing an image first, music second — America is exactly the opposite. 

      Average American music fan: “If I like your song, I MIGHT look you up online.”

      Average K-Pop fanatic: “OMG they are so hot! They make music, too?! Holy crap!<3"

      Imo, a K-Pop act is never going to penetrate the US market, unless they actually come with a song that is too catchy to ignore and the product doesn't look as manufactured as it does right now. Even then, I think the Korean entertainment companies better push the thoughts about dominating the American market out of their mind and be happy if even one act manages to make a big impact. They are not going to push an entire movement on the US listening populace. Not when its proxy consists of pop acts that, for all intents and purposes, aren't that much different from what the US listeners can already find in abundance by just flipping to Disney on their tv sets.

  • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

    Rather than pointing out all of the stuff American articles fail mention, I think it would be more interesting for Seoulbeats to examine WHY it is that American articles fixate on SNSD and “forget” all of these other things. Laziness, of course, but why is it that in their laziness, SNSD is the thing that has stuck with them, and what should Kpop be doing so that it’s not just SNSD? Because fans can harp on and moan about how “wrong” all of these articles are all they want, but they are the truth as to how the non-Kpop-fan (and perhaps even non-pop) in America sees Kpop, and the goal should be to change that, right? Sticking their heads in the sand and going “Lol America you just don’t get it” is what Jpop already does. 

  • whirlypop

    it’s more of like, sm has paid another author to publish sensationalized articles of false hype

  • FallingSnow

    I think I’ve seen quite a number of similar articles on this matter on SB already. And while your point is still just as valid, Gil, I’d like to suggest a different angle for your article next time. It seems the starting point for this article stems from the LA Times op-ed by August Brown and you pulled quotes/info from his piece several times in your own article. How about the next time you are faced with a new major journalistic venture from the Western/American media, reporting on the rise of the Hallyu, rather than rehash the tired issue on the increasing Kpop awareness of the West, you pull apart and analyze paragraph by paragraph its journalistic content – they did succeed in capturing the essence of Kpop? After all, who better to critique and tackle those writing pros who’re newbies to the scene than the amateur writers of SB who’re experts in Kpop. I’m suggesting this angle only because it seems half your article is already doing that, so why not just commit to a full-on critique instead? 

  • aozora1290

    I honestly dont think that  August Brown’s omission of facts is that big of a deal. If anything i think it shows how LITTLE kpop has entered into the american consciousness. Many artists american or otherwise get false information published about them when they first start and many have to specifically call out the faulty information and try to correct it. In fact i think it’s safe to say that the entertainment industry largely thrives on ambiguous information and half truths and out right lies to get publicity and to enter the consumers consciousness. I also think it’s important for kpop entertainment companies to learn more about the markets and consumers that they are trying to enter into. Americans just DON’T consume music and entertainment the same way asian countries do. We would rather go and see it it in stores, hear it on the radio, see it on tv, etc. Consumers in asian countries largely consume entertainment through the internet mostly out of necessity from when their industries almost collapsed due to piracy in the late nineties and early 2000’s. Their industry then changed to accommodate the trend. In essence i think the L.A. Times article is a good example for the korean entertainment companies to look at and show them that they may need to change their tactics a little bit. If they want mainstream success then they cant totally rely on their current batch of fans.

  • kevrosales19

    Is it me or does it seems like they are bashing snsd…

  • 36braids

    all i can see here is that August Brown is really new to kpop and only covered/mentioned what seemed to be big in front of his eyes..in this case it was SNSD.

    But what kind of bothers me is that why didn’t he dig in deeper to find out more about kpop before writing the article?

    • theonetwo

      because maybe it isnt really that deep.  people might take my comment the wrong way but lets take kpop for what it really is.  fun pop music that resembles western pop but instead of it being in english, it is in korean.

      • idontknoe

        Lol it only more kpop fans would be like this.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

    BBBBAAWWW, why is Girls Generation getting all the attention and my bias isnt?

    The article is written for people unfamiliar with kpop (which is 97.4% of the US population) and its ‘rising popularity’ in America, so why wouldnt SNSD get the most attention since they are the only kpop act signed with a major label in the US and have actually promoted recently (with concerts with SMTOWN and on US media outlets) in the US?  When your kpop bias does the same, and articles about kpop in the US ignores that, then you can complain about SNSD-bias.  

