• Kiie

    4Minute actually happens to be one of my favourite girl groups and I’ve always been on the fence about the name. It doesn’t make sense at face value, but Cube has made the statement that the name indicated that the girls would capture the audience’s hearts in 4 minutes. It’s very much the idealistic approach many groups have. And well, I guess 5Minute just doesn’t sound as good either. XD

    • tectonic

      and maybe like 4 minutes to save the world? still sounds lame though

  • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

    When I first told my sister about Big Bang she asked?
    “Why did they name themselves Big Bang? It sounds like a huge fart.”
    So ever since then, I can’t take their name too seriously.

  • Anon

    pronounced as G-peg
    stands for Girls/Guys pretend to be gay (for fans)
    or for the more pretentious fans gravity peg. They will draw you in with their large gravitational force and then trap you with the “peg” part.

  • Anonymous

    B.A.P. are the best, absolute, perfect beings of my heart. But in all honesty, BAP = fap. No joke. Maybe I’m corrupted.

    I find a lot of Kpop names extremely cheesy. Big Bang is cheesy because it doesn’t feel creative enough (the sort of think you’d jump to try sound cool but failing), and it remimds me of sex (bang), nerdiness, and that TV show. Girls’ Generation is especially cheesy. T-ARA is pretty cheesy, because it’s pronounced like “tiara,” and it isn’t a big leap to go from idol to princess to tiaras. Fin.K.L is wtf. Exo Planet is cheesy (anything having to do with space is cheesy). Wonder Girls is cheesy. And a lot of Kpop groups’ names are puns and puns are always cheesy.

    TVXQ sounds like the abreviation of an STD or cancerous disease.   

    • Anonymous

      I actually thought Exo Planet was one of the better names that has come out of SM in a while. How their name was incorporated into their logo is also ingenious — simplistic but effective.

      SM’s previous boy group naming attempt, SHINee, though? Sad to say I refused for a whole year to even check the poor boys out and give them a chance (didn’t know what I was missing out on!) because of that name alone.

      • L.Chibi

        same here on the SHINee part. Glad I checked them out eventually tho. Good music, very misleading name.

      • Anonymous

        Space is always cheesy to me. I think it’s because I automatically think of latex suits and B-movies and Star Wars/Star Trek when I think of it (yeah, I said it.)

      • Miss

        I know, SHINee is a terrible terrible name. I kinda like EXO too, and I dig their logo.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really like the name U-Kiss. What is that? Sounds so gay to me -___-
    And why it is 4minute not 4minute(s) ?
    another strange name MBLAQ (how to pronounce it?)

    i like 2pm/am, because I think it’s cool “What time is it? 2pm!!!”
    Fly to The Sky (former idol group) also a great name.

  • L.Chibi

    M.I.B. is one that got me. It was originally supposed to be Mega Interesting Bastards (which I totally loved), but they changed it to “Most Incredible Busters” which just totally brought me down because it didn’t sound right when it came to their music. THE BOSS which means the boys of super space doesn’t relate much to the material and concepts they put out (I rather just refer to them as THE BOSS because it sounds better and fits them more). SHINee i thought was pronounced SHIN-ee before I got to know them, at first it seemed kinda off, but then later I guess it does sorta fit their style…because they do shine. hmm…I like FTIslands (Five Treasures Island) name it really fits them for some reason and CNBlue (code name blue) is pretty nifty too. X-5 has a cool name too. Another one I really like is CHAOs (I don’t know if thats an
    abbreviation) but, i really love their name and their song, so I have
    high hopes for them. I really like Infinite’s name it really suits them. I have mixed feelings on U-KISS, and Super Junior’s is really corny as well as Teen Top too.   Boyfriend is really corny and Girl’s day reminds me of the girl’s time of the month (sadly…thats what I thought first). f(x) just reminds me of math…so it’s probably why i don’t keep tabs on them much. Brown Eyed Girls I do like, and Miss A matches their songs for some reason. That’s all I can think of for now.

  • sukaiburu

    Here in our country, TVXQ or even DBSK sounds like the name of AM radio stations.. =P

  • Anonymous

    Super Junior wasn’t meant to be a long venture…… Lol they are definitely no longer junior

  • Anonymous

    i think 2pm/2am are good group names too. dance group vs. ballad group. as for wordplay, 2pm really sticks. their first few albums were quite witty – 2PM: Time for Change, Hottest Time of the Day… and well there’s 1:59pm which I thought was so appropriate at the time. 

  • gina

    B.A.P. makes me think of a bap roll. f(x) would have to be the worst K Pop group name in my opinion. It’s hard to think of the group as being cool when their name is a maths function. 

    Shinee and T-ara I was not sure of how to pronounce at first, so they would be my irks with these group names.  

    Miss A and Kara are probably some of the better group names.

    It’s funny that a lot of these K Pop groups use English names, rather than Korean names for their groups, yet don’t seem to check with a native English speaker that they will actually sound good in English. One might expect that they’re using English names to appeal to the English speaking market, but I guess these names are actually chosen with the Korean market in mind. This is an example of English being used for aesthetic reasons.       

