Best of Weekly Music Shows is here again to share the love of K-pop performances from the past week. Ladies’ Code‘s Sojung, Mamamoo, and NCT Dream came back, starting the spring season with great music. BtoB‘s Ilhoon made his solo debut as well, getting a little backup from labelmates CLC for one of his stages.

Ikon has been sweeping awards with their latest comeback “Love Scenario”. They picked up trophies on MBC Show Champion and Show! Music Core, and Mnet M! Countdown. Infinite‘s Sunggyu won on KBS Music Bank, and Momoland gained another victory on SBS Inkigayo. Congrats to all!

This week’s lineup of talent was top notch. Unfortunately, I can only select a few performances to highlight, but if you’d like to share your favorites, then comment below!

Sojung’s “Stay Here”, Mnet M! Countdown, March 8, 2018

She looks and sounds like an ethereal fairy. Her wavy red hair suits her, and the white lace dress enhances this serene vibe. I’m so proud and grateful to see her singing despite her hardships. The rose-covered stage may not be the most original idea, but it’s still quite lovely and fits the overall image.

Gugudan‘s “The Boots”,

It’s not just about the boots anymore. This group is simply fantastic. I enjoy watching their choreography because it’s fun, sassy, and charming. Girl groups are blowing me away with their intricate moves and attention to detail. I don’t mean to sound repetitive, but everyone really does need to give more girl groups a chance.

Mamamoo’s “Starry Night”,

Mamamoo is simply full of surprises. The theme is quite unexpected, but I’m quite impressed by this direction. The ladies sound beautiful, exuding an American southwestern feeling. The warm lighting contributes to this allusion to a desert. Their flowy tops and jean cut-off shorts complete this romantic wild west vibe. This group can nail any style.

NCT U‘s “Baby Don’t Stop”, MBC Show Champion, March 7, 2018

Where do I even start? This is one of those rare performances I love seeing in K-pop. I love the chemistry between Ten and Taeyong. They have an equal amount of stage presence exploding with energy. On a more superficial level, let’s just acknowledge how fine they are together. With all of this red lighting and dark clothing, I should call them the Demon and the Devil. I don’t know how I lived through all of this.

Cosmic Girls‘ “Dreams Come True”,

This group is one of my favorites for choreography. Their large number could easily be overwhelming, but they dance so wonderfully together that they feel like one body. I feel nostalgic watching their formations change because I used to be in a marching band. It must have taken them hours of non-stop practice to achieve this flawless routine. I hope they come back to Kcon, so I can witness this greatness in person.

(YouTube [1][2], Image via Mnet)