    BoA or Se7en’s work in the United States. [snip] Wonder Girls in the U.S. [snip] the movie they starred in or the fact that they were the first Korean act to enter the Billboards charts.

    Why would the flops of both BoA and Se7en in the US, matter to anybody in the year 2012, this isnt a kpop history lesson.  FYI : That Wonder Girls movie was a low budget TV movie shown on TeenNick (not Nickelodeon) and a total of 259k people saw it on its premiere.  And Kim Bum Soo ‘Hello Goodbye Hello’ was the first Korean act to be on the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart in 2001 at 51st place. 

    while they are arguably one of the biggest groups in K-pop, they are not the only successful ones  

    It is so amazing so many of you biased writers here in Seoulbeats cannot accept that SNSD is the #1 kpop act in the world.  So it is inconceivable that when somebody writes about Kpop, why they focus on SNSD.  Why wouldnt they write about Girls Generation when they ARE the biggest music act in kpop both in Korea and internationally? 

    KOREA in 2011
    1) Forbes Korea #1 Top Power Celebrity; Gallup Korea #1 Favorite Music Artist (1st Place – SNSD 26.1%; 2nd Place – Bigbang 8.2%); Leespair/LeesPR #1 Female Music Artist
    2) #1 in CF/Endorsements in 2011
    3) #1 Selling Album (The Boys with 385,348 sold in 2011; about 415k total) GAON Charts
    4) Omnipresence in every part of entertainment from variety shows, dramas, reality shows, musicals, MC-ing, etc
    5) etc etc etc …

    OUTSIDE OF KOREA in 2011 / 2012
    1) Over 1,000,000 albums sold in Japan in 2011
    2) Soldout concerts in Japan with over 150k concert-goers and about 100k for their 2nd Asia Tour
    3) Soldout concerts with SMTOWN in NYC and Paris
    4) Signed by Interscope Records in the US and Polydor in France/Europe
    5) Girls Generation TaeTiTeo ‘Twinkle’ = Highest Ranking on the US Billboard Album Charts for any kpop music artists at #126 (Bigbang’s Alive came in at #150 and BoA was #127)
    6) etc etc etc …

    FYI : About the Itunes ranking of Tablo on the HipHop US Itunes Album Subchart, do you know how little sales it takes to be #1 on a lesser subchart like HipHop (or Gossip, or Electronica, etc) on Itunes for any single day?  The answer is less than 100 (and it is probably lower than that).   BAP’s Power got to #1 on that same HipHop US Itunes Album Subchart about two weeks ago, so gimme a break with that.

    • 36braids

      by “outside korea”, all i see is Japan, mostly. SMTown concerts weren’t only about SNSD. Other SME artists were there too, so one better not include the concerts in SNSD’s success stories, because Super Junior, SHINee, TVXQ, BoA have also participated in making SMTown succesful.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

        Because the vast majority of overseas revenue for kpop acts are from Japan.  And all the sales/concerts/other revenue for kpop acts comes from Asia. 

        No kpop artist has any sort of high sales in the US/West compared to what they make in Asia.  But out of all the kpop music acts, Girls Generation is # 1 in sales/revenue in the US / West.

    • http://twitter.com/JM7228JW J-May 제메이©

       haha typical crazy Sone… tsk tsk tsk

    • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

      Well, I think you are desperately an SNSD-biased. Saying the group is the number one K-Pop act in the world is nothing but lunatic and delusional. You don’t even have to compare the girls to neither Big Bang nor BoA because as we all know, Big Bang has not even promoted in the United States, while your girls had, but both their “Tonight” and “Alive” extended plays charted at iTunes and Billboard and BoA’s achievement was so long time ago. Therefore, it was actually a great achievement for BoA because like I said, it was before the peak of this industry in the world, or I must say, in various parts of the world. 

      On the other hand, SNSD promoted in the United States and even released an American version of “The Boys” with an English title track. It was kind of a flop because it didn’t even charted at Billboard, considering it was promoted with an English song and even performed it at two popular American television shows.By “outside South Korea,” all I can see is mostly in Japan, a neighboring country of theirs. The girls were not the only one in the Madison Square Garden Concert. It’s SM Town, for goodness’ sake. It includes other artists of SM Entertainment, such as Super Junior, DBSK, SHINee, and f(x). I don’t think SNSD can sold out a concert in the United States without the help of their labelmates.And you’re clearly underestimating Tablo and B.A.P’s achievements on iTunes. Just because SNSD has charted in the Billboard 200 and other music charts doesn’t mean you need to brag it to the world. You’re embarrassing your fellow SONEs with that fucking attitude. People will just perceive you as humiliating and “your-bias-group-is-nothing-compared-to-mine” type of fan.Shut the fuck up, calm you ass off, and brag those to SONEs, not here. This website is for civilized people who knows how to respect others’ achievements. Be happy because groups are really working hard to make the world notice what K-Pop is all about. It’s not only SNSD that is working their asses off. I say that everybody in this industry, from fans to idols, contributes to the global popularity and success of K-Pop.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

        QUOTE : Saying the group is the number one K-Pop act in the world is nothing but lunatic and delusional.