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      I really like f(x)’s name lol, the fact that it’s a maths function made me think it was cool ^__^

  • Anon

    I swear, Seoulbeats you are reading my mind, everytime I have a thought concerning kpop, you guys put out an article on it. What would a perfect group look like? Check. WTF is happening to SHINee? Check. Is my love for CN Blue as a band misplaced? Check. There are some weird ass names in kpop. And here we are. 

    Concerning the actual article though, I miss actual korean group names, ala DBSK and SNSD. I know the companies probably make english names so that they have more international appeal, but I still miss good ole hangul names. Names are just borderline ridiculous now. I’m sometimes afraid of putting them in my itunes in case someone else sees it. Explaining it will be a nightmare. 

    I thought 2AM/2PM was pretty good. Opposite ends of the day; opposite is terms of music. Pretty cool.

    Names I could live withouth: APink, SPICA, ChiChi, TRAX (it’s decent but what it stands for is stupid), UKISS, Dalmatian, F.Cuz, Piggy Dolls…I’ll just stop here, cause this list could go on for a LONG time.

    • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

      Oh god I thought I was the only one missing the the hangul names, DBSK,CSJH,SNSD,Shinhwa, love love love. But I have a feeling we won’t be seeing another one for a while or maybe never seeing as how kpop is spreading internationally and it’s trendy to have engrish group names.

  • maldita

    I honestly think Lee Sooman is a crackpot genius for coming up with names like Shinhwa, DBSK, and SNSD. All three are semi-cheesy, pretentious, self-glorifying names that fortunately, the kids lived up to. Shinhwa are legends for their longevity and brotherhood. DBSK have achieved ~godly~ status with their talents and achievements. SNSD has risen to the top and are literally everywhere. It’s literally Girls’ Generation now. :)

  • Tiger_Mother

    Great – Infinite, Shinwa, Epik High
    Good – Clazziquai, KARA ( I read somehere that in some countries KARA is a bad word but to me it’s a good group name)

    So-so, but easy to remember – Rainbow, Big Bang, 2NE1Terribad – SHINee, U-Kiss, Boyfriend, F.Cuz, Super Junior, Chi Chi, GP Basic

    • gina

      kara means empty in Japanese. 

      • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

        but it means something like melody in greek which was the intention so as long as it makes sense to begin with its fine I guess

    • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

       kara actually is a slang word for penis in my country….

  • tectonic

    MBLAQ is a terribs name

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    MBLAQ for me is the most terrible of names, Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality?! wtf seriously…
    I like 2pm/2am and how they are one day

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      I agree.  MBLAQ in itself works minus the absolute quality reference.  The longer name sounds ridiculous to me.

    • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

      I like 2am/pm too except the fact that there’s only 12 hours between them which isn’t one day -__-“

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    I’ve always felt this about the the name 4Minute.  An extra “s” would not have hurt, right? 

    • asdf

      the extra “s” would be harder to pronounce if all you speak is Korean.

  • maldita

    Worst ones are the ones with horrible English abbreviations:
    U-kiss = Ubiquitous Korean International Superstar.
    MBLAQ = Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      so true, I’m a huge mblaq fan but whenever somebody asks me what it stands for I cringe X__X

      • Sali

        Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality? I think its decent enough name though.

        • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

          I dunno, I really didn’t believe it when I first heard what it stands for, it’s not like crazily weird but it’s just a bit cringy 

  • Guest

    I didnt get korea’s fascination with the letter A, i mean miss A, A PInk, AA…. Enlighten me please?

    • asdf

      A probably just refers to “quality”, like in a grading system. The A in A Pink doesn’t really make much sense though :|

    • Kel12892

      It’s from the name of their comapnies; AQ Entertainment and A Cube entertainment.

  • Justy15

    I think the names Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, and 2NE1 are all good names. SNSD because it represents what the group stands four: 9 different girls with 9 different personalites representing Korea and it’s current generation. And it works well when translated in other languages (So Nyeo Shi Dae, Shojo Jidai, Girls’ Generation). 2NE1’s name does an even better job at representing new music in our generation with an “out to conquer thw world” vibe. And Big Bang could mean alot of things, like big and bold music, style, imagrey, personalities, skills, talent, etc. Both 2NE1 and Big ;ang mesh well in other languages and countries as well.

  • Ariellaleemackenzie

    I personally like infinite name,it suits them well,,whoever create the name are genius..its original and kinda feeling like people shouldn’t underestimate them,..i pretty like f(x) name too…easy to pronounce and people will easily remember them..as much as we see this symbol in books..i guess i like all math symbols..

  • http://twitter.com/kimberly_cho92 Kimberly 조은진

    i hate all the names that are acronyms – it’s like they’re trying to give some kind of justification for their weird name when they probably made the name first anyways (ex – BEAST, MBLAQ, U-KISS, B.A.P.)
    and then the ones that are just lame/nonsensical english (4minute, Super Junior, Shinee, A Pink)
    surprisingly though, names like FTIsland and CNBlue are just as non-sensical but they leave a strong impression on you in a good way. 
    but yeah, agree that Big Bang and Infinite are probably the best names out there right now

  • Guest

    i think, SM is the winner in giving names to their idols…
    Dong Bang Shink Ki.. its funny when you know the translation of it… even the members itself where shy in proclaiming their own band name… but the way it sounds is funny and it was also the reason why it was stuck in your my mind the moment you hear it!..

