• Anonymous

    Totally and completely agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, except for one small thing… you said:

    Why do most people consider CL to be a good rapper despite her not… writing her own raps?

    She has actually written her own raps, she just hasn’t gotten to do so for a 2NE1 song yet. She wrote her rap from the 2007 Gayo Daejun, her part in YMGA’s ‘What’, her part in GD’s ‘The Leaders’, and co-wrote ‘Fine Lady’, which they’ve used in performances, with Teddy and GD. I think, but am not completely sure, that she also wrote her part in Uhm Jung Hwa’s ‘DJ’ as well.

    • http://twitter.com/EvilFrenchFries Sol Power

      lmaooooo CL is not a rapper sweetheart. If someone writes your rhymes, you’re not a rapper.

  • should be doing homework…

    REE I have to say I love reading your articles. I read this one yesterday and went all creeper fan today reading your others. Your way of expressing things is amazing. (I blame you for the fact that any conversation between my roommate and I involving SHINee or SNSD must now include the phrases “most troll-tastic rap of all time” and “oppa seducing hoes.”)

    I wouldn’t say that it was my favorite but I think the most interesting recent incident of k-rapping was in SNSD’s The Boys, considering I was unaware that there was a rap (or rapper) in the song. Luckily an interview showed me the error of my ways by pointing out that what I had taken as slightly cult-esque chanting was in actuality a rap. Who knew? The Korean version is growing on me, though the English version, not so much, probably because I give the benefit of the doubt when I don’t understand it.

    I will also admit to having a soft spot for Don’t Don although I recently watched the live performances and I’m not sure if I can look myself in the mirror again after admitting that. There’s something about a badass dude shredding on his electric violin that makes everything better, although “U” does win out purely because of the movie (i.e. the use of excessive hip-thrusting and teleportation).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

    My favorite rapper is Tablo. From Epik High. He’s going solo for now but I think he’s just as awesome. He release the first part of his new solo album! I think he’s one talented rapper. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

    Favorite idol rapper is Tablo from Epic High, Faux-rapper Mir from MBLAQ

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  • Music=Love

    I agree with this article a lot. A lot of companies seem to think the rap can be easily done by someone with no talent, but they fail to realize that a bad rap can completely ruin a good song, for example Katy Perry’s E.T featuring Kanye West.

  • Anonymous

     I must thank you, Ree, for the links to Purple Line and the Hell No! parody. Seriously, they both made my month. I laughed So. Freaking. Hard. I always assumed all the guys in DBSK could sing the way people go on about them, and what with them being an A Capella band, but what do I know? but Yunho is the little engine that could, and that dance… can’t help but love the guy.
     IRS spreads through k-pop music like the chicken pox amongst a kindergarten class. I feel bad for those who are stuck in a singing group even though they may not be the best vocally. For someone like Nichkhun, obviously he knew what he was getting into, but didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to be famous. Other artists, like Minho, were young when they started. He didn’t know what type of group he was going to be put into. And maybe his prepubescent voice sounded like an angel’s.
       A perfect example of IRS (and I hate to say it): Jay in SM The Ballad’s “Hot Times’. Love ya, Typhoon, but fast, angry talking does not a rap verse make. (Although the parody for *that* song is epic.)

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  • Jen0193

    I’m a SHINee fan and Minho is my favorite. It’s hard to admit but I have to agree that his existence in their group is not necessary. I also quite agree that rap parts in songs don’t make a much of a difference or improve songs. But that’s what Minho chose to do. Maybe he just doesn’t know what suits him the most. And also, I think they didn’t have much choice since their roles in the groups were assigned to them. Well, I think Minho’s singing voice is really good. Their agency just doesn’t appreciate it for what it is because they pay more attention to the established and more popular ones in the group. No offense to fans of SHINee’s Key but I think he’s not that great as a singer as well as a rapper. But despite all that, he is given many singing, dancing and rapping time. Well that’s just unfair, right? RAPPERS ARE NOT  TALENTLESS OR USELESS. THEY’RE JUST EITHER NOT GIVEN THE CHANCE OR OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW WHAT THEY CAN DO BEST OR THEY JUST DIDN’T FIND OUT YET WHAT THEIR REAL TALENT. So you can’t say they’re useless. 

    • Jen0193

      And I must also add that they look useless because that is how their fans think OR MADE TO THINK. 

      Anyway, I love reading you articles. You have such great ways of expressing your opinions and bashing the idols I admire. 

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  • Anonymous

    For me, I was never really a huge hip hop fan and I didn’t like listening to rap at all. Though I’m sure the hip hop rappers are definitely more skilled and talented, I guess it’s just personal preference that I actually like idol rapping in songs. Seriously, I hated rap until I found Jpop and Kpop.