        Name who is bigger than SNSD in the world among kpop acts.

        I never said SNSD is taking over the world, just that SNSD is the #1 kpop music act in the world with emphasize on ‘kpop’.  Their #1 status in Korea combined with their high sales in Japan and their ‘foray’ in the West/US gives them that ‘title’.

        QUOTE : both their “Tonight” and “Alive” extended plays charted at iTunes and Billboard and BoA’s achievement was so long time ago.

        Itunes US Top Album Charts (This is Main Album Chart and not a subchart like HipHop or Electronica)
        1) Girls Generation TaeTiSeo “Twinkle” = #4
        2) Bigbang “Alive” = #6

        US Billboard Top 200 Album Charts 
        1) TaeTiSeo “Twinkle” (Korean language) = # 126
        2) BoA “BoA” (English language) = # 127
        3) Bigbang “Alive” (Korean language) =# 150

        FYI : ‘SNSD single The Boys’ charted as high as # 52 on the main Itunes Top Singles Chart (see picture below).  I dont know how high ‘Tonight” got, so please feel free to tell me with proof, but it never got higher than # 52.

        PICTURE : http://i.imgur.com/ebqqJ.jpg 

        • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

          Since you want to brag achievements here, I will just ride in your my-bias-is-better-than-any-K-Pop-group bandwagon. Not to brag, but to clear things off.

          Let’s start with TVXQ. When still five, they had almost 5.5 million official fans across the world, says Wikipedia. However, it was reported in a certain Korean documentary show that it was only 1.2 million fans. Maybe it was after they broke up into two. Anyway, it was just official fans, not including those who did not pay to be an official Cassiopeia (which is actually rude because you need to pay to be “official”). They had also performed for over 550,000 fans solely in Japan, even larger than the combined number of attendees in your girls’ Japan concert and second Asian concert. And they are also the very first foreign artist to win twice a row in Kohaku Uta Gassen, which is arguably Japan’s most prestigious stage show.

          Secondly, Super Junior. Starting from their “Sorry, Sorry” promotions, they were the best-selling K-Pop artist for three consecutive years in South Korea. They had also topped Taiwan’s major music charts for an astounding 100 consecutive weeks. And both Mexico’s TV Azteca and the United Kingdom’s BBC acknowledged Super Junior to be the leading icon of Korean Pop.

          And lastly, Big Bang. They won the “Best Worldwide Act” in the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, and it was actually not just about the sales, because if it was, your girls or other K-Pop group will surpass Big Bang. Many music critics actually picked the nominees for the awards. And recently, they garnered the “Best Fan” award at the 2012 MTV Italy’s TRL Awards. They were also featured on world-renowned Time Magazine twice.

          With all those said, I still do not consider the three or ANY K-Pop group the biggest or the top leading act of the industry. I just said those because I want to prove to you that everybody is working their butts off. Every accomplishment, either it is other groups’ or your SNSD’s achievements, is still a stepping stone for spreading the Hallyu wave.

          And you don’t have to lecture me on that because I know all of those. I never said that SNSD wasn’t the only one taking over the world. What I said was every K-Pop group is a contributing factor to the popularity of K-Pop across the globe, not just your girls, because it seems you are telling us that with all those bragging.
          Regarding BoA, she managed to chart at Billboard 200 even not within the start of the K-Pop phenomenon around the globe. Though it was in the English language, it proves how much popular BoA was. For your information, too, I’m actually pointing at Billboard charts, not iTunes, if you know how to read properly. Not to brag, but five out of six Big Bang’s songs included in “Alive” charted on Top Ten on Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100. And it’s Billboard, it’s actually higher than iTunes because Billboard includes different music charts, not just iTunes. It also includes radio airplays, and internet streaming data. Big Bang had never promoted in the US, SNSD had already, but still achieved those things.