    Bigbang was also a good name and kinda leave an impact too..

    personally, i love the name JYJ… i dont know, its simple yet meaningful and very easy to read and recognized.. no matter how you flipped and turned the word opposites.. still JYJ in the end.

  • Guest

    I always thought SG WAnnabe was the worse one. The name itself means Simon and Garfunkel wannabe. Why would a band make it so obvious they want to sound like like someone. Maybe they weren’t trying to sound like S&G, but initially hearing the name leaves no imagination on their music. And it definitely sets a high bar. Sounds like a cover band or something.

  • Musik 사랑해

    Where the hell did SM get SHINee and fx from?

    • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

      Apparently SHINee is supposed to be shine, but with the suffix “ee” to refer to someone who shines… kinda like trainee? It would be pretty clever if it was more obvious and sounded better.   

      • maldita

        Actually it’s SHINee as in the boys will be the ones to receive light and ~shine~ from the fans’ love or something. Like trainee instead of trainer.

  • Anonymous

    I love BEAST but you and Cube are totally stretching it with “Boys of East Standing Tall.” While it makes almost good use of English, it’s corny as hell. That’s a horrible acronym that obviously shows they came up with the BEAST part before the words it stood for. If it was truly an acronym, it’d be BOEST… there’s no reason to be using the ‘ea’ in ‘east’ and then not using the ‘o’ in ‘of.’ BEAST on its own is a solid. decent name. Putting an acronym with it? BIG BIG FAIL.

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      yeah I was kinda confused when that name was put in the ‘good’ category, it’s also another fail name lol

  • Guest

    Question: Why isn’t SHINee pronounced like it should be with those to E’s at the end? SHINeé? shi-NAY? That’s how proper English pronounces this name.

    • famnos

       Just curious what do you do with words like ‘see’ or ‘tree’ then?

  • http://twitter.com/Daebaksamaa DaebakSama

    I love the name  JYJ (JaeJoong, YuChun, JunSoo). I think the boys chose a name that show their essence, they don’t need any big explanations to tell us who they are. They are JYJ, as simple as that…working hard to be the best JaeJoong, YuChun, and JunSoo as JYJ. It’s simple, and easy to pronounce in any language. 

    I also like names like INFINITE ( I like to group itself also), Big Bang, Clazziquai, Epik High. I like Tohoshinki much better than Dong Bank Shin Ki.

    Majority of girl groups ( and boy groups for that matter ) have such ridiculous names, that you think how much thought process they put into choosing that name. Anyhow, some groups proved to become popular despite their silly names. 

  • Pg13247

    If I could name a boy group, they would be called “Inferno” and it is not an acronym. The problem is having their music and image live up to the name.

    There’s nothing that I can come up with for a girl group though.

    What’s worse than cheesy acronyms are the reasons behind the name. (An old FAKE reason for Rainbow’s name I found on AKP): Like a rainbow we will spread our music and talents across Asia to show our different colors and charms. We will be the shining bridge to Korea.

    I don’t remember the reasonings for the other groups though.   

  • Sali

    U-Kiss I think is a terrible name. It makes the group sound gay. 

    I think Secret is also a bad choice of name. Not because the name is weird but because the word “secret” is too common. When I first googled them, a deodorant brand popped up.

  • Destinya

    I personally love the name f(x).
    At first look it doesn’t have that “group” name feel but I like the creative things you can to with it.

    Talking about only one member? f(Victoria)
    Talking about them and another group? f(shinee)

    And it always gives me a good “insider” chuckle in math class

  • Anima

    Flawless taste! Woohyun is hot lol. INFINITE really is a flawless name tbh, even the hangulized version inpiniteu sounds cool too. I was shocked to find something so cool in kpop tbh.

    I also reeeeaaaaallllly liked my other bias group’s name miss A name-wise because it was cool classy and different… until I found out it stood for miss Asia. lol wtf. Now it’s not so cool to me but I still love them.

    2NE1 could have been cool if it was actually pronounced “to anyone” so they could have said something like “this music goes out TO ANYONE (2NE1)” but girls of the 21st century is a bit lame and cheesy.
    the best:infinite, rainbow, secret, miss a(?), t-ara( it’s cool reminds me of a crown)

    the worst:shinee, teen top, sixxbomb (i’m sure they were inspired by skins and the group sexxbomb lollll)

  • Dana Damelio

    I have trouble reading B.A.P. as three separate letters, and so…yeah.  Not a good choice in my opinion.

    I just don’t understand the obsession with creating an acronym that means something in K-pop.  Apparently, Fin.K.L was supposed to stand for “fin killing liberty.”  Which…what?

  • Pinky

    I always thought the name TVXQ was kinda cool. Tong Vfang Xien Qi in Chinese, Dong Bang Shin Ki in Korean, Tohoshinki in Japanese. They sound the same enough to remember that you’re talking about the same group.

    I thought JYJ was a bit unimaginative when I first heard it. But when I thought about it, it’s simple, easy to remember, nothing pretentious, even flows when you say it.

  • guest

    The only downside to the name BigBang is when you search/google their name you get Big Bang theory (the show or the science theory). 

