Few stars shine brighter than Miss Shin Min-ah. Not only is she the first Korean woman to shoot a photo shoot with a Calvin Klein model, but she was also selected for a project done by American brand Rag & Bone back in 2011, alongside other internationally famous models like Miranda Kerr and Karolina Kurkova. But modeling isn’t Min-ah’s only past time; she acts as well. Her most well-known roles were in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, playing the lead role of Mi-ho opposite of Lee Seung-gi, and in Arang and the Magistrate. Aside from that, Min-ah has starred in a variety of music videos and even lent her voice to some songs. Basically, the woman has it all: beauty, charm, and talent.

The first two qualities definitely show in Min-ah’s spread for Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue. Dressed in Burberry Prorsum, Min-ah poses around a stone building in what could be considered a modern fairy tale-like setting. Her expensive clothes, snow-white skin, blood-red lips, and ebony hair make the young actress-model seem like a princess. Throughout the entire photo shoot, she looks stunning.

Kneeling on a chair, Min-ah wears a clingy grey dress with a scalloped design and cut-out back. Peering over her shoulder, her revealed skin and emphasized backside makes her look all the more alluring. The disordered chairs around her are an interesting setting and contrasts with her perfectly put-together appearance. The black bird perched on one chair is an odd but intriguing touch, adding a dash of grimness to the scene. The next photo is zoomed in on Min-ah’s face, which is partially concealed by a red rose. Here we can fully appreciate her beauty.

Min-ah’s legs look incredibly long in the next picture, possibly with the help of Photoshop, causing her to look a little disproportionate. Nevertheless, she looks like a goddess sprawled out against the wall. As sensual as her position is  — arms held aloft, one leg bent — her expression can only be described as regal. Her black-and-tan leather outfit is gorgeous, the peplum waist enhancing her curves. Her next outfit doesn’t look as well matched, the shimmery bottom half standing out against her suede jacket. This photo is more intimidating, the huge window behind Min-ah heightening the atmosphere of it.

Even wearing a quilted purple robe and scrunched magenta belt, Min-ah looks majestic. Wooden chairs and black birds appear again in this photo, but all the attention goes to Min-ah and her rose-red lips and night-colored hair. She looks fierce in this photo, staring directly at the camera. She reclines in grass in the next photograph, wearing thigh-high leather books and a patterned black dress, a sundial-like crown on her head. The dramatic outfits fits the sharp photo shoot and its dark Romantic theme. Min-ah looks like a queen from a neo-fairy tale.

Min-ah wears another metallic, flaked skirt in this next photo. Her Edwardian outfit speaks of nighttime, but behind her shines daylight on a brick wall. The setting contrasts more with her outfit and presence in this picture. It nearly looks too happy and filled with light for her dark, resonant appearance. The final picture has Min-ah in a white bathtub, a long velvety red cloth beneath her to match her lips and add color to the otherwise plain picture. Min-ah looks the most disheveled here, her hair splayed out and her necklace twisted. She looks more helpless and yet still captivating. She actually wears the same outfit from a previous photo — you can see her jacket underneath her.

Do you like Min-ah’s photoshoot?

(Mina Shin)