          I’m a fan of them, too, and other K-Pop groups, but I will NEVER, EVER, brag about their accomplishments and declaring them the no. 1 K-Pop group in the world. It’s mental.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

          Because of SB awful thread system which narrows the reply so it hard to read, I am putting my reply to Niels Gabriel Nable here

          QUOTE : Let’s start with TVXQ.

          If TVXQ was still 5, then they would be the #1.  However in Korea today in 2012, SNSD is infinitely more popular than either HoMin or JYJ (as evidenced by SNSD’s album sales, polls such as Gallup, Forbes list or the number of CF’s SNSD has).  SNSD’s ‘1st Japanese album’ has already outsold any album that TVXQ has ever released in Japan

          1) Girls Generation ‘1st Japanese Album’ 2011 = 844,931 sold as of May 1st, 2012 (and still charting)
          2) TVXQ “Best Selection 2010” (Their best selling album) = About 600k sold
          3) TVXQ “TONE” 2011 (First Japanese Album release since the breakup) = About 350k 

          Girls Generation appeared on Kohaku last year in 2011.  I dont know where you get this Kohaku wins from because individual artists dont ‘win’ on Kohaku but teams do (men’s team and women’s team)

          QUOTE : Secondly, Super Junior.

          SuJu has a dedicated fanbase in Korea who bulk buy their albums, but with the general public, they have low popularity.  This is the reason why SuJu has low digital sales which dont match their physical sales and that is why SuJu as a group (and not individual members like Siwon / Donghae) have low endorsements.  In 2011, SuJu had only 2 CFs deals in 2011 – one which is with SPAO, which they share with SNSD and LG Electronics, who they share with f(x).

          If you asked any ELF, they will tell you that SuJu is more popular outside of Korea than inside of Korea.

          BTW : That 100 weeks thing being #1 on Taiwan’s KKBOX is totally false.  Go to the KKBOX Jpop/Kpop charts below and see for yourself (Guess who is #1)


          QUOTE : And lastly, Big Bang. [snip] Best Worldwide Act. [snip] 2012 MTV Italy’s TRL Awards [snip] 

          All these awards are based on online voting primarily from their established Asian fanbase.  Congrats on Bigbang fans being able to spam the vote on a website.  You dont think if any ‘top’ kpop music act were nominated for those same awards, they wouldnt have won also?

          Those same Gallup poll or the Forbes List that show SNSD being #1, they all show Bigbang as #2 .  Unlike SuJu for example, Bigbang has tremendous popularity with the general public in Korea.  That is why Bigbang is #2 among all males in Korea in CFs/endorsements with Lee Seung-Gi being #1.

          Girls Generation is the #1 kpop music act because of their overwhelmingly popularity in Korea combined with their high sales in Japan and their ‘advancement’ in the US/West.  If the year was 2004, then BoA would be #1; if it was 2008, then TVXQ would be #1; and in the year 2011/2012, SNSD is # 1. 

          FYI : Your last part about Billboard and Itunes is very confusing and you dont seem to understand the different charts.  Billboard uses Itunes sales in the US in their calculations, that is how Bigbang’s Alive or TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle was able to chart on the US Billboard Album Charts without have an official release in the US.  

          1) Billboard has two major charts in the US – Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart and Billboard Top 200 Album Charts.  To chart on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart, you need sales + airplay and to chart on the Top 200 Album charts, all you need is sales.  
          2) Sales in the US and sales in Korea have ZERO to do with each other.  They are independent of each other and not inclusive.
          3) Why any kpop fan would use Billboard’s awful Kpop Chart when GAON or Instiz is more detailed and accurate is beyond me…

          GAON : http://www.gaonchart.co.kr/main/section/total/list.gaon
          INSTIZ : http://ichart.instiz.net/real

          • illerz

            One thing I’ll say about forbes, this very rich man I heard of was on forbes and forbes said he had 500 millions dollars. The guy replied, he would let them have half of it if they could find this 500 million dollars he supposedly has.

            Second, you give sones a bad rep. I am actually suffering from intensive first degree embarrassment here. Close contact burn.

            Everyone knows of Suju’s running longest running streak in tawian and the fact that you even said   

            Quote: BTW : That 100 weeks thing being #1 on Taiwan’s KKBOX is totally false.  Go to the KKBOX Jpop/Kpop charts below and see for yourself (Guess who is #1)       

            George please read properly. It’s their record not their current status. Again giving sones a bad name.