    • moua23

      Lol, that’s true, or on Youtube too! I love BIGBANG though!

    • GracefulCassieShapley

      Hey, I like the Big Bang Theory (the show) ^ ^

  • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

    I know most people think it’s cheesy, but I actually like Rainbow’s name and the concept behind it, it’s kinda cute lol

  • Kel12892

    I’m pretty sure 2NE!’s “New Evolution of the 21 Century” was made up last minute to try and sound cool. I think their name comes from the average of their ages at debut. 15+19+25+25 /4 = 21. 

    • JW


    • guest

      It was suppose to be only “21” but some Korean singer already had that name so they came up with 2ne1.

  • guest

    “There are clearly 5 members of 4Minute and that is that”


    I can’t tell if you’re trying to be funny or if you really don’t know the meaning behind the name.

    Because the name was never a reference to the number of members, but to how long a song generally is (they will charm you in 4 minutes, essentially).

    If the latter is the case, I hope you’ll do your research next time.  

    • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

      Oooh really?? That’s a really cute name!!

    • scarletdevil

      well, it seemed a little confusing
      and a little random I mean, why 4 minutes?

    • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

      But the meaning of a groups’ name should be something you can understand without having to be a fan or do research. If the author was confused, then clearly 4minute is a misleading name.

  • http://twitter.com/free2sing14 Ayan Hassan

    I always question the logic behind the name Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. At least as an acronym it sounds good.

  • Anonymous

    I think underrated groups such as ONEWAY, Epik High and Clazziquai all have good unique names. Bad names I think of is probably Teen Top, SHINee, B.AP. and probably mblaq to name a few (although these groups have good music).

  • Green Onion

    There’s SS501, Super Stars 5 as 1. I’ve forgotten the exact name, but it was something like this.

  • Mija

    so there’s a group named 5tion and I’m still tryna pronounce their name…. /Fail.

    • Anonymous

       “Five-shun?” Wow. That’s an… interesting one. lol

  • Jen

    I think Teen Top was a bad choice of a group name. Not for the name itself but because theyre youtube account is TeenzOnTop… I hope I’m not the only immature person thinking inappropriate thoughts when i hear that.

  • Anonymous

    Besides the fact that they’re my bias, I love the name 2PM. You can do so much with that name, what with 2pm being the “hottest time of the day!” haha. And like some people have mentioned, the 2pm/2am “One day” thing is so clever to me! lol

  • http://attentioning.blogspot.com/ Isti

    Opinion on DBSK as a name?

    • Anonymous

      Considering the fast that I STILL have to “spellcheck” the correct Japanese spelling online everytime I want to use it….

  • Guest

    i’m surprised that no one mentioned girls’ generation, considering that it sounds ridiculous in both english and korean

  • http://twitter.com/SunnyJellyFan Alyssa Wang

    I liked Secret and After School in terms of group names. Memorable, but short.  For guy groups, even though it’s an acronym, for some reason I’ve always liked CNBLUE.  And although what it stood for was really stupid, TRAX was an okay name.

    I never got where Sunny Hill came from, though.

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart VeiledHeart

    MYNAME is one of the worst names ever imo. It’s like they didn’t even try. Who thought that was a good idea? Dalmatian sucks because when I try to look up stuff about them I just get tons of dog pics, and I don’t even like dogs. That’s a problem for a few other groups too, but they’re not popular enough to even come up within the results. :/  BEAST is an ok name, but B2ST is corny as…just like MBLAQ.  I love them, but that name. Anything that’s an acronym pretty much sucks. If it didn’t stand for something it might be ok, but almost all of them are so lame. UKiss would be another example of this.

    Infinite is a great name. I like SNSD too, it just sounds good to me. Secret is good, simple and clean. So many groups would be better served just picking simple, straight to the point type names. When they start thinking too hard you get all of these weird sayings and random meanings that make no sense to anyone involved. Spica is about some star or whatever…no one cares and I’ve jumped on the Spica train so fast I’ve probably hurt myself lol. It just doesn’t have to be that complicated. 

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    I don’t know about good bands or bad bands or w.e but to this day I still think these names sound ridiculous: Shinee, MBLAQ,A Pink, Chi-Chi, U-KISS, F.CUZ, GP Basic and there’s probably more that I’m missing…

  • Pr3vail

    This article!!

    I will never understand Kpop and their ridiculous names. So much
    thought, time, and money goes to the concept and image of the group yet
    they couldn’t do the same for the NAME of the group? Unless they did put a lot of thought into the name and still came up with garbage, well then
    that’s really unfortunate. I find that the name is the most essential
    part of the group, so it needs to have that wow factor and longevity to
    last for years to come, heck even if the group doesnt exist anymore, the
    name will. Which is why I think some of the worse names like Boyfriend,
    Myname, Teentop, and Girls day, to be pretty laughable. And tbh as a
    result of the terrible gr names, I cant take some of these groups

    Kpop agencies please I beg you, be a little more creative in the future,
    you’re killing us here. And same goes to you Fandoms…wth is BABY as a
    fan group name for B.A.P?

  • Lo

    Please make group names that are not embarassing for males to like. I mean imagine a guy saying “i like Boyfriend”. Or “i am a huge fan of b2st! I am a b2ty!!!” smthing like that. Boy group names for me should be gender neutral, somewhere along Infinite, Block B, Bigbang, even TVXQ are fine imo. Not only its less embarassing but also it helps them to have a wider demographic.