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  • Lux magelet

    I found this article when I googled “why does kpop have rap?” and nearly every other article listed was about who was who’s favourite rapper. Did kpop -always- have raps in them or is this a recent trend? It just seems so weird whenever a song with a nice flow suddenly takes a pause for the rap to appear. 

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  • Monica B

    Minho is totally my bias. I actually love listening to the raps in SHINee songs. I hate english rapping. Even though Minho has an amazing singing voice as well, I think he chose to rap because it might be just what he enjoys most.Also, I don’t think he’s given very much opportunity to sing as much as the other memebers

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  • firehawkkat

    This was a really great and definitely fair and well thought out article. :)  I agree with the idea that most raps in Kpop songs are trolltastically unnecessary, but just as you’re endeared to Nickhyun despite everything, I think I’m endeared to the kpop “troll-rap.”   But, I’m going to try to focus my energy on the “Case in Defense of Minho.”

    I mean, you’re right, Minho’s rap in Hello sounds ridiculous (and Minho
    is my bias, so I understand how distressing that is to us Flammers,
    haha.)  However, while it might not be written into the songs well, I’ve slowly realized that Minho’s raps ARE necessary.  It happened while I was listening to Clue+Note from Sherlock and I actually found my self sighing in relief when Minho started his little rap. . .I realized suddenly that if there was no rap in that song…my ears would have started bleeding. XD  SHINee is SUCH a talented group with so much vocal power that they pretty much SHOUT the songs (it is a sound I love, but it is a sound that too much of can cause irreversible damage :p ).  Having Minho in the group is a great way to give the listener a break.  His tone is so beautiful (literally, I wish I could just take his Hello rap out of Hello and listen to it without the vocals over it) because his tone is soft and low and it’s the perfect contrast to the tenor driven power and strength of the rest of the group.  Now, perhaps it’s too much of a contrast that it sticks out…but I always love when it’s time for his rap because my ears get a reprieve.  And I think SM MIGHT be learning how to actually use Minho’s rapping in the songs.  In Sherlock they juxtaposed it to a lot of full noise and then put Key rapping after him to pull the song back toward the edgier/louder sound that Jonghyun pushes.

    Anyway, maybe I’m just too much of a Minho fan girl.  Or maybe I’m just so blinded by Kpop love that I can’t really see how bad the raps are…but I think I’m happy to accept the Kpop raps for now, even if they are bad and unnecessary in 90% of songs. 

    (sidenote:  best out of the blue rapper ever is definitely
    Leeteuk.  I laugh so hard at his rap in Super Man…he sounds like he’s
    coughing up a lung XD <3   They should just let him stick to using that beautiful singing voice of his… XD  <3)

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  • VividlyLivid

    I was thinking about this just a few days ago. The fact that companies seem to think that every song their artists produce needs a rap in it just really annoys me. Majority of the time, the rap just does not fit, and it really throws off the song and makes me sort of cringe at that part.

  • kaiyung

    Amber from f(x) is a pretty good rapper in my opinion.

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  • Fabiola Sanjur

    hahahahah DON’T DON! classic! lol i am also part of that questionable minority who are inexplicably enamoured by Don’t Don hahahaha actually don’t don is what got me into suju! and kpop as a whole. i actually heard tvxq before suju but thought it was meeh.. then i heard suju’s don’t don and i was hooked XD lol

  • Jemie Then

    I got into Kpop because of HARU HARU. It’s a great song, the rap, the voice, the mv, the dance, everything just worked out. In many Kpop songs, the rap portion is always awkward but I always thought Bigbang was an exception. Love the contrast between TOP’s and GD’s rapping voice and the very distinct singing voice of Daesung & Taeyang as well.

    My take at groups that have rap verses that makes the songs better:

    BIG BANG, BLOCK B, BTOB, B.A.P ( OMG ALL Bs!!!!), 2NE1, Teen Top,

    Groups that I rather they not do any rap:

    Shinee, Super Junior, SNSD, T-ara, 2PM, Mblaq, SPICA (Amazing voices)

  • KpopPandaGamer

    This is kind of true, I think. The record labels are trying too hard to pretend “Oh look at this guy, he can’t really sing too well but he has a nice voice. Oh, I know! Let’s NOT help him sing better and instead make him rap! That’ll totally make everything better!”

    Admittedly there’s been some really good and really bad rapping in Kpop. Some really good rapping I think comes from GD, Super Junior, Exo, B.A.P (Yongguk and Zelo), and – in my honest opinion – the new group BTS (they are basically one big rap/hip hop group, but they make it work, ESPECIALLY Rap Monster). I really don’t listen to the bad rapping, most of the songs I listen to don’t really have much rapping (okay, Boyfriend’s song ‘Boyfriend’ has Minwoo do a little bit of rapping, but it’s like faux-rapping and not too bad).

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