            More important everything you accuse other fan bases of doing to boost their artists, sones can be accused of as well. So again, STOP EMBARRASSING YOUR FELLOW comrades!

            You are downgrading one chart because your bias isn’t on it while uplifting on another because your idol charted. Its so sour grape-ish, Aesop would have liked you.

            And I won’t even touch you comparing SNSD to DBSK especially as a unit of 5.

            Fans such as yourself make me dislike SNSD when before I had nothing against them which is unfair. I will work on that! You should too.

          • asda123

            hey geroge why are you so  obsessed 

          • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

            Look, you clearly don’t understand anything that I have already said because of your “SNSD-is-the-best” mind. Do you really think that SNSD will outsold TVXQ’s Japanese albums if TVXQ did not promote first in Japan? TVXQ arguably started the whole K-Pop craze in Japan. If they had not, those people who bought SNSD’s album probaly do not exist (maybe some, but not all). They do not have any clue of what K-Pop is if TVXQ did not promote there first. TVXQ’s record is actually more impressive because no other K-Pop group had promoted there SUCCESSFULLY prior to them, while during SNSD’s time, the boys had already. 550,000 fans, dude. Just in Japan.

            TVXQ had already won twice in Kohaku Uta Gassen, while SNSD had only performed there. TVXQ had also performed there, you know, because they are part of the awarding ceremony and they garnered awards.

            About Super Junior’s astounding record in Taiwan, it is TOTALLY TRUE. I did not state it is their present and current status, but they REALLY had charted at no. 1 for 100 consecutive weeks — “Bonamana” for 63 weeks and “Mr. Simple” for 37 weeks. “Sorry, Sorry” had also charted for 37 weeks in Taiwan’s K-Pop Singles chart. Get your facts right before commenting here. It’s embarrassing.

            And LOL at you about that Big Bang thing. You honestly don’t know how nominees for MTV Awards come up. Critics CHOOSE who will they include there, and then, if they had already come up with the nominees, it’s time for the fans to prove their support for their idol. I hate to say this, but most of us know that “Tonight” is more critically acclaimed than “The Boys” because of the “damage” the song had caused to the girls. The lyrical sense is deteriorating. And Time Magazine and Grammy Awards, too, bro.

            Why has SNSD been listed no. 1 on that Gallup and Forbes polls? Oh, that’s right. It’s because they promoted in South Korea, Japan, the United States, and France, while Big Bang promoted solely in South Korea, but still, they had managed to be listed on the second spot. What if Big Bang had promoted “Tonight” in other countries? Do you think SNSD will still be at the top of those polls? And don’t get me started on endorsement deals.

            Billboard uses the recorded digital sales from iTunes and OTHER music charts ASIDE from iTunes, combined the sales from the United States, South Korea, and some other countries. Funny how you proclaim Billboard’s K-Pop Chart “awful” (because not all TTS’s songs are charted there) while it calculates all the digital sales, not just in the United States. And it’s “awful” because you brag about Billboard 200. Both are still Billboard Charts even though 200 and K-Pop Hot 100 are different. On the other hand, Gaon and Instiz is exclusively in South Korea. If you would ask me, I would prefer Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 than Gaon and Instiz because like what you always say, “SNSD is the no. 1 K-Pop group in the WORLD.” Yes, in the world. Billboard is, Gaon and Instiz are not.

            I know, you will still defend yourself and SNSD but dude, can you just treat every K-Pop group fairly? There’s no number 1, number 2 or number 3. Rankings are just based on polls and surveys. And Forbes gathers information only in South Korea, neither the whole world nor Asia. It’s Forbes Korea, to be exact.

            Please abandon your crab mentality.

      • xNoirX

         Even though I generally agree with what you have to say, I find it ironic that stfu placed so closely with “civilized people”.

    • whirlypop

      get out of your bubble. lol. snsd’s not the only one who achieved things, theirs don’t even compare to their sunbaes. 

  • Black_Plague

    Fully agreed. Hell, it’s like the extremist Muslims claiming that Islam will somehow ‘take over the world’ or fundamentalist Christians moaning on that the return of Jesus is near and will result in the destruction of everything etc.

  • http://twitter.com/Mtab_9241 Mtab

    Girls’ Generation is the de facto new representative of the K-Pop industry. They’re on top in Korea, have massive sales in Japan (keeping up SM’s Hallyu tradition), held a string of concerts across several countries, got signed to a major US label and have had 2 recent network TV performances in America. If you type in ‘kpop’ into Youtube, Gee is the first MV you get.