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    My theory behind kpop names is a dictionary, some “creative” people, and probably some alcohol mixed in there as well. 

    Anyways, I agree. There are a few names that make you think “hey that’s pretty cool.” More often, you will either get names that are either a) really cheesy and so badly want to be cool b) some really bizarre engrish names or c) WTF acronyms. *Shudders* I start cringing the moment entertainments come up with these weird or actually fine names, but then ruin it with the silliest meanings. Ex: Blady (the combination of black and lady, this defines that they will be able to pull of a sexy look but they have the charms of a lady…..something like that.) 

    Exhibit B: MBLAQ. I actually thought that was a pretty cool name…..until the introduced the ‘meaning’ behind it. Music Boys Live Absolute Quality. Seriously?  

    Or something like B2ST (boys to reach for top). Yeah, I prefer Beast, thank you very much. 

    and H.O.T (High five of teenagers)…..really SM….really. 

    Exhibit C: 4minute? Wait aren’t there five members? Cube, I love your entertainment and all, but would it kill you to add the “S” at the end? 

    Yeah, the list goes on. Now here are the names that I have found to be okay or kind of cool. 

    Okay: F(x), Wondergirls, Big Bang, 2.AM/2.PM, T-ara, Girls Generation (kind of cheesy, but kind of cute), TRAX (Without the acronym),  and Supernova. 

    Good: 2NE1, Epik High, Clazzi, Oneway, Secret, Afterschool, and DBSK/JYJ.  

    Other bad names: Teen Top (clearly wasn’t thought of in the long run…), A pink (why not just call it Pink?), SHINee, Super Junior. M.I.L.K, HAM, Crispi Crunch, Twi-light, MyName, etc.  


    • Anonymous

      But BEAST also stands for boys of the east standing tall or something. LOL not any better.

      • GracefulCassieShapley

        really? oh well then .___. 

  • Anonymous

    I like group names that are simple and straightforward like 2am/2pm, Kara, Miss A, etc.

    The worst group names are either the ridiculously long acronyms like BEAST, MBLAQ, and U-KISS or the acronym/abbreviation combos like Fin.K.L. or Baby V.O.X. Re.V.

  • Anonymous

    MBLAQ itself sounds cool but once you hear what it stands for it’s just LOL.

  • Lea

    I’m curious as to what people in Korea think about these names though. In Korea, English and western culture is like a trendy novelty. So while to an English speaker, these names seem cheesy and overly contrived but to a Korean teenager maybe them seem cool. Then again i think bap means rice in korean so i’m not exactly sure where they were going with that.

  • Anonymous

    When I first bumped into a SHINee’s MV I initially thought the name was pronounced like in the Japanese way (‘Sheen-eh’, maybe because it was my first encounters with K-pop after my J-fever and my mind was still reading Japanese), and I thought it sounded pretty cool. But when I was told the supposed way to pronounce it, I almost spit my coffee on the keyboard. 

    Other corny/dumb group names that comes to my mind right now, not sure they have already been mentioned: 4MEN, Five Girls (talk about being lazy), Untouchable, 5dolls, Baby VOX (Baby Voices of Xpression – I’m not kidding). There was once a girl group named M.I.L.K, which I have no idea what it stood for, and I don’t think I want to know -.- And SS501 has to be worst acronym to use as a group name, it takes too long to spell all its letters and numbers.
    But I have to disagree with you: I seriously dislike ‘Brown Eyed Girls’. I just don’t like the idea of using a woman’s body part to describe a music group. It’s kinda like naming them Black Haired Girls or Long Legged Girls. Ugh. 

    There are very few group names I actually like. ‘Wonder Girls’ suits the retro style of the group, as in, they invoked the timeless glamour of vintage music and fashion. Infinite and After School are also pleasant choices; JYJ is an elegant way of using the members’ initials to make a sonant yet simplistic group name. And I also like the fact that 2ne1 is pronounced “To Anyone” instead of “Twenty One”, which suits better the group instead of its original meaning. Although I was not particularly fond of the name ‘Big Bang’ initially, I now think it fits perfectly their ‘explosive’, emotional pop/hip-hop style and it sounds kinda cool hearing GD preluding the songs with ‘Big Bang’. f(x)’s name concept is interesting too, and Girls’ Generation, although I don’t really like the name, it fits SNSD’s position in South Korea’s music scene really well.

    The group names I find the most interesting and original in K-pop are, definitely, 2PM / 2AM. I just find it amusing the night (quietude, emotion) / day (energy, virility) contrast in the conceptualization of these bands using clock hours.

    Oh, and Mighty Mouth. Lol.

    • May

      shin-ee! its sounds better

  • guest

    With all the bad acronyms  it makes me wonder if they came up with the name first then the meaning for it later.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have a problem with the name MBLAQ? The “Music Boys Live” part sounds kind of cute to me, in an engrish-y way.
    BEAST I also like just because it characterizes the boys’ general tall, muscular physique.
    SNSD is a pretty cool name (and like TVXQ, fun to pronounce) but I prefer the translation “Era of the Maidens” over “Girls’ Generaion.” Sounds better somehow.
    Supreme Team also makes nice use of alteration, and is ambitious in a slightly arrogant way that suits a hip-hop duo. 
    Names I dislike include Teen Top (and their youtube channel name- teenzontop….) SHINee and F.cuz for being so easy to mispronounce, and B1A4 and SS501 for not even being pronounceable word acronyms.

    • http://twitter.com/stroplok stroplok

      i agree with everything you said.. I also find MBLAQs name reaaly fun and cute rather than wierd and cheesy

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JA2S2GXMYGRINYNMZCDKJWHM3U Jess

    BAP reminds me of that movie called BAPS (Black American Princesses) lol. 

    • Chezzynoodles

      That was EXACTLY what I thought…

  • Guest

    I don’t really have a hate on for any particular group’s name, but I dislike the newer groups that came out with food related names. There’s no real reason, I just think it’s weird!

  • Anonymous

    The kid named kimchi is the worse name EVER.

    • Anonymous


  • Guest

    When I first got into k-pop I remember watching the Mirotic MV and liking the song. So then I went and tried to download it, but it kept saying the song was by DBSK and not TVXQ like the MV said. I was very confused, so I ended up doing some googling and found out that DBSK and TVXQ were the same group. After that I became a Cassie. So DBSK’s multiple names were actually intriguing enough to get me interested.

  • b5b

    when first introduced to DBSK/TVXQ/THSK (6 years ago)… it took me forever to find the damn letters on my keyboard just to type out their name -_____- lol!! and it was easier for me to say their name in Chinese (Mandarin) than anything else. i found the literal meaning a little ridiculous.. like how stuck-up are these guys?? ::listens to them sing over the years:: OMG THEY’RE AWESOME.
    but there are A LOT of ridiculous names.
    i thought BAP was stupid. their teaser sucked. then they debuted…. another “omg they’re awesome” started XP but they still have a stupid name -_-
    B2ST was a stupid name too….yet somehow i was sucked into their music…then they changed to BEAST…so i’m all good :) except it’s still an acronym for something… WAE??
    i bet their own company can’t even say what UKISS stands for.
    MBLAQ sounded cool…till i picked the letters apart XP
    i’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce F.Cuz…
    Dalmatian? are they going to sport the dog print their whole music career??
    Twi-light? -____________-
    Teen Top…they won’t be teens forever!!
    HAM…………. -_- and cheese!!
    Super Junior
    H.O.T -____-
    f(x)…unique, but still meh………
    FT Island…..oh where do i begin…
    i’m not sure what Block B stands for..
    i still don’t see what’s so great about 2NE1’s name…

    i could go on, but i have better stuff to do :P

    btw, what does EXO stand for anyway? sm needs to stop teasing. people are getting tired already…esp of Kai’s face…

    • Ganghanyeoja

      Omg I love you. Even though I’m a kissme lol

    • Anonymous

      F.cuz is pronouced focus

    • Maknae Lovers

      Block B stands for BlockBuster

  • khai vu

    Best thing about Infinite is they use the math sign as their logo. Man, that logo looks so good.

    P.S. I wished you would’ve picked a better Infinite picture, haha.

  • DJ Slate

    honestly when i first heard beast/b2st i thought they were capitalizing on the invention of the term “beast-idols” the term that variety gave to 2pm

  • happyslip

    I guess I’m in the minority, because I don’t see any problems with 4minute as a group name. It sounded odd at first but it’s not that grammatically incorrect (you can add a noun or something, ie 4-minute performance lol). The explanation they have is pretty easy to understand too. 

    MBLAQ sounds fine…U-Kiss and SHINee is just…I had a really hard time paying attention to these two groups because of their name alone. It didn’t help that some of U-kiss’ and SHINee’s earlier concepts were just too sparkly for my taste. And then somewhere in kpop land decided to debut a group named Boyfriend. Damn.

    To me, group names are tolerable for the most part, and if you’ve been listening to kpop for quite some time you eventually get used to the cheesiness of it all.

    If anything, I feel more uncomfortable with some fan club names, simply because that’s where you directly associate yourself, if you know what I mean. 

  • Guest

    i think Rainbow sounds really cheesy.

  • hjg

    INFINITE was the first group name that came to mind when it comes to good group names. They have a nice looking logo that accompanies it too. As for the worst, Teen Top is a good example. The first time I heard of them I honestly thought they were like teen versions of T.O.P or something. Like, they were trying to cash in on his name so they used it.

  • Trista

    What’s in a name? While I accept that a name symbolises a lot (and not just in music but in life in general), I feel that in K-Pop in particular a name goes a long way to build an artists’ image.

    In K-Pop the music is secondary. What really matters is the image or concept. As long as a group builds the right image and a solid fanbase to match they don’t necessarily need to strive for quality releases. And the first step in defining this image is the name. On my introduction to K-Pop I was surprised by the number of groups with acronyms for a name and even more surprised to hear the explanations behind each (I thought H.O.T. was a pretty amazing name until I heard what it stood for). While the backstories provided some insight in to why a name was what it was, on first glance a lot of them were nonsensical. And frankly if a name appears silly on first glance no amount of lengthy narrative will help it look more respectable.