    There are other groups with comparable achievements, but SNSD has the fortune and the image power to have become the ‘visual’ of the K-Pop brand. This is even more true when speaking about Korea Republic itself, where the girls are seen as modern icons, lauded by public, industry and government alike. The surveys, the many many CF deals, the awards and distinctions (from Daesangs to a Prime Minister’s Award) all showcase this.

    So it makes sense that SNSD is the starting point for any outsider looking into the K-Pop bubble right now.

    • norimix

       I agree with you… SNSD is the face of kpop whether anyone agrees or not.
      Just as Elvis was the poster boy of R&R music in the 50’s or The Beatles as the face of the British invasion… No matter what may become of Kpop in the future, SNSD will always represent Kpop to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of foreign fans who stumbled across Kpop after viewing “Gee”…

  • illerz

    What’s strange is, I’ve heard of Bigbang/2NE1 I’ve heard of suju and dbsk I’ve heard of tablo and tanya BEG. But before joining the world of KPOP I’d never heard of SNSD. First time I even heard of them was because of the dream concert black out thing. And I would consider myself the average american consumer when it comes to music. The casual listener to artist but I love music on the one had. My favorite songs are by people I hardly remember their names.

    Point: I bet if I go out and ask a hundred Americans they wouldn’t have heard of them and if they had would probably not remember unless it is to mock. This is ruling out people tuned into kpop such as I am. Big impact my tush.  And the random people I’ve met who does like k-pop and funny enough I’ve met 3 in the last month….don’t even like snsd. Funny freakin that.

    I started my kpop loving career with suju (and funny enough fly to the sky although they are R&B) then moved on to tablo and shinwha and then kept going. And I don’t dislike any group in KPOP. I think a lot of them suck musically but I don’t hate anyone. But for the people make it seem like SNSD is god’s gift to kpop. Ummm alrighty then!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2GDX5JQPCQN26RJNOZ7IA2KKZA mayilow

    Hats off to Seoulbeats industrious writers! I like this site for long articles and even longer comments! Hmmm… person A said a person not familiar (blank slate) towards kpop should definitely check out snsd (gee gee gee baby **ugh stop) , well most definitely! it would be a horror if they started checking out rookie groups ranging from 1-2 years debut. After washing off the gee/oh/run bloody devil run … take a moment to breath and listen to Bigbang or 2ne1. Haha>.< As for the main discussion per se. Hasn't this been argued a number of times with vengeful retaliation from the most loyal blackjacks and sones?  take that person A again… oh please… take your thesis somewhere… we are just here to enjoy some music.

  • Theorist

    What an ignorant journalist (August Brown). To think KPOP is entering US. pfft. Clearly shows what journalist thought of that. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SBVQNWHQPVQMY72LKNO4D3FJUE Joyce

    Those articles are proof that K-pop still has a long, long way to go to actually penetrate the American consciousness. I won’t blame the journalist for his ignorance, though. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    Honestly, I don’t see K-Pop entering into the American consciousness anymore than J-Pop ever did. 

    Yes, K-Pop has its own Billboard chart now, plus sold out a show at Madison Square Garden. However, that sellout was for the 11k seats offered (nowhere near the building’s max concert capacity), plus SNSD was only one of a half dozen or more acts that performed at the show. Each act brought in fans of their own. The creation of the K-Pop chart isn’t entirely insignificant, but it is far less of an achievement than what the Korean press would have their readers, watchers and listeners believe. 

    Billboard also has charts for Latin music and J-Pop, but neither of those genres, excluding a small handful of Latin acts, have ever produced acts that had more than minimal impact on the state of the US music scene. 
    America — a very small subsect of the entire population, mind — is aware of K-Pop. If you want to call that “entering the American consciousness”, you can say that it is true at the absolute base. But the media awareness of the details of K-Pop, or lack thereof (pointed out very well in the article), is horribly limited. If their knowledge of the genre is less than stellar, you can expect that the vast majority of the US music listening audience wouldn’t know Big Bang, the group, from Big Bang Theory, the tv show. SOME Americans may be aware of its existence, but the overwhelming majority have no clue there is something called K-Pop, much less who its principle figures are at the moment.  

  • hypercam

    I have never seen any korean song in the US Billboard in #1 or 2 or 100 so today they are not popular