    This is very different if you take artists in the West where there is less of an emphasis on the name. Most will come up with a name but there is less effort spent on explaining it and linking it back to grand schemes of world domination. And that for me is what makes the K-Pop obsession with naming more pronounced. 

    Personally I don’t care what you call yourself if you let your music do the talking. But having said all of that, I must accept that K-Pop is what it is and the naming conventions will continue as is. So if it must continue as such it would be better if groups tried to keep things simple. Or if it was inevitable that they had to come up with a name that hinted at their ability to conquer the universe that they did it without using a bunch of random English words.

    And that is why I think JYJ is a good example of a name because it’s simple, symmetrical and embodies who they are with very little fuss (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu). It works because there is no need for gimmicks.

    Conversely, for DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki, there was a time when I wasn’t so sure about the quality of the name, largely in part because while TVXQ and Tohoshinki sounded fine, Dong Bang Shin Ki inspired all sorts of wordplay amongst my friends! However, I’ve come to acknowledge it as a fine example because the translation ‘Gods Rising from the East’ is entirely befitting of these boys (and I refer to them here as 5, not 2). It was a risky name to work with but they’ve definitely lived up to it so I don’t think we can deny it has worked in their favour.

    Similarly I would say Girls’ Generation has worked to their advantage too. I wasn’t particularly impressed by it at first (as it sounds almost childish) but given their current status as Korea’s national girl group the name fits. But I do worry that in time it will be less relevant as they are all more suited to the young woman category than girls.

    Other names I like include Clazziquai, Aziatix, After School (especially relevant during the debut phase and the older age group the girls represented), Untouchable, Epik High, Block B, Infinite, Big Bang, Beast, One Day (2am/2pm), Wonder Girls etc

    Not so impressed by Super Junior (does it even mean anything?), Blady, F.Cuz, MBLAQ, B.A.P, H.O.T, Fin.K.L., SS501, T-ara,  Boyfriend, Teen Top, U-Kiss………

    • Anonymous

      Super Junior was supposed to be a big group of young boys that would change or rotate over time, but fans didn’t want that so now they’re just stuck with it.

  • Boo

    I remember when Beast came out in the height of 2PM’s “Beast-idol” image and everyone was like “Whut?” over their name because they weren’t beastly at all. LOL.

    I think JYP has good group names too. They sound modern and fresh. 

    Also, Crispi Crunch deserves a special mention.

  • Anonymous

    On naming, I think people hope that a name is  

    1. Descriptive
    2. Memorable
    3. Unique.

    However you can have only two out three, you have to choose, you can’t have all three. 

    This is not my idea, read here for the origin of this idea: http://pl.atyp.us/wordpress/index.php/2010/09/project-naming/ 

  • Lovezain11

    How about g.o.d? I remember laughing so hard when I knew what it stood for. Seriously groove over dose? What kind of name is that? Kpop has had bad names way back since the beginning.

  • Anonymous

    There´re plenty of ridiculous acronyms for a name (I would really appreciate some page where I can find their hidden meaning :-)) But for me the absolutely worst is SS501, because for me it sounds like some wehrmacht special unit. I cannot help it.

  • JJ

    I think all name connecting are dumb since they will eventually age and will not fit that image anymore (e.g. Teen Top, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior [I really laugh at this cuz it can be taken in so many ways], etc). Corniness is another no no factor.

    I think names that can easily be translated in all languages and has a dynamic is good. I like Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, Epic High. 2NE1 can be tricky since those who know them understand the whole 21st century thin, but back in the days when they are less well know I know some people thought 2NE1 is either broken down to 2-ne-1 or meant the girls are 21 years old.

  • Zeni7

    N.Sonic is a terrible name, sounds way to close to N’Sync….. whoa… N’Sync totally have a K pop name.

    • theoneone

      actually,  its more like kpop groups have western pop sounding names.

  • Guest

    Kudos to Dong Bang Shin Ki for one of the best Kpop names ever. I mean, seeing the hanja words on a banner everytime they perform- epicness.

    • Guest

      yeah~ the best of all..its in korean and surprisingly although long, but works as hell. i got goosebumps hearing the “Dong Bang Shin Kiii” intro in their performances

    • May

      I wish there was more korean names!

  • Guest

    sorry, gotta let this out.

    the worst name i’ve encountered is BOYFRIEND…eh eh eh

    lol wut??

  • whatthefrell

    I am thankful that there was no negativity directed specifically at MBLAQ,
    as I must concede, it cries out for attention, but for some reason,
    it works for them.

    Also, I heard somewhere that
    B2ST is still BEAST, as the number “2” in Korean is pronounced
    similarly to the “E” sound in the English language.
    As I do not speak Korean, unfortunately,
    I don’t really know…
    just thought I would share what I’ve heard.


  • thekors

    My friend was re-telling an info she got from her friend – how there’s 2PM (“LOLWHAT” to her) and then there’s also 2AM, and together, they make “ONE DAY”.

    She was laughing all the way.

  • Guest

    I am very fond/approving of no nonsense names. All those group names with initials, “creative” misspellings, wordplay, etc. doesn’t really work with me. When you think of the classic stars of music history (at least in America) – Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Beatles, etc. – simplicity is best. The names that have been synonymous with a certain genre/famous album of that time period/music revolutionary era is just the artists’ plain names. I like group names that have the smallest chance of being misspelled or twisted in some way (because it’s too hard to remember correctly), but that’s just my opinion. And also any gimmicky name is just plain ew – Best Absolute Perfect?! As much as I felt their debut was pretty cool, that is just… blech…

    SO the names I don’t like include most of the famous groups from the 90s as it seems initials were a big trend back then – Baby VOX, HOT, etc. And a lot of the new groups coming out in the past few years are just terrible (Boyfriend was…eh).

    Some groups that fall in the middle range include 2NE1, even though I adore the girls and I enjoy their music, it’s a bit of a stretch name-wise with all the confusions of – Is it 21? Two-NE-one? To Anyone? Are all the girls 21 (same idea with the Sistar19)? However the styling has grown on me, with the two numbers on the ends and the letters in the middle – spelling out “New Evolution” combined with 21 for the 21st century – so I suppose it’s clever but not TOO clever that it looks awfully gimmicky – and although this may be biased I feel girl groups can get away with cutesy or more poetic names much better than boys can. The Wonder Girls is simple but anything to do with superheroes as a musical group’s name is a bit much. Girl’s Generation and Super Junior I actually like but they are names for the tween crowd, and now that Leeteuk is almost 30 and in the military it feels way off.

    Some names that I DO like include: Big Bang (stylized simply, unassuming, relatively ageless, the concept of the group is extremely easy to understand at first glance – a “Big Bang” in the music industry, duh!), Infinite, 4minute, Beast, Brown Eyed Girls, DBSK/JYJ, 2PM/2AM/One Day and f(x). I actually thought the f(x) idea with the concept of “plug in any music and you get a variety” type deal to be really cool, but unfortunately SM’s music producers don’t live up to that expected quality so it kind of fails. It’s a good thing Big Bang and DBSK achieved the success that they did, or else their names (as much as I adore the groups) would look slightly gimmicky too.

    And if this is not complaining too much, I also find individual stage names to be a bit much also. I don’t know much about f(x) but I don’t see the point in having English names if they’re appealing to the Korean market mostly. And considering SM I doubt they had much choice in their names too – I think once on Strong Heart they named Victoria because she will bring “victory” to the music industry or something? T___T Seungri’s English stagename as Victory works since that’s the meaning of his Korean stagename – although I don’t understand why it is labeled as “V.I” when I don’t believe V.I is the abbreviation for victory. D-Lite (aka “delight” for his sunny personality) for Daesung kind of fits, but I find multiple names to be too much – is he really going to use D-Lite when introducing himself to American fans (when we probably know him as Daesung anyway – why change it?). Same thing with Taeyang and SOL – although I like the “sun” concept better than Daesung’s. I feel only TOP and GD (LOVE G-Dragon as it coincides with his real Korean name almost exactly) are obligated to have stage names since they are rappers. Usually artists outside of the rap field either go by their full original name or a mononym like Beyonce, Adele or Bom (Lady Gaga is a rare and also “weird” exception since it’s her style to do outlandish things). I think CL, Dara and Minzy get a pass individually since their stagenames are very, very close to their birthnames and actually makes it easier for English speakers to remember.

    I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much about individual stagenames, but I feel like a person should stay as true to themselves as possible when choosing a new name while retaining creative freedom (aka G-Dragon, or Bruno Mars, as that was his nickname when he was younger). Even Lady Gaga is kind of strange – I mean, I don’t know much about her, but is that how people address her instead of her real name? As in “Hi, Lady Gaga, how are you doing today? You’re just going gaga on your new album lately!” Bad joke… But I know that for myself, I would hate to be called Victoria if it wasn’t something I related with and just some random name picked out by somebody else. But this is just my two cents, I apologize for another long essay ^__^

  • May

    SHAINI or shiny <3

  • Fernanda McCain

    I would put MBLAQ on the worst names, sure I’m a diehard A+, but their name it’s simple weird and ridiculous, it would be cooler, if it wasn’t an acronym. but the fact that it is an acronym in deed and for something as weird to pronounce and non understandable as Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality 

  • wanthengchua

    I totally agree that Infinite is the best ever created name. It just looks nice when you type it out like this.

    Though there are seriously weird names. I remember a group called AA. Like seriously? Can that even be considered as a group name? What does it even means? To make it even worst, one of their members’ name is Kimchi?!?!? ROFL!

    Names like Beast was difficult. Everytime i search them on google or youtube, they just come out images of real beasts. lol.. Know the group Davichi?  I always misread it as Davinchi, until i realised there isn’t an N in the name.

    Anyway, what’s even funnier is the fanclub names. Gosh, they are more hilarious, and weird?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001274217212 Janice Mok

    I think SS501 is rather unique too. Super Star 5 united as 1 forever. Although it is rather hard for  non-Kpop fans to pronounce the name (IT’S ‘DOUBLE S FIVE-OH-ONE’!! >.<). Plus, it looks fancy, and nice to doodle on your school notebooks…LMFAO!! So is 2NE1. That's a REALLY smart name, and I also like their fanclub name: Blackjack. <3

    Infinite's name is the best though, hands down